A week ago, the Taobao crowdfunding platform launched a hardware product XRush toothbrush treasure (hereinafter referred to as XRush). The goal was to raise 200,000 yuan within a month. 65 people have been recognized for 7 days, and the amount of more than 13,000 yuan has been raised. Essence The crowdfunding here is not the water droplets, love planning, etc. that everyone saw in the circle of friends, but the products of the Taobao platform are crowdfunding.

Xrush, who has not yet been stored, hopes to test the market acceptance through this novel way. The reporter learned that this hardware product focusing on children’s intelligent brushing fields, from creativity to research and development, is completely completed by the Chongqing team. They also hope that the first test of water in the children’s oral market can achieve results.

New product “Test Water” by crowdfunding platform

On the Taobao crowdfunding platform, the crowdfunding initiated by XRUSH has raised 13,415 yuan, the number of recognitions is 65, and the end of the crowdfunding is 22 days. In other words, if XRush raised the target amount of 200,000 yuan within 1 month, this project was successful, and these netizens involved in crowdfunding can use the preferential price of almost half of the market pricing to obtain XRush.

The crowdfunding of the product is different from the simple fund raising and group purchase we understand. Generally, most of the products on this platform test water are new products that are loved by everyone but have not yet been available. Through crowdfunding, they will be released on the entire network for the first time. “In the past year, the products have been optimized and upgraded the details of the product in the past year, and have obtained various certification qualifications. They have won a number of professional awards. A smart hardware that guides children brushing teeth, on the one hand, transforms brushing movements into interesting games, on the other hand, collecting children’s brushing trajectory, and teaching children how to correctly brush their teeth through human -machine interaction.

Dad’s product developed for her daughter

Why is it developing such a product? This also starts with the project leader Zhou Yu himself.

Zhou Yu has a lovely daughter called one, for him, this little angel who brings a happy man, let Dad the most headache every day brush her daughter, “She is always lively, every time I am, I am all me. I can only use the iPad to disperse her attention and take the opportunity to brush her teeth. “Last year, I was one or two years old. Zhou Yu kept thinking about how to teach her daughter to brush her teeth.


Occasionally, Zhou Yu conducted a market survey for a hardware company of oral care. The data collected by his C major online platform found that he found that it was like him, and there were really many parents who encountered the same problem -parents It is difficult for them to teach children to maintain the correct habit of brushing their teeth.

In fact, the vertical and detailed industry of oral care has always contained huge business opportunities, and is becoming a popular position for the next consumption upgrade. Big data shows that when the toothpaste/toothbrush has more segmented crowds and scenes, hot moms and town youths are two of the most indispensable consumer forces. In the past three years, maternal toothpaste/toothbrush has increased by 72%, and the purchasing power of children has also reached 70%. Most of them are post -80s, and they pay more attention to whether the products are applicable. Babies prevent madness and gum care during pregnancy are the main demands.

Make brushing into a game

From the birth of the product concept in January last year, the establishment of a team product in March, to the development of software and hardware in May … One year later, Zhou Yu’s father hopes Many families that need it.


So what exactly does this product grow? The reporter got a test product. From the appearance, it is a cartoon ornament. However, this cartoon image that children like, can be put on the children’s toothbrush handle. “It uses multi -axis gyroscope to capture brushing movements. Children over 3 years of age have developed arc brushing methods through fun brushing tutorials. “Zhou Yu said, the other end of the parent’s mobile phone or iPad needs to install an APP. When the child brushes his teeth, the APP shows the game video.

When the reporter’s test, I saw that when you open the APP to click on the teaching button, the cartoon characters will use the professional tutorial recommended by the China Stomatology Association to guide the children to brush their teeth together and the babies of brushing their teeth. Travel cards, ride a camel with cartoon characters crossing the Silk Road for thousands of years and rain, explore the mysteries of the Egyptian pyramid in Amazon’s tropical rain forest …


It is reported that the entire product is through sensors, cloud computing, and AI technology to collect brushing behavior data and evaluate the effectiveness of brushing. If the brushing action stops, the game video will be paused, so as to ensure the brushing time of 2-3 minutes. When the child brushes his teeth, the dirt on the dinosaur teeth in the video will disappear.

The product has obtained 4 invention patents

It is reported that the current 5 appearance patents, 1 utility model patent, 4 product invention patents (smart brushing methods and systems, which are effective brushing hardware with arcs, duration, and stress) are accepted. 1 appearance patent, 3 software copyrights and 1 registered trademark.

Zhou Yu said that the success of the product is inseparable from the support of all parties. At the beginning of the product, the scientific and technological innovation voucher in Yubei District reduced the pressure of his research and development funds in the team; Tsinghua Ziguang’s appearance design platform was designed; The design and development of the board, finally produced a sample by the prototype production center …

In January of this year, before the product was officially launched, XRUSH conducted a small number of trial production, recruited a hundred experience official trial experience XRush, and made a new upgrade and optimization of the problem. At present, it is the launch of the crowdfunding platform to start mass production. According to reports, the price of hardware after the market is 299 yuan. “In the future, we also hope to deeply excavate other products in children’s oral cavity based on intelligent brushing hardware, thereby extending the life cycle of the product.”

Pre -sale water test market response

The children’s market has always been regarded as a gold mine, from health, safety to education, entertainment, and the growth potential of the child consumer industry has gained great potential. In the era of mobile interconnection, children’s lifestyle also changed dramatically in response to the popularization of smartphones. Many capitals also waited for the opportunity to target the children’s market.

The reporter checked the public news that at present, the children’s smart toothbrushes are currently in the field of smart toothbrushes. Although their selling points are different, the competition is quite fierce. This time, Zhou Yu also revealed that Zhou Yu also revealed that it was not just wanted to obtain funds, but that he hoped to master the market’s expected response before formal sales, and to obtain early seed users at the same time.

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