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Spring and Summer 2016 Paris Fashion Week: Loewe women’s clothing show

The opening of the spring and summer 2016 women’s clothing show of Luo Yiwei showed us some surprising works: transparent trousers, sweater with mirror fragments, swaying lens earrings on the ears, and necks on the neck The exaggerated golden fish -shaped necklace. It may not be surprising if all this appears on the show of creative director Jonathan Anderson’s personal name, but this is a historic, famous luxury brand with a historic and famous leather. Jonathan Anderson’s “big sword” injects a psychedelic agent into the visitors at the beginning.

In the entire Loewe spring and summer 2016 women’s clothing series, it is not difficult to find a lot of elements that remind you of the future. The silver round metal decoration that is decorated with keys … But in this sense of future, Jonathan Anderson pulled us back to reality with concrete bird prints. What is more interesting is the shape of the logo of LOEWE’s whole body. In recent years, the trend of the trend of going to the fashion industry has been running down …

These stunned elements are the appearance created by Jonathan Anderson. Under the appearance, in fact, there is still his respect and persistence of the brand kernel. You can see the light brown leather long skirt and suede trench coat. It is as smooth and seductive as a coffee with milk with milk, as well as the new bags that will join the IT BAG competition in the hands of the models … Use a fashion critics that make young people and new fashion products seeking new and seeking changes. A bright shell, hiding the classic soul of Loewe, Jonathan Anderson’s third series in Loewe is still hard -working.

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Poster Network 2016 Paris Fashion Week Topics (mobile version)