Packaging with traditional carton, newspaper packaging, inflatable packaging increasingly being loved by the merchant, but some people don’t understand, all packaging, why gas packaging can be affected

So good, what is the benefit of the inflatable package?

First, save space

Industry insiders pointed out that the inflatable packaging used 99% of the air and one percent of the film, which is very flat before the packaging is not inflated, and

No space, you can store a lot of storage, now use, how much is it, don’t worry about it is not enough. And traditional packaging, not only occupying space, but also is very strict

Heavy, with newspaper packaging as an example, packaging of a fragile product often requires at least five newspapers, but also need for foam.

This still can’t guarantee that there is no accident in the transportation process, but the air packaging is different. Inflatable packaging can not only adjust the packaging size according to the size of the product.

At the same time, the earthquake buffer is poor, and it doesn’t have to worry about it in the transportation, broken.

Third, do not cause displacement damage

In addition to saving space, it is not damaged by air packaging. As we all know, traditional newspapers, carton packaging require a lot of fill to ensure product

It is protected, and even so, no business dare to say it is no problem. Inflatable packaging is different, its appearance makes product displacement, external force squeezing, etc.

Floating clouds, as long as they ensure the quality of the air packaging material, there will be no problem during the transportation process.

Even if it is an adult’s weight pressure, the inflatable packaging is not there. What is important is that this package is small and can transport more things.

Third, can be recovered without pollution

It has great help to the establishment of corporate image. The material used in the inflatable packaging is a gas column bag. This material is not included with toxic substances and heavy metals, which in line with environmental protection.

In any state, the original material is clean, because it will not cause pollution, and it will not cause environmental problems. Recycling will be recycled once after use

Use to avoid waste of resources.

There are still many benefits of inflatable packaging. In addition to the three points mentioned above, it is like improving corporate image, reducing labor costs, reducing transportation costs, easy production, easy to repair

Change, short supply cycle is all the advantages of inflatable packaging.

All in all, it is recommended that the merchant is good or use this environmental protection packaging method packaging, which is not only to ensure that the product is not hurt during transportation,

It is also for environmentally friendly, and it is no longer overwhelmed for earth resources. You know, developed countries such as Europe and the United States have long used such materials, and our merchants

Still hesitation, this will be much behind in the peers.