Zandanu was established in 1981 and was listed in Hong Kong in Hong Kong in 1991. At the beginning of the company, he only engaged in a wholesale business. In 1983, retail stores were opened in Hong Kong. Multiple sales policies and the quality of customer service are committed to the quality of customer service. Based on these two long -term policies and through the efforts of employees, the sales network of Zandanu has continued to expand, and the sales volume has continued to rise, so that Zandanu has continued to maintain the entire entireity


Asian state

The highest sales volume of casual clothing, today’s Zandanu has spread throughout Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Dubai, and New Zealand.

The main businesses of the Sodonan Group are the brands of business retail and wholesale Giordano, BSX (Sadanu young trend brand), Giordano Junior (Zandanu Children’s clothing), Conceptsone (Zandanu Advanced Men’s Brand) and GIORDANO LADIES. Clothing and matching products.

Since 1992, Zandanu has begun to develop the Chinese market and created the precedent of domestic “specialty stores”. Through continuous attempts and efforts, in addition to the establishment of direct management in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan and other places More than a dozen provinces in China have franchise stores, and their sales results are very ideal. The shops owned by the monopoly operators cooperated with Zandanu have continued to increase. In addition to being recognized by consumers, they have achieved the effect of fame and fortune. It is the most popular leisure series overseas to enter the domestic market.


Zandanu plans to develop the business specialty store business in the future, and thinks that consumers provide “value -for -money” products and excellent services to provide excellent services for compatriots in every corner of the country. In 2001, Mainland China replaced Hong Kong to become the main market for Zandanu.


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