In the past year, as long as I talk about the graphics card, I can’t do without

Price increase, traitor, mining

Such words.

There is no way, who makes the stock speculation inexplicably fire again?

If the topic of the graphics card is placed nearly ten years ago, it is another scene.

At that time, Tony brushed it, as long as it was a post related to the graphics card, what was discussed in ten or nine or nine

SLI, Four Road 980Ti

As well as

Eight Road Titan

This is the topic of destroying the world.

Although the old brothers are the old brothers

Big brothers and local tyrants, local tyrants,

But these wonderful moments still impressed the young Tony’s heart.

After all, for a hardware kitchen,

Connect the two best graphics cards together at that time, put it on the same motherboard to cross the fire,

There is nothing more pleasant than this. Essence Essence

But you said now,


In order to improve the performance of the game, almost no one would do so in the chassis when he was stuffing in the chassis.


And how does SLI or multi -graphics card turnover from the technology from glory to decline? Let Tony give you a good look today.


SLI, all known as

“Scalable link interface”

(Scalable Link Interface)

The earliest graphics card manufacturer called 3DFX was proposed in 1998.

At that time, the 3DFX Voodoo series graphics card can be said to be famous. Its exclusive SLI brought a large step with the 3D screen of the PC at that time.

3DFX supports two Voodoo2 graphics cards in parallel. After connecting the two graphics cards, the computer can get almost doubled 3D image performance.

However, this 3DFX was caught up by other graphics manufacturers because of its strategic decision -making mistakes, and then was acquired by Nvida, who was at the time of the at that time.

So the technology of SLI has been logically in the hands of Nvidia.

But Nvidia did not rush to use this technology, but secretly hid it to the snow secretly.

Although Nvidia had reached the position of the leader of the graphics card industry at that time, another company named ATI could not be underestimated.

Because of their Radeon graphics cards, they are gradually getting the gap with Nvida GeForce. Essence Essence


This allowed Nvidia to develop a technology that opponents did not have, so as to throw away ATI and think about it, Nvidia turned his attention to SLI.

In 2004, the advent of Intel’s PCI-E interface, Nvidia realized that the time to release the SLI beast may have matured.



The larger bandwidth and better channel distribution, which allows SLI to have better space on the new platform. Finally, the technology of dual graphics card connectivity can be seen again.

Nvidda integrates a name in the GPU chip


The graphic synthesis engine is responsible for the data exchange and image processing between the two interconnecting graphics cards.

Because of the time

The bandwidth of PCI-E is not enough to meet the transmission of big data between the two graphics cards. Therefore, Nvidia designed a SLI connector to ensure data transmission while solving the problem of non-synchronization of the two graphics cards.

At that time, the GeForce 6800 and professional graphic card Quadro FX4000 series were fortunate to be the first graphics card to use SLI technology.


Like the later Nvidia announced that the 20 -series graphics card supports DLSS and the light, the release of SLI has allowed Nvidia to further consolidate their dominant position in the field of graphics cards.

Of course, the old opponent ATI is not willing. At the Taipei computer exhibition on June 1 following year, they released their own techniques to confront SLI–




(Lucky fire)


This technology is basically consistent with SLI, but the design of the main card is used on the graphics card connection. The secondary card is an ordinary graphics card, and the main card has a few chips, becoming a data hybrid engine.

The Composting engine in the main display card will combine the calculation results of the two graphics cards, and then transmit the result to the display through the DVI interface on the same cable.

The advantage of this is that it can not occupy the original PCI-E bandwidth and give full play to the performance of Crossfire.

However, because the highest bandwidth of DVI receiving and output chips can only reach 165MHz, it does not support the resolution of 1600 x 1200 or more.

Obviously, ATI’s intercourse did not surpass the heroic SLI in one fell swoop, but it was also tightly bitten.

After ATI was acquired by AMD in 2006, things began to change.

AMD opens the technology of Crossfire for free and encourages the main board manufacturer and graphics card manufacturers to compat with this technology.

The graphics card of the A family allows two of the same core graphics card to turn on fire, while Nvidia is limited by SLI’s authorization costs, and can only use the same graphics card to connect with the same model.


In the end, even the GPU and nuclear display APU can be exposed to the independent display. Essence Essence

Hybird Crossfirex Technology ▼


Not long after this, Nvidia was surpassed by AMD in terms of product power.

The more terrible point is that before AMD, before Nvidia, AMD took the lead in launching the use of PCLE3.0 to crossfire


“Bridge without fire”

XDMA technology.


This technology not only killed the previous connection between two graphics cards

Cable bridge connection

, Also reduced the cost of the graphics card.

In contrast, Nvidia is innovating at the same time



Although the fire bridge, although the bottleneck problem of bandwidth is solved, high prices and supported graphics card models are obviously not for ordinary consumers.

But anyway, either Nvidia’s SLI or AMD’s Crossfire, now it is indeed slowly falling.

First of all

“Iron Slave”

In other words, its running scores can reach 1.6 times and 1.7 times the performance, but in the real -time rendering of the game, the performance may not be as good as a single card.

This is because the two graphics cards need to have a summary process after their respective rendering, and this process occupies a great bandwidth, and often the speed will be pulled down.


For a simple example, the two reporters handle a manuscript separately. After processing, you need to take extra time for integration, like

Calibrate text, approve photos, confirm the wrong words

Such a job may not be easier than handling the manuscript itself.

Under such circumstances, the work of two people may not be faster than one person.

In the computer world, the huge amount of data of the graphics card computing power will lead to the integration work will be enlarged infinitely.

In the state of the SLI connection, the steps of the screen rendering and data integrated output to the display in the game rendering are almost continuous. When the information enters the channel, the overall speed will be slowed down.


In other words, the graphics card may not be able to do

“1+1 = 2”


Experiment made by King Bai Ji, Canada,

SLI 3090 real -time game frames are not as good as a single road 3090. ▼

On the other hand, there are too few games that support multi -way GPUs. Optimizing the game for the new graphics card itself is tired enough. How can there be time to spend time on it?

Now the calculation performance of a single -core graphics card has also been improved compared to ten years ago. Everyone no longer needs to try to squeeze the performance of a game.

Nvidia intends to remove the SLI interface on low -end or dessert cards, so that people who want better performance to buy high -end cards to ensure sales.

As DLSS improves the maturity of the frame rate technology of the game, SLI has completed its own historical mission, because from a cost -effective perspective, it is too expensive.

Of course, Tony believes that SLI and Crossfire, as a product of an era, may have a day of re -blooming in the near future.

But at least at present, maybe it is just a rich man and a white monster toy. Essence Essence

As well as

As well as