I haven’t talked about the military uniform for a few days, I will continue to see it today ~

户外服饰——美军抓绒衣P300 ECWCSL3 NWU内胆 MCWCS测评

This issue brings you the comparative evaluation and use experience of the four U.S. military grabbing jackets. There are four models that basically buy all the velvet jackets of the U.S. military. If there is one missed one, there may be an EWOL fleece that is not here, but there is no need to say that it is not necessary ~

户外服饰——美军抓绒衣P300 ECWCSL3 NWU内胆 MCWCS测评

Let’s briefly speaking the origin of these clothes. The P300 was the originator of the US military fleece. It was the early American general -purpose general -purpose warm -holding velvet jacket. This P300 was retired after the US military launched the ECWCS L3. If you are an old bird of outdoor military uniforms, you will definitely not be unfamiliar with it. This P300 in the north or cold cities can be used as an intermediate layer in winter.

The history of L3, NWU inner lineri and MCWCS sand countdown is not repeated here. I have written articles separately before. Friends who are interested can go to find it.

户外服饰——美军抓绒衣P300 ECWCSL3 NWU内胆 MCWCS测评

First of all, in accordance with my convention, the fabric is first: From the picture below, you can clearly see that the P300 L3 MCWCS is the material of the well -known running of Polartec. Only NWU does not mark the source of the fabric brand. But it doesn’t matter. After comparing a pair of P200 pants and P300 tops with the material of NWU respectively, I found that NWU’s velvet fabric structure and thickness feel more like P300, but the navy’s fleece has no standard standard. What kind of material is it?

户外服饰——美军抓绒衣P300 ECWCSL3 NWU内胆 MCWCS测评

Let’s talk about the performance of these four velvet in actual use of performance:

Warm P300> L3 = NWU > MCWCS

The P300 is the boss, which is almost recognized by the industry, the material of Polartec Classic, which is definitely an expert in partition air circulation. L3 Due to the advancement of Polartec Thermal Pro fabric, while ensuring the blocking airflow, it increased a certain amount of perspiration, so he lost a little bit of insulation. NWU is tied for second. MCWCS, the velvet of the U.S. military battle, is a mountain windbreaker in the fabric design. It uses Polartec WindProof fabric. The focus of this material is windproof, followed by insulation. So the last MCWCS. Although MCWCS warmth is at the bottom of these four models, it does not mean that its insulation will be lost to garbage fleece, and the thin camel is larger than the horse.

Wind -proof MCWCS > L3 > P300 = NWU

MCWCS has said on the fabric that L3 is really better to windproof the windproof, because its hair monkey long wool compared to the old Classic velvet, the random P300 and NWU losses …

户外服饰——美军抓绒衣P300 ECWCSL3 NWU内胆 MCWCS测评

Easy to compressed L3 = mcwcs > P300 = NWU

This properties are the physical properties of fabrics. It is not easy to say. L3 and MCWCS compare the old Classic fleece grabbing material to low fluffy and low.

Permanent L3> MCWCS > P300 = NWU

The same is true for technology to change life. Compared with the material of L3 and MCWCS, P300 and NWU fabrics are a replacement of the fabric industry. For example The breathability can reach 20-30.

Dress weight l3> NWU > MCWCS > P300

This is the relatively heavy feel of clothes, nothing to say. The lighter, the more suitable for outdoor use, but the P300 is also recognized …

Next, compare the details of these 4 design workmanship:

In terms of main zipper and rope, L3 and NWUs use the Ideal MCWCS without the bidding of the YKK5 resin zipper P300, but the prediction is also the YKK P300 according to the manufacturer’s batch of the YKK zipper. The three arms on the zipper’s tapes are hard -stained, while the navy is soft. This detail is also one of the conditions to distinguish between true and false.

户外服饰——美军抓绒衣P300 ECWCSL3 NWU内胆 MCWCS测评

There is no uniform norm on the bidding, that is, the manufacturer wants to be printed. What is in common is that there are general sizes producers names and NATO warehousing numbers or contract numbers

户外服饰——美军抓绒衣P300 ECWCSL3 NWU内胆 MCWCS测评

In terms of collar, L3 and MCWCS increased windproof nylon patch, while P300 and NWU did not. L3 unique zipper placket.

The front chest P300 and NWU are estimated to be used as a jacket, so this part is designed with windproof nylon patch. L3 and MCWCS are not positioned because they are positioned.

Both the P300 and NWUs of the underarms are equipped with a large area of ​​ventilation zipper. The difference between pulling rope is the same as the main pull rope! L3 and MCWCS use Polartec Power Dry and P100 material to provide breathable and stretch. P100 and Power Dry are the most despised materials I am the most despised in many fabrics in Polartec, because the reason is to love the ball! The following figure can see the material of this Sand MCWCS underarity. This P100 material is the effect of using one month. Intersection Intersection Speaking of L1L2 in P100 ECWCS, I use this material, so I will not buy it!

All of the forearms are equipped with wear -resistant nylon patch. This is essential for military uniforms. The difference is that the L3 and NWU cuffs have no magic stickers instead of a loose band. P300 and MCWCS are available.

In terms of resin windproof locks at the hem, only L3 has “reduced distribution”, and everything else is available. As for the reason why L3 reduction, I can’t figure it out, because the inner tenderness must be tightened!

The back NWU is basically the re -engraving P300 design has strengthened windproof nylon pudding. The other two may be omitted because it is an inner binname

户外服饰——美军抓绒衣P300 ECWCSL3 NWU内胆 MCWCS测评

In terms of the thickness of the fabric, the four of the naked eye must be the thickest of the P300, followed by NWU and L3, the thinnest MCWCS (because it is not obvious because of the edge)

Finally, the habitual summary:

户外服饰——美军抓绒衣P300 ECWCSL3 NWU内胆 MCWCS测评

At present, the four velvet jackets are common on the market. At present, the new love price is as follows:

P300 1000+

L3 (Jun Green) 400-500

Nwu 700-800

户外服饰——美军抓绒衣P300 ECWCSL3 NWU内胆 MCWCS测评

MCWCS 500-600

If it is used for outdoor purposes, L3 must be pushed first. Whether it is performance indicators or cost -effectiveness, it must be the first push. In addition, if the P300 is not the current high price, it is actually recommended. The other two can be said to be a specialized in the surgery industry. If you like it, the income is fine.

Thanks for reading ~