Words, poetry. Because it is the lyrics of Hele, it is also known as the song, Yuefu, movement, long sentences, poems, Qinqu and so on. Beginning in the Sui Dynasty, it was set in the middle and late Tang Dynasty, and in the Song Dynasty.

“The Song Ci” was edited by Tang Guizhen. Kong Fan was supplemented, and a total of 1,330 Song Dynasty poets were included, with 21116 poems. “Song Ci” is one of the most important ancient books in China in the past century. Song Ci and Tang poetry are the art peaks of Chinese classical poems. The “Poems of the Tang Dynasty” edited by the Qing Dynasty were well -known nicknames, and now they are newly compiled “Song Ci”, which can be called the double puppets of Chinese literature.

Song Ci General Collection.

The compilation of the collection of the Song Dynasty, the Song Dynasty started.

In the Northern Song Dynasty, although the words have formed an independent style, it seems that it has not been generally recognized as “orthodox” literature, so the Northern Song Dynasty’s words generally do not have a collection of texts.

The Songs of the Song Dynasty were clustered. In the Song Dynasty, there were “Baijia Ci” (now 佚) of Changsha Book House, Minquan “Qinqu Fai” (now five types), “Sixty Family Words” (now 佚), etc.

At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Mao Jinju Pavilion’s “Song Famous Words” six episodes of six episodes, which were the most widely circulating books for the beginning of the large -scale engraving collection of large -scale publishing words after the Song Dynasty.

Later, Hou Wencan in the Qing Dynasty was engraved with “Ten Collection of Ci”, and Qin En Fu was engraved with the “Book of Words”. The style of the ethics collections of the late Qing Dynasty was even stronger, and the scale was greater. Wang Pengyun is engraved with “The Words of Four Yinzhai” and “The Thirty -one Words of the Song and Yuan Dynasties”, Jiangbiao is engraved with “Song and Yuan Famous Words”, Wu Chongzheng is engraved with “The Words of the Shanzuo”, and Wu Changzhang has “Shuangzhao Loujing scenery. “Song and Yuan Tong Ci”, Zhu Zumou was engraved with the “Strong Village Series”, and Tao Xiang was engraved with “The Words of Song Jin Yuanming”. In 1931, Zhao Wanli made up the heritage of various clusters and compiled 73 volumes of “School Song Jin Yuan Ren”, searching for the school, and the level exceeded the predecessor. After that, Zhou Yong first had “Tang and Song Golden Yuan Ci Counc”, and a lot of new information was made compared to Zhao Ji. However, the engraving of the families is not recorded in the lone chapter, which is not enough to explore the full picture of a generation of words.

On the basis of the comprehensive engravings of the comprehensive series, Tang Guizhen searched widely. All the words selected by the Song of the Song Dynasty, the selected chosen in the Song people, and the words contained in Song people’s notes were all recorded. The words contained in the books contained in Jinshi, Title Post, Flower and Trees and other books are unified in one place and edited into “Song Ci”. In 1940, the Business Press was published in Changsha. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the editor rewritten the book and made up and processed by Wang Zhongwen. The new version of “Song Ci” has greatly improved the old version in terms of materials and systems. It is a great book instead of the previous book with good standards, adding more than 240 poets, and more than 1,400 words. Words; re -examine the actual and rewritten biography; adjust the old version of the old version of the classification methods such as the “emperor” and “clan” in the system, and change it to the timely arrangement of the poets. There were more than 1,330 Song poets in the book, with about 20,000 words, and quoted more than 530 species. In recent years, the editor has continued to revise and correct it, and wrote it as “Revised Renewal”, attached to the re -printed volume in 1979.

This book is included, and the examination is also relatively intensive. It has corrected the mistakes of many predecessors, and is an important reference book for studying Song Ci.

After the new version of this book came out, today’s people Kong Fanli wrote the relics from Mingzu’s “Shi Yuan” and other books, which were compiled as “Complement of the Song Ci”, which included more than 140 writers (41 of them, and “Sports Song Ci”) More than 430 words, published by the Chinese Book Company in 1981.

Table of contents:

Volume 2067 Church

Volume 2068 Qiuyuan

Volume 2069 9 Weng

Volume 2070


Water tuning songs (ascended the ancient pavilion)

A geese broke the empty blue, and the autumn was full of Huazhou. Huai Mountain swept lightly, and he wanted to frown and called people sorrow. The sunset returns to the sky outside the sky, and the clear river is endless, and there is no light gull. There are hate sending flowing water, learning without tears.

Wangshi City, Sitongfu, Saying Xizhou. Pingwu thousands of miles, Gu Laijia has a few autumn. Where did the song and dance that year, Luo Qi was all at all times, dreaming. When you stop the cup, you can forget that you can forget.

Water tuning song (for Zhao Cao Dezhuang Shou)

The character Guanjiang left, there was a sound. The flavor of Xianxian, sprinkled with a dust invading. Relying on Ma Ma’s articles Tianhe, dandruff talks with the cloud committee, Xuanshi is a fiction. Small station festival, talk about Qu Jishi.

Remember Chang Geng, once entered the dream, just now. Orange, yellow and orange green, but the style of the human style is autumn depth. On the 9th day of the Ming Dynasty, he had a good time to teach, for chanting when he was drunk. From then on, he was a long life, and he was one year old.

Water tuning songs (the Wuxu Cisae returns to Songjiang)

The team embraced the Dragon Festival and crossed the bass hometown three times. The smoke waves are thousands of hectares, and the tattoos are light and wet. Where the fishing boat sings late, it is the most of the reed flowers. The first look at the empty, and the ethics fall into the vastness.

Laughing dust, why is it, 濯 Canglang. Tian Suifu, there is nowhere to be desolate. He once made water and mountains, income to smoke -in -law, and was mad. Lifting wine is a son, wealthy and wealthy.

Water tuning song (autumn to fly to the farmland)

One leaf under the forest watch, the autumn color is full. Jiangfeng blows the rain at the beginning, what is the height of Tianyu. The waxing puppet came to the hall, leaning on the stick _ Ranxiao, watching Yun Tao thousands of miles. Yixing is endless.

Sighing my life, in the heavens and the earth, the autumn. The rivers and mountains are rumored. Looking back, it is still the scenery, which means Wu Cao. Want to go heavy, Songda cold Xiao Sao.

Water Tune Song (Ewan Yiyuan)

Cai Ship drove, Fanying Yangjiang Township. The weather of Fat Mei, a shout of Yokoya changed to Xinyang. Starting the Sha Tingou heron, pointing to the twilight of the cold. Extremely Chutian long. With a touch of remnants, the clouds were broken.

Back up the breeze, white snow, and Canglang. The pillow stream pavilion, semi -desolate in the past. I want to play the game, clean up the good scenery of the smoke, and pay one by one. It is said that the sky is good, where the water is in the middle of the water.

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

Man Jianghong

Standing in Ma Jiangtou, talked about it and traces of the dust. Gradually old, shame in front of him, foreign style. Snow willow is dying, and the head of Spring is reported. Remember last year, holding new words with wine, people sparsely separated.

The sequence is good, this is still the past. With the reward, remember. It is like a dream, and it is difficult to find. And drinking does not need to talk about things, there is a good sky from today. But the official leisure and wine swimming are unpleasant.

Manjiang Hong (and Liang Cai Zhang Yun)

Yuyu has no dust, outside the sun, and Jianglou stands. People are far away, riding whales south, and laughing is difficult. The ice and snow are cold, and the sea mountains are wet. Ask Bimen and Jin Yan to wait for the prince to enter.

Still own, what is the new article. Should read me, acacia is anxious. Whenever watches are full, musk coal is fragrant. Zun Jiu meets the goodness, and the dream of Changchuan in ten years. I want to go to the capital, Fengyue has not been cold, chasing a good collection.

Manjiang Hong (and Fan Shihu)

Ten years of re -tour, ashamed of the elders of Wu Zhong. In the official affairs, it was unpredictable, so why? Lai You knows his life, and he has won Liu Biao. In fact, this body, distant Yanmen _, early discussion.

Peng Xianyu, open a sign.耀 耀 郇, increase glory. Leaning first, _ Ranjiaxiao. Every time I want to think about it, Bin Ye is more red with red makeup. Counting the original intention of the first place, there are few people.

Man Jianghong (Yu Yi’s words are Shihu Shou, Hu Changwen saw peace, reused rhyme)

The crown covers Wuzhong, envious of coming and going, romantic. Talking and laughing, the breeze is full, and the advocacy cannot be paid. Qi Shu Xianglian Kunyu, Yushan Gao and Yunyan watch. When sighing, there is no ancient, and the name is early.

Emperor’s family, Fu Mengzhao. For the national town, the light shine. Even more peaceful showy, drunk. The Lin group has been connected, and the Yi Yi Xing is incense. Xu Xuanren and the towels worshiped the Yingyou, how much is honor.

Manjiang Hong (the ancient palace is in ancient times, and the rhyme is used)

Chu Dianyun harvested, singing and dancing, still Jiangyu.无 The past, luxury, what is the dream? Cui was talked about the rain. Can’t help but be desolate, all ages.

Wu Shuhui, placket throat. According to the victory, Kai Tianfu. Marshal of poetry, laughing and reunion. The barrier to the moon is clear, and the fog is wet and wet. The wins, the old scenery, the dust.

Manjiang Hong (Gui Hai 9th)

Ping Chu Cang Ran, outside the smoke, Feihong Destroy. When you are old, you will be thorough. Drinking from teaching and blowing the hat, the sorrow is not as lack of the pot. What is the self -life and Ren Yunfu, the injury is cut.

Famous things, Hui said. There is a life, who is clumsy. And it is good to fight against each other. I know a few times in September, try to see the snow in the mirror. In the drunk, Wan Wankong, really get rid of it.

Dongxiange (Conscious Life for Ye Mengxi)

A good time, near the Yinghua flower. Only after receiving the lights, it was sunny. Zheng Xiong 梦 梦, Zhan Meng Day, the drama is called 觞. When this is the case, there must be no in the person.

Guanghua is divided into Ruijie, the fans office Lantai, whoever is like Gongwanglang Right. Qi is like a rainbow, and then vomit phoenixes. Wait for the _ country, Qingbian to take the sea, after looking at the elbow, the golden seal is like fighting.

Dongxiange (Xin Yan Jiahe Yuanxi Zuo)

Jiangcheng Mei Liu, who is used to spring. Singing and dancing by the scenery. Seeing Jiu Yan, car and horses flowing water like dragons, laughing, Luo Qixiang’s dusty road.

Huanyu has a lot of time, respect the romantic, and see the old government of Chengping. How many, beautiful things, fell into the puppet, in the path, in the path, the green and green feathers. I am a pity, Shaohua is drunk for a long time.

Dongxiange (Lantern Festival)

□ □ spring □, □ painting □□. Shili Honglian photos and dance. Looking at the mountains of the mountains, Baoye turned empty, and it was not over, and the Pearl Palace Beiyu was out.

On the banks of Jinjiang Bridge, Luo Qi was heavy, and Quxiang Shenfang was dark. Yu Xianghui, flowers and gorgeous, Mingyue follow people, and return, zero -fell beads. First, the scenery is more Lantern, but it is good, and the picture will boast of Fengcheng.

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

Dongxiange (Gengshenle Jingtang Jintong is open)

There is no good sentence in the flowers. Deep dyeing swallow fat is light dew. It was rogue in the cold of spring, and it was half vomited without letting go.

The world is called amazing, and the country is all over the city. The most dazzling, gorgeous and well -known, Bai Mei Qianjiao, whoever promises, needs to be able to sing and dance. When the calculation is exhausted, when the spring worker arrives, it will be leisurely.

Dongxian Ge (Yong Jinlin ()

The abundant muscles are still delicate. Don’t compete with Qunfang. To Qionglin Zhu Temple, the monopoly of the spring breeze, in the fairy battle, once worshiped the three palace Yanxi.

If there is hate, frustration and shyness, who remembers the bustling things. Should be pitying me, go old, no savings, no one, no one, and unknowingly. The town’s independent dusk is timid and cold, and this emotions and years are spent.


To see the clouds

The rain took advantage of the cold, the wind made autumn, and Yan returned to Yan. Moving the world, climbing the mountains, shocking, extremely eye -catching. In the guests, he smiled at the same time. For a long time, it should not be done, but the boat returns.

The owner stayed in Gao Zhai. Put more inspections of Shengge frequent feasts. I ca n’t stay in the same way. Seeing willows in the spring, they must also be stationed. The flowers are flowing, and the pulse of the boudoir should be planted. From the teachings, the righteousness was broken, and Xiao Yi wandered.

In the year, Jiangbei Jiangnan, Xianjun came. Xiao Mountain Heng Nanpu is refreshing in the face, the case is piled up, and the breasts are second. Put as you are like a king, and you can ask who is happy in life. It’s really hard to learn, so I have to stay, and want to go back.

When is the bamboo house Maozhai. Go to the side of the neighborhood. Written small windows to the water. Read “Huang Ting”, help Zi_, and plant it by inch. When the time of time, even with the monarch, the forest hovering.

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

Qianqiu (traveling with Qin Shaoyun)

Plum makeup bamboo. I did not wash my lip and retreat. Face is greasy, Tan Xin is broken. Linxi took a leisurely photo, and love Xuechun. Sha Luxiao, Pavilion Qianli has nothing to do.

Whoever hates can. Seeing Jiangtou Gai late. He should eventually be there. If you know the disability, you can change. Drunk dream. Want to cross Sanshanhai with incense.


Zheng Hong Tianwai. The wind was shocked. The clouds are heavy, and the sound of the window is broken. The beginning of the pavement was flocked, and the roll was rolled with the car. Seeing, Wushan showed cold.

High lying biography. The hut is covered. Empty past, who is there today. The plums are moving, and Ze Guo has changed the year. Good upstairs, and the mighty floating silver sea.

Sight out of the eaves. Jiu Li retreated. The wind was chaotic, and Qiong Yao was broken. Ling Bo compete. Dance with each other. Should be pleasant, Ningxiangyan sleeping beauty is right.

Just with flowers. Xiaoyin Xunfang cover. Supremely, spring is there. Daily baked plum Liu Jing, Cui entered the mountain forest reform. But I’m afraid, and the hate is like a sea of ​​clouds.

Han Gongchun (Yi Wei Zhengyue and Li Han Laoyun, Jian Yanzi)

Hengsheng blows plums, remember the night moon of the south building, sparse stubborn branches. Xiangchen is soft and warm, not afraid of cold. People return to dreams, rely on the period of deepening and deeper. Gradually old, romantic, at the time when the flowers were at that time.

Dongge is early in Chunyi, and it is very late. Must of the slightest song, poetry of Jin account. Should I see me, blame who Qian and Hua Fa. Taoism and laughes, Yuan knows each other.

Han Gongchun (and Xin You’an Qiu Feng Pavilion, two days before Guihai Mid -Autumn Festival)

I heard that Yaquan, Zhan Yan was empty, and he was in the middle. Blowing the Taiwan Yanya next to it, the people are clear. He hesitant, called the owner and the back of the chest. Heaven is self -contained, and the best place is good, except for today’s Yu.

Select Wolong’s east, Wang Penglai faced, and the rock screen is like. Qiufeng night cool flute, Mingyue invited. Sanying laughed, and Wu Tian and not separated. New degrees, silver hooks, and scramble to scramble A Suwong.

Shuilong Yin (for Jiankang Shi Zhi Zhi Shou)

Rui Zhu Xianli was named, and she was covered with Yu Yunxiali.絇, Silk Lingying, Ganquan nearly served.饤 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯 濯. Remembering Qingpu and the mid -night discussion, 10,000 people chant back to heaven.

The Lin group was far from thousands of miles. Talking and laughing, Jiangshan Zengli. Sitting down, romantic things, only Ying Yanxi. The new sand embankment, temporarily occupying Bear Dream, has grown up in proper. Too long and longevity, double Jing is better, and make a plan.


The candle blossoms gradually darkened, like dreams are not dreams. The curtain was drunk, and his family lived deeply. It is difficult to send guests, so who knows alone, who knows this. Looking at each other, poor mood.

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

Slowly return to the moon, the empty placket sleeves, passionate. With a smile, I think about it, and my eyes are nowadays. New words, good words in people, should be difficult to be after. Wake up tonight, the broken intestines are silent.

Put of Butterfly (Written by Shu)

Ming Diu milk swallow. Spring in Lihuayuan. Chongmen Town covered. The sinking curtain is not rolled. The screen window is three rods, and the sleeping duck is incense. No one called Jiamian.

Surgery. Xingyun is not sure, Chu Yu is difficult to break through the dream soul. Qingming gradually approached, and the world was far away. I taught Qiu Qian, and I drove the begonia. It is difficult to ban old sorrows and grievances.

Zhu Yingtai (Chengdu Peony Club)

Gathering Gonggong, open and gorgeous, Tian Qiaoxin is extremely Xinxin. The old day of Kyoto should only be the same. Waiting for a foot red, Yanzi slightly lits, seal, Zhaoyang Yu fingers.

It’s best. Le Sui Mansion officials are leisurely, and the romantic is left. Drinking the night, the flowers are also drunk. But the silver candle was burned, and the red makeup returned.

Jiangcheng Plum Blossoms (Pillow Screen)

Light coal dyed frost. Xiaoping Mountain. There is no time. Wan is West Lake, and it is not sunny after the snow. Several fences outside the water are late and semi -switch. There are plum blossoms, proud cold.

Gradually. Far away. The water is filled. Xiaozhou is light and far away. The wild bridge breaks the bank, Yinxiao Temple, □ out of Qingluan. Recalling the mountain, in front of Zhuxi under the mountain. Jia Zhi may wish to be everywhere, small window idle, with poets and drunk sleep.

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非



Xihe (饯 耕 西 西 西 西 西 西 西 西 西 西 西 西 西 西 西 西 西 西)

Clear water. No tears in your eyes. Tonight listening to Yangguan, Muyun thousands of miles. But Kanke sent a pedestrian, and Jiashan Kong Laochun.

Farewell to go, like Xu Yi. Couples are unsatisfactory. Looking back at the Longmen for a few years, I was just the only time to Yu Li. When I also know that when there is a chase, I hurriedly saw the return.

The whole bow knife, the apprentice Yuxi. Raise away, drink and tasteless. The comfort of the end. Thinking of the heart, the deep party is deep, it should be that the publicity is not here.


The rain is over cool, the wind is coming, and the Liutang Chi Pavilion is quiet. Yuanhe Wanshu, Furong is sleepy. Mu Xiaying, closed at the beginning of the day. More satisfied, green and thick. It is a row, low back to the shadow, and is very shameful.

It’s hard to pay for good times. Comfort the Jiashan dream around, ten hectares of new autumn. Tingkong officials were scattered, and they were still in Cangzhou. Unsuitable short boat. Winning, staying all day long. With a smile, the basket of the basket turned, and the moon was on the west building.

Fasting fish (Wuxu Cisaver. Entering Huainan, many feelings)

Xi Yan Drum. The sad river bank Huaipu. Misty is lonely, water is deserted. People together. Fight always wins. Incentive.

Ask Liujin Huagu. Luqiao Yeyue, where is the blowjob. The wall forbidden _. Fan Dai becomes loess. Only Jiang Dong notes. Nothing. Does it seem to be old.

Yellow River Qing (for Shi Shuai Shou)

Drum horns Qingxiong occupy the cloud _. Hi Bianchen is still quiet. The front line is added, Changjue Huangzhou Riyong. Chongyan to turn outside the building, holding thousands of riding and cheering. When the Taiping officials were first met, the dreams were good.

Emperor Enno came out at night, and Yunzhangzhang and Feng Xunfei came to each other. Bao Bai Wan Nail, and Zuotong’s Jiaqing. Honor is also good, rectification, Jianghuai Ding. This time, it happened to be returning to the dynasty and adjusting Jin Ding.

Xianshan Creek (for Congress Ye Shou)

The wind passed on Fangxin, Xiaomei was clear. The curtains protect the spring cold, the fragrant warmth, the rhyme of Sheng spring. Make Huarong and Emperor State, spend his face, willow eyebrows, and report to the bear.

Huanyu is good, Yuxi has no dust, and the whip is small and stays. There are rumors that there are 宣, and Xuanshi is waiting to return.

倅 鹧鸪 (with Yan Yan Erqin together with the together)

The embrace is lazy. Chaoyang Duduyuan Village. That is, seeing flying down Zhi Fengyu, he once saw the fun return to Jinma Gate.

Drink tonight, make a skirt. For a moment, the poet was exhausted. Only Yu A was very bad, and he could still write eight points after being drunk.

Beyond the sky

Lu Haipeng pot has its own mountains. The light of the light is not in response. But the song and dance festival is leisurely.

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

Flower photos night, candle baking. Next year, the public will be wider. Feng Yao Yellow Umbrella passed the orange feast, and Mo Guanhong made up his seat.

钱 (Yi Wei Qian guards Dengjun Mountain)

It is allowed to close the door. Strong support for decline. He also blown the hat, and smiled at himself.

Jiangri evening, he stayed later. Fight for five horses. On the car of the car, the cage and Tibetan flowers said.

鹧鸪) (Cai Lianqu)

Two or two -dimensional boats are near the willow embankment. Ling Geya ahead of the stream. The prosecution in the song was sincere, and the pedestrians on the shore learned.

Golden teeth, Cuiyun. Women’s Luo is for his clothes. When the flowers are greedy, they are late, and the urgent pulp is screaming into Cuiwei.

荔 绿 (chant green lychee)

See green beads in the. 珠. Gao Yun wins Shi Zhu. Rub the blue fog rose shallow, semi -exposed ice muscle jade is not as good.

The draft is colorful. Light red end and slave. Just worry the banquet into hate, winning the pity is not like the beginning.

Night Walking Ship (Over the Two on the Edge)

Water is full of Pinghu Xiangman Road. There are countless cities and flowers. The small boat red makeup, sparse curtain green cover, smoke willow painting bridge obliquely.

Lean chasing the cool and the sun. The flute was moving, and Yueming went. There is still a clear song, handed with the wind, and the sound is deep in the lotus.

Night boat

Talk to the rest of the show to thank. Before the dust was full, it was a little bit better, but fortunately.

One Yiyi Yunshui Road. Greedy games, forget the dust quietly. The bright moon is long, the breeze is full, and the rush is struggling.

Xingzhan Xing came twilight, Zhifeng was waiting, but it was urged. Yiyuyu, the dissertation is respectful, looking back at where.

Night Walking Ship (He Chengdu Wang Cao Zezawa)

Fei Yan was on the way to Tianyun. Changan is near, and there is no more. In the year, Wulun was in the world, and Fengchi Pingdao was packed.

Qingyan meets how much he is. The eyebrows are yellow, but you are sad. There are not many officials, there are no time for the year, and you can’t bear the best.

Night Ship (Huai Yuezhong)

All lotus lotus red bypass. Jinlian Kong, no layer of hopes. According to the water of the water, the wind advocates, and the Yueqiao Yudu.

Kangxiao Nianhua is already twilight. On the west, the dream soul goes east. One song pavilion, outside the five cloud gate, still remembers the most places.

Linjiangxian (Yi Wei, Gao Zongqing seventy, the mother’s family is pleasant)

The heavenly jade is called Wanshou, and the world is Luchu. See youth on the Xuan Hall. Xunfeng frequently sent joy, and worshiped Silun on the same day.

The class was stood in the Ruizhu Xian, waiting for Yan Qin. Purple Emperor pays first. IKEA is more suitable for the country, Yizi is also Yisun.

Emperor Emperor (Gengshen is Daer Shou)

The season is near Mid -Autumn Festival, osmanthus weather. Remembered that Xiong Xunmeng Chengrui. I have always been three times, hate being affected by an official. It is now known as Shou, and he is also drunk.

Passionate and drama, Bo Luo’s initial test. Hua Fa’s parents are rejoicing. The fame is glory and noble, and he has to be in a hurry. A cup must be wished first, a thousand years old.

Butterfly Lianhua (staying for money)

Mei Zi Hui Dangshou. Get in the work, intentionally know if it is intentional. Teach after the year of the year. I have not envy Song Yimao for many years.

Mo Yan Cup deep song and dance. About Silun, it is when it comes. Fortunes will have their own next year. Tianxiang Palace candle yellow seal wine.

Butterfly Lianhua (Send Yue Mingzhou)

Promoting Dongfang Tianyou. Before the whole III, Mei Liu opened. Taoist Tao Jiangchun Xu Early. Make Jun before Chun arrived.

The order is only based on the flower letter. The flag base is savvy, and the family is beautiful. Think about Yuanxi next year. The jade people are more lanterns.

Butterfly Lianhua (Xitang Bamboo Pavilion, the temperature of the day, the play)

Forced the masonry window to surround the small courtyard. Rizhao flower branches, sparse shadow reunion. Golden duck has no wind and flavor. La Han is shallower than spring.

The daylight is warm. Anxi, all six paper. The bowl can’t help but dream far. It comes to the late sun.

Yimi Mei (Mei)

Chicken beauty light makeup. Special Ling Han, showing lonely. Snow practiced the body. The rhyme is Tianzi, not leading yellow.

Ancient copper pot wet seal. Immersely immersed and obliquely, a few bright windows. Why not get some moss. But there are sparse branches, still fragrant.


Fear of summer is too late. The people of Yulou are drifting away. The solution of this situation is cool, and the intestines want to break. Sorrow infinite. Anton’s curling is also shining.

Miao Wu’s song turns. See you everywhere in Beijing. Qing Mian has no dreams to Xizhou, Yu Xiangliang. Silver hook is soft. Gong Jinshu talked about himself.

North Korea and China (Shaoxing is not too much)

The evening wind is obliquely folded. Outside the building, the disabled. Appreciate the spring of a city, 100,000 people in Huadan.

Light -shirt and short hat, the wind is in front of the wind, and the car under the moon. A small way, the man laughed and laughed.


A few times and sighs. Suddenly reported the wind. Whoever said and facing the sky can better the same as the Spring Terrace.

Sooner or later, the class talks about jade, and the listening is rumored. The lake was full of new singing, and Sitang was a cup of deep diarrhea.

Respect the former guest. Maybe I come together. Shisi competed to the Three Gorges, and the wine was crazy.

Limited body, Mo Ci glory, carving the candle to urge each other. The sand road is to see Lianxuan, and Shanglin takes advantage of the reward cup.

Bodhisattva is barbariated (to use the forest Changyun again)

The pot was cut off. The wounds of the mountains and rivers are cut. Still Stone City. The setting sun is bright.

Pedestries who are couples. What is the sang today. Turn more sorrowful to wine. What a sorrowful wine.

Bodhisattva (Jiawu Qiu Zuo)

Qiu Sheng night to Qiu Xiangyuan. The heavy curtain test papers have been opened again. It’s just old incense. Add some yellow.

Qi Window Renzong gives together. Remember the fragrance sentence. Don’t follow a few autumn. See the flowers in the sky.

Bodhisattva (Times Zhudu Dayun Send Wang Caoxing)

Yunlin with Shuishan Hengge. Therefore, everyone went to add Xiao Suo. Reverse shot. Divide the sun.

Pass the orange as the order. Lian Yan facing the sky. There are Yanxi flying. Comfortable people.


It happens that the canopy is short and short, and the brocade cable teeth are excellent. A horizontal flute was slightly vast. Ten miles of red lotus barrier.

Wait for the mountain to vomit the moon, so why not say the sword cup. Look at the wind to expose the lake. At the bottom of the water, the golden plate.

Tomorrow will be again nine, and the light rain shade at dusk. Chrysanthemum is the same. Fu and good dreams tonight.

On the chills of the sycamore leaves, the guest sorrows in the horns. Xiaolou calmly. Thousands of miles should be together.

Mei Nongying

Yu Qingfeng was settled. A spring cold. Want to wake up. Don’t waste plum blossoms, come to make makeup noodles late.

Qu Lan obliquely. The water threshold is Linqing mirror. Cuizhu Xiao Sao met. Fu and Youren, watch the pond.

Costing in the heart (Gui Wei Tuan Di returned to the boat)

Dongfeng’s shore is difficult to enter the boat. Wake up incense. Unbearable, there is no insignificant, and it is too late.

Thinking about the past, Geng Wuxian. Hidden Pingshan. The night is quiet, where is the confinement bending.

Costing (Bing Shen Mid -Autumn Festival)

Su Yi Cang Dog is not a yan. He Yi is jealous. I do not know that the high place is hard to hide, and it is very round.

Hanyu, the day alone. Fortunately. Qiankun is showing, not to mention the earth, the earth mountains and rivers.

Costing in heart (Jingnan Zhonghu Lake)

Hibiscus is a small shoulder. Say slowly. The red makeup laughed and covered the road.

Barrier, embroidery storage. Ring around the lake. Added moonlight, people’s faces, doubt in the pot pot.

Costing (because of seeing Zaomei)

Very flavor like poet. Some children are too clear. It should only be the most vulgar, but she is thin but profitable.

The wind is quiet, and the snow is clear. The moon is slightly bright. Bo Ran was faded, and he was ruthless. He was affectionate.

Jin accounting (no Meng Dongshan sees Mei Ying’s work)

Cuizhu is like a screen, and the shallow mountains are picturesque. A span of the small pond noodles and the danger bridge. The brown pavilion is facing the water, and it seems to be the country. Bamboo Hutch.

It’s cold, and it is elegant. Zhengxueyi, 下 正. More hazy moon shadows, make the first night. Plum blossoms also.

Jinmen (send Lin Zichang to the official Xuancheng in the same year)

Wind and rain. Blowing the flowers and red dance. I can’t help but think about spring. Don’t leave you from hearing Du Yu.

Stacking the head of the building. I still think about the Jian Jian Rong. Thinking of Yunshan is good. Mo Ci sent frequently.

漕 Golden Gate (for Han Cao without blame)

Huaiyin green. Curtain rolls Cuiping Mountain Song. The eyes are cold and jade. Give clothes and fog.

Xiong Meng was shocked again. Fortunately, Izaki Wuzhu. Should be surprised to return. New 诏 Mo has been awarded.

Golden Gate

Luo sleeve is thin. Jade arms are covered with golden covenant. Own the night after the night, weaken the lotus. Leaning the bed in the bed.

Solo -tower beads foil alone. How to fall into the sun. The door covers Dongfengchun Lonely. Mistake people magpie.

郎 Golden Gate (for Youlang Zhongyan Shou)

Hua Yurun. Smoke lock jade furnace fragrant rhyme. Smile Hua Nian is endless. Shouzheng is cold.

Jiazi is only moment of Monday. Envy Zhu Yanqing. Fit at the Yuanxian Road at hand. Biyun has a new letter.

Good things are near (staying in the chanting family)

Empty Ling Mingquan, Qianqi Yulinyou Iron. Jin Zou wanted to be drunk and the sound of jade was clear.

At night, the hands were timid and cold, and Yu Yun was sad. Where does Yushu Meng go back, but the creamy moon.

Good things are near (Xin Yiwangwangwang is made in the sun in the sun)

The whole winter is fine, regardless of the day and night. Mai Long was half saved, so he could eat cold.

Try the weather and take three days wide. Tao Li and Xu Ningjin, there are boundless spring.

Huanxi Sand (ie, the seat and Xu Shouqiu)

Iron Lock Star Bridge Yong Ye Tong. Wanjia curtains are fragrant. Junyou is in laughter.

Luo Qi ten lines of eyebrows green, silver flowers and thousands of lotus red. See the blackheads in the seat.

Huanxi Sand (Yingchu Niwen)

Shengzi 儿. The head sings the old hearing. Jiangcheng is happy to see Banchun.

There was a letter from Fu Liu and the wind. It should only be laughing for spring temperature.

Lang Tao Sha (Zhu Dada and Jingzhou, thank you for the second rhyme)

Chicken Five Lake Fairy. Stepping all over the world. Yin, long memories. Encountering Tianya also smiled, 涯.

The style is declining. The whisper is cold. Prostitutes are warm and warm. Duan is the reason that the human feelings have not been reduced, and the drunk jade mountains.

Dingwu (Yongdan Gui)

Moon Hall moved to the Emperor’s hometown. Romantic is still old makeup. Gorilla blood dyed into Dan Xing’s face. Thick. The tulip cage is yellow.

Lang said that Jincheng Yuan was young. No. Today, He Yan Wu Zhifang. Who is Si Hua who is the Lord. Pass. Both are very fragrant.


Cui was timid cold, and the flowers were gloating. Dream Feiyun drove the colorful, and was shocked to move the flowers.

The liquor was not awake, and the corner of the house was clear and fragrant.

Liu Siqing (and Mrs. Hu)

Feng Peishan. Yunping Qu Qu, Sorrowful Spring. Rogue Yu Han. Half a wake -up liquor, the royal clip into a order.

The deep courtyard is idle. With the eyebrows, the eyebrows are disabled. Color pen babble. The new sound is micro, and it enters Yunshan.


Sighing, doing this is March 9th. That day, Yanghua is very prosperous, covering the Fengyun

The flowers are blooming, regardless of the current year. Where is the old tour. Standing and empty.

Surprisingly, seeing the twilight of the spring. With the wind. Flying. There are countless sorrows.

Drunk flower yin (wood rhino)

Jade 粟 粟. The mountain road was shocked. Leaning the wet and cold smoke, seemed to be timid, and the pavilion cried clearly.

Copper pots should be cold. People try new makeup. The clouds are oblique, and the small window of the small pavilion is fragrant.

Sorrow leaning (Bing Shenzhong Jiu and Qian Shou)

Stormy, jealous of flowers. Suddenly. In a hurry to open the Junyi meeting, it was Yi Liang.

Deeply densely spread. It seems to be victorious, the hats are mad. Whatever you want, you can get drunk, but why not.

Ru Meng Ling (Occupation on the Lantern Festival)

Qi Luo is embroidered outside the door. The lantern on the hall is like day. Appreciate some spring and drunk the night. from now on. from now on. There are so few heads.

Such as dream order

Little peaks and mountains are facing. Fangshu leaned heavily. Whenever the order is removed, and a pond of Chunshui. game. game. Subscription is enough to follow the fate.


Touch the fish (answer the second hidden)

Love Qingshan, go to red dust, who is like a nest. The white cloud window is cold, and the night is listening to the rain at night. Sorrow. Nianjinwu Yaozheng, but stayed with leisurely. Lotus heart is still bitter. Due to the Zizan Lanzhu, answer banana leaves, all of which are broken.

Outside the gulls, he also laughed and lost the heron. Deep tobacco water. Bi Jian was sent to the south of the river, and the crow had nothing to do. Plum Banshu. I don’t know, who is the beauty of the beauty. When is the road. The co -tied Liu Youzhang, the golden moss golden maggots, and the spring of the lake.

Touch the fish (catkins)

It’s upset, the wind is weak, and the wind can’t be sorrowful. The horse head rushed to flow, and the millet was sticking to the red tree. Leisure. It seemed to be special, wearing a curtain with his swallow. Wandering. It seems like the tip of the eyebrows, leaving the bottom of the eyes, and the grass is like a fog.

Divine. Relying on the dryness of the lame. Where is Cuile’s today? The flowers and flutes drum spring city. The intestine breaks small windows slightly rain. Dance. Seeing tomorrow, Chi Ping’s letter was low. Changqiao Shortu. It’s not as dangerous, the moss is everywhere, and the horseshoe is still in the horseshoe.


Dry lotus fragrance stores a room autumn. Qiu Ye’s head. The young and the shadow stole the shadow, and it was sighing.

People are subtle. Hate. The bass is not dreaming, but also returns to the boat. Live in Cangzhou.

Taicheng Road (sending Zizi)

Muyun Chunshu River Dongyuan, ten years of soft Hongchen well. The rain house sings, Yuelou is drunk, and the wind is still waking up. Qingye Geng Geng. It is not clear, who is pity. From rolls of lotus clothes, the stone bed is high and cold.

The mountain is empty but the day is forever. The old swimming flowers Liu Meng, can’t bear to save the province. Swallow Liang Kong, the chicken alleys quietly, talk about Chang’an scenery. Dantai Road is tall. How to see Xuandu, □□ Fang Trail. Together Yao Sheng, Phoenix Flower Listen.

Linjiangxian (Liu)

Xiangshui Xiaoxing has no wine, Chuxiang guests for a long time. The empty city dark willow is old and worried about buds. After Yan Guicai, people were old.

Remember to say goodbye, Listening to the pipa worried. Dongfeng blows tears and falls off the gull sand. A new rain is heavy, and Yanghua can’t afford.


Liang dew wet autumn Wu. The empty court cried. Purple moss clothing, still protecting the golden shop. The sparse foil crushing people are gone, and the flowing water is urgent.

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

Hate Caoqian who hoes. West wind blows sparse. Ask Liu Lang, why not. Even the peach blossoms are tens of thousands of trees, and they are not like it.



Such as dream order

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

Tence asked flowers. As a result, the remaining red and white. Paeonia lactiflora is pity, and meets the guests. Over. Over. There is still a spring.

Listen to the wind and rain. Listen to the East neighboring pestle. It is still self -standing, and the blue mountains are speechless. where. where. A tree rampant crow crowed twilight.

Nan Gezi

The house is relying on Cangshu, and the window is opened to Bishan. West Lake is tireless for a long time. Yuller’s car is biased between the six bridges.

Lu Liu Ning was moist, and the fireworks were cold. The talents are rewarded and they are disabled. Xie Liu resigned, drunk and thin.

Fine golden silk willow, heavily Qingdai Mountain. Jade people leaned upstairs. Make a deep hate, on the eyebrows.

Tears are red and thin, and Xiang Ning Biqi is cold. Don’t go to the spring. After the Begonia opened, Yan Shuang returned.


《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

Yellow Hat B639 shoes, one step out for the walker. What time is cold. Shi’an pear flower white.

There are many Malaysia Mountain, and the rain is colorless. Who is forbidden. Residual cuckoo lone post. The spring clouds are dark.

Thousands of miles, there are countless mountains. Broken the lone tree. People outside the city come and go.

If you want to ask the Qingyu, you follow the smoke. Empty ancient. Where is Bashan. Listen to the rain.


The blue tree residue did not rest. Last night, I did not stop with pedestrians. Green poplars last month. Xiaofeng blows up as sunny.

The turtle shell screen is low red. The firewood smoke, Luo recommended the heat. Insert a treasure cloud. Pick the flower branches fold first in the next step.

The deep courtyard Xiao Wuye rain. Knowing autumn, no autumn is here. The people of Yunzi Xiaoqiao did not cross. Yellow reed bitter bamboo is so sorrowful.

Who is more thanks to the four walls. People only stay in spring, and they are not puzzled to stay in autumn. Autumn wants to return to the sky and twilight. The red shadow of the sun went with the crow.


The storms of the city. Who is Pan Lang sentence. Xiao Xiao Yangliu □ withered yellow. Drunk official bridge thin horses and light frost.

In the old days, they all swim in spring. Not like autumn light. The chrysanthemum crossed the begonia. It must be refuated to the Jin characters, no need to open.

Ruan Langgui

Teach him Shuangyan to follow. Deep in the lake willow. Qin Xiang mud slip while Xinqing. Different pools are frequent.

Spring waves are warm, green without marks. Wake up is also intoxicating. Broken bridge sunrisewater cloudy. Returning the boat is light.

Peach Blossom Fang Mo San incense red. The whip is a sudden jade. Guanhe willow belt spring breeze. Xiaoyan Kong high -rise.

The mountains are dark, grass mask. Jiangnan Chun is strong. Wang Sun’s family was east of the bridge. There is no way to find each other.

Crossing the river

Liu Ying cried in the fans, tender and cold, and the words were still trapped in Dongfeng. Ask the old moss, when the smoke and rain, the tears are gloomy. □ Sorrow, fluffy with random flowers and grass. Qi Qichen, drifting zero no fixed, and the curtain Yan Nest.

Hurry up. Yuyu sounds, the embroidery house is fragrant, and the spirit is in a dream. Remember the old home, set the voices, Zeng Guanshen Palace. The fragrant soul seems to stay in the ring, the moon is faint, the spring mist is hazy. The bottom of the flower shadow, hated Yun Rong for many years.


The sparse tree flowers wind, the other cuckoo rain. It wasn’t Wang Sun forgot to return, and the grass did not return.

Sky and chores, who pressed Qiongxiao. Secretly putting money from people, daring to say clearly.


Xiejiachi Pavilion occupied flowers. Slightly rainy spring breeze. Gorgeous red, strong fragrance, shadow, floating curtain.

Jiao Moth gathers the dream of spring, and the tears on the clothes are heavy. The idle window is right, the golden cage parrot, the ribbon hibiscus.

Spring emotions are frequent. Sleeping the small screen. Baodi slanted, lazily grooming, lazily out of the curtain.

Yun Yuejiao was weak, and he couldn’t help but get drunk. It is clearly like the Yangliu, Taiye Furong.

Golden Gate

But sick wine. Sorrow to Qingming. If you don’t want to be thin, you should be thin. Sitting for a long time wrinkled.

Zeng Huajian joined hands. Empty memories of Luoyang. There is no time to meet. Begonia opened the sentence.


Raspy rainy tide. Yueshu Wu Cheng was floating. The sea crane cracks, flat boats. Lightly loaded the clouds and pressed the water.

Leaning for the highest building alone. Back to the first Ping Mountains overlap. The peaks on the river are gone, sand gulls. I once knew the sorrow of the West wind.

和 Jiangyue (Mei and Yan Guo)

The news of the spring, the south branches are open, and the north branches are still stubborn. Yue Du Ting Ting was white in the world, and she was fighting with frost. The lone shadow, the dark fragrance, the water moon becomes three must. Xingyun does not move, Su Bo is light and light socks.

Looking back at Guanshan in Xueli, Yulong blew up, seemed to swallow it for people. The garden on the stream should be full of trees, and berry moss is folded. Golden Horse sparse fences, Yutang cottage, eventually the scenery. Looking for flowers, but not talking about flowers.

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

酹 酹 酹 酹

The film Yun Ningmo, when the lotus is wet, it still has no rain. The water threshold is so small that there are fewer people, and the words of the poultry. There are many horizons, Changqin hangs high, and self -played southern style spectrum. Russia smells the knife ruler, and the people are separated by the window.

Because of the sorrow of Xizi Lake, he was so popular, and Zeng Suuku. Cui Yu does not pass on Cang Island, and the sun and twilight are leisurely. Lazy note, lazy elephant tube, who is the same. Lonely Hongcheng, the sunset is low.

Jade butterfly

Independent soft red dust table, swallowing the fog far, flat tattoo. Grass long Xiziyuan, for fear of partitioning the double -yin. The treetops are bright, the sunset is not cold, and the rhombus leaves are quiet and the new rain dried. Leaning. With a goose tube, the figure is cold.

Xun Xun Wang Sun Guiyin, Baiyun Chicken, once known Liu An. Yu Fan Lun Towel, I do n’t know if someone is idle outside the door. Sleevers, lazily recruit Huang Yan, write blue notes, and air sending green cymbals. And the pan. Listening to the wind and rain, the mountains of the mountains.

The wild tree fainted crow, the smoke was practiced, and the low covered. Broken wall flying buildings, red green seems to be there. The women’s walls are short, the moon cage pink, the baby hall is quiet, the dark golden shop. Ask Qingdu. Guanghan Fairy, don’t follow it.

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

Sorrow. Ten years of dreams, light song short wine, always entertaining. Lonely Qin Lang, unable to leave the mirror shining lonely. Remember the diameter, collect the hands together, and twist the beard to the idle windows and frequently. Afraid of West Lake. The juvenile companion said at the beginning.

Golden song

The immortal bone has no summer. Ailan radius, support into the waves, deep into Jinyun. Singing Cai Lian Double Pagas, Lao Gou Penglu couples. Only the green mountains are the same. At the beginning of the old rain, the new water rose, and the bridge was low and the criminals were fascinated. Wearing a puppet, Sun Tingwu.

Wake up alone. Sorrow, Kishi River, Shang Qingqing. Jinse bombed the bamboo hate, and it was difficult to write Xiang Fei. Well, who is the main with, Gu Fang is the main. The flowing water is silent, and the fishing Lang and want to find Taoyuan Road. The stern belt, go to the flowers.

Frost Sky

Qi Mo revealed high. Wind flowing soverell. There are many places in the night, and the embers are short and half -bright.

Drunk. Fragrant. The sound of purple flute rests. In the sound of the sound, the dance and osmanthus moon was also dancing.

Langtao Sand

Paeonia lactiflora screen. Salvant long. Fanxiang is still old -fashioned. Yu Pingding Dongxian is far away, and the benefits are unforgettable.

Gao Tang. In the end, it was desolate. Liang toad flew into Hehuan bed. Fighting the flowers of the flowers, I don’t think about it.

Candle shadow shake red (second rhyme)

In the feelings of wine, the spring is shameful to see the peach blossom noodles. Wang Sun should not go to the grass, ten miles of green. Don’t hate Liyun Mengyuan. Hate only hate, and the alliance is shallow. Generally lonely, two acacia, dusk.

Lou Yi Xianyang, Cuiyu was not far away. Green window empty embroidery, who is the rays. Know in the old courtyard of Xinting. Cuckoo cry, Dongfeng is lazy. After returning, it was also clear, and the flowers were reduced.


Flying dust enters the chapter, and it is difficult to re -see. White Hair Forbidden City Baby, talk about agarwood feast.

The noodle Qiu Menghan, □ 梦 梦 and sticky borneol. Firefly starting the court, still remembering the Qingluo fan.


Shuixi Yunbei. Jin Baoyun has no color. Night cold flowers sleep outside. Mo sings Jiangnan, who is a guest. The love green girl Sihua. Pink sorrow and redness. Yue Ming tires to listen to Shanyang. Massage, thousands of miles of Chu Tianbi.

Jiang Shenzi

Cloud steps are desolate at night. Cai Danfang. September bud yellow. Thousands of films, the wind exposed the four fragrances. The song was broken last month.

At the time of the golden house covering the piano bed. Recalling love. Light dressing. Spring fiber of bamboo shoots, the stamens are fine. Sorrowing night is full of old rain, divided into chrysanthemum, and Chongyang.

Eight Sound Ganzhou

Concentrate the two moths, the cold rain, and the felt car, and I thought about the Qingfeng. Want to resign from the stage, long door division, and charges to the west. Should be misunderstood by Juan Juan, who sent out the deep palace. The sleeves were unbearable, and the outdoor became empty.

The lute was silent, hated the Lord too thin, and his tears blushed. It is also like Han Yue, and the curtains are shown late at night. Cao Qingqing, returning to dreams every year, counting north, should have their own Zheng Hong. It’s laughing, what happened to Yu Guan, not locking the spring breeze.


Hanquan is like line. Shashi Mianyun is soft. Ten miles of plum blossoms. Don’t remember to enter the mountain depth.

Leave two sleeves of spring breeze. Luo Fu’s old dream became empty. Loose to Langan Mingyue, teach people to remember the mountains.

Yuan Qiu Liang is early. The stone diameter is small. Frosty flying winds. Cui Bi Ciqi.

Xianggou poetry leaves are hard to find. Still green and red. Leaning the bamboo empty song and Huang Yan, who recruits Qingzukuyun to travel clouds.

Saon Yin

Short green pumping embankment, Fangxin did not know about it. Still frozen stalk ice branches. Moss stone snow is delayed. Fangtang’s water is light and cold, and the wing of the sand is dependent. Pick up Cui Yue, walk on the youth. In the end, it is sparse.

Acacia. Jiangnan is far away, the fishing ting is subtle, and it is also the time when the plum blossom is. How much, old sadness and resentment, how can the romantic romantic, how can it be more than Hong’er. When will you get it again?

The wind willow is intoxicated, and it is difficult to find a dream. The small courtyard is quiet, and the screen is deep.翦 constantly light. The new silkworm sweeps the goose hair, and the fiber -handed leaves are like a needle. Benefited again, enjoy the flowers. Listen to Gao Shuming poultry.

Thousands of gold. It is difficult to buy, and the flooding powder is afraid of easy and sad. But cherishly, Xun Juan is good, Ren Qianli and Hong Hong fans, and the fish sinks. If the same is old, he will do his best and pay Yaoqin.


Recalling the ancient post of Han Yan, the light moon is lonely, unlimited rivers and mountains. Falling leaves led the thoughts, and in the autumn, night night dreams entered Changan. Therefore, the candle was cleared, and the wind and rain were half -window cold. Drifting in the sea, loneliness, and lonely, talk about leisure.

Symptoms. Returning to the west Lake, I don’t tire of the west Lake. Don’t wait for the youth evening, while the Yinghua is not old, find drunkenness. The old garden is more pine bamboo, and wealth is not as idle. However, Gu Xianyang, the long song Li Bai was difficult.

The courtyard was dim, the courtyard Liu Xiao Shu, and late autumn. The star was dark, and a geese passed, a little fluorescence. Synthetic, all in Xiaohonglou. Want to flutter the clouds, people are sorrowful, and they are sorrowful.

The sour wind did not respond, the rain was Xiaoxiao, and I wanted to accept it. Recalling embroidery and sleeping, letting the flowers of the flowers, moved to the curtain hook. The red waves were half -rolled in the pool, and the clothes were cold. How can you forget Jiangnan and the romantic Xinxin blank head.

King Xiao Qin

Smoked Qiuhuang’s face halo. Baodi crowded two plates. It clearly recognizes that Xiao Lang is, and sells flowers with the drilling.

There is no soft sand in the long embankment. The fishing family in the deep part of the puppet.絮 絮 黏 黏 黏 罾 罾 罾, the stern is still falling.


The moon fell into the cold and cold. Loire the autumn sky like water. West winds have passed the south of the river yesterday, and the red leaves and Huangwu three or four miles.

Xiangxiang is close to people’s teeth first. Broken pestle comes to see the guest ear. Cangzhou has no fans to return, □ Diechushan □ Dream.

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

Eight shots

Cui sleeve cages wake up, silver screen draws new tea. Several azaleas cried in the twilight, and came to the old spring flowers.

Good daughter

Hate the eyebrow peak. Two wipings. I did n’t owe others, I was drinking last night, I was very small and green, and I was too red and drunk.

Helplessly swimming into the stamens, all day and flying. During the period of West Garden and Doucao, the Ming Dynasty was afraid of the slight rain of the Ming Dynasty.

Taoyuan Yiyu

Hanghuang Road under the mountain. Only Liu Ying comes. There are countless pear flowers. Xiangxue fans.

Huanshaxi shallow people. Empty to Biyun Ning twilight. Return to spring sorrow. Nai Wu is even more storm.


The shoreli silk is still shallow. Grand Spring Return to Wu Yuan. Lao Yuan does not separate the flower screen, Ai Cui is deep.

Where to fly, where is the swallow. Xiaowu Yi Xinyu. Want to be short, unparalleled, and waves.

Extreme acacia

Yuntou was cold, and Jin Yi smoked Qian Luo shirt. But people are still bringing, Zimo Qingmen, and tears.

Self -hatred to move the roots without staying in the soil, red posture, greenness. Who knows me, Hua Ming’s eyes are dark, looking in the fog.


The clouds are not winning. Do not talk about it. Deeling silver bed, Begonia sleeps, but said late.

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

One year a dream Qinglou song, the fragrant shallow was being Han. But listening to the west wind, the small window rain, the red leaves are full of Changan.

Yan Return

Three stacks, four sorrow poems. Less people know. Western Feng Weiyan returned late. The nest is half -drying mud.

Streaming red sentences, return text. Except Yan Zhi, who can remember. There was just a west painting. The cloud was low.


Sorrow clouds and rain, wash a while. The branches are on the branches, and the desire to live up. Qu Lan people leaned alone.

With the cup, the moon is not drunk, and the laughter is drunk first. Forgot to lean on, wood rhino flowers sleep. Full of flowers.


Jiuxian Mountain Xiao. Fogming and a crane fly to China. The title of Hongyunhua Island. Two Tixian Tao is small.

Break the spin of Xiangxiangquan, short -leisurely spring grass. How much sorrow is deep. The head is old.

Moss drunk grass is clear. Crow ink wet clouds. The neon is cold, Qiong Xiao is broken, and the old dream cares.

Xiao Qiao did not fall in love with Zhou Lang, and Cui was folded. Outside the door, yellow flowers and red leaves, the drizzle is deeper.

Love Moon Night Sleeping

The small market was giving up, and gradually faintly faintly, and the human language was heavy. The moon is like water, the fragrant street is cold, and the dried trivial flowers shade. Luo Yan is not separated from Juan Juan, accompanied by people, the lonely pillow is the most clear. See Pingshan Cui Die, covering the clouds.

Due to the notes, the Western Chamber, while Ling Boshou, laughed and laughed. The Lantern Festival is close to each other, and the Shahe flute is just now. Walking dance sleeve skirt. No matter more deeper. Speaking, the new sad moon, the night shine.


Wake up Mingxia, ask the dyed and Qingdi a little autumn. I was not awake, and my words were still ashamed. The gorgeous and samples are soft, and the wind is back and the west wind is weak. It is suspected that it is Caiyun Sanying, leaving the fairy mistakes.

Fang Qing’s information. But Xiao Qin was red, and the rain was light and white. In the sunset light, the peeping Yintang is like trying the makeup pulse. Fangxin has Shaohua thought, tolerance and frost wolf. In the sound of geese and Dan Feng accompanied by tears.


Eye waves. At first sleep, tired windows are tired of embroidery. Very veins and stems virtually, holding random silk like willow. The most annoying, slightly rainy, flying red in the spring breeze. Remember Paquan Xiangxiang, knock on Liangyu, Xiao Yue Qingming.

Where is the dream of the clouds yesterday, it should be only in the spring city. For Xitao’s shame, Begonia was greedy, and the sound of the warbler awakened the sorrow. Persuade Hua Hui to thin. Seeing the re -coincidence of the League, Qiu Qianyuan joined hands. Back to Wenjin, send it to know if he believes.


Red brocade old concentric. West Chi Shang, once and with green poultry. Remember the mountains and rivers to write affection, Qiu Tong urged, 鸳 hate, spring embroidery stopped. I often sigh the good wind, and I can draw a fan. The short dream is easy to disabled, a flute, new sorrow is infinite, where is the solitary anvil.

Xiangxiang is still there, but the mirror and lone shadow are hard to find. After the rain, rouge should want to erode dust invasion. Going to the sails gradually, the fish scales are shallow, it is difficult to send it from the distance, and the clouds are deep. Looking back at the high -rise building, it is unbearable.

Clear business grievance

Huanghua Danye 绀 grass. Hate Xiyuan Xiao. Mengdu Qinlou, Gu Hongyun shadow.

The serial old Testament forgot. Should remember □ and green beads petite. Mo Yan replied, Yu Guan was not old.

Taicheng Road

Begonia tried the spring light, and the west wind blew autumn. White rock sparkling, Danlin dots, pretending to be Dongjing Nanpu. Clear the touches. There is a garden in the air, but there is no bell and drums. A song of the court, who is the question of the businessman.

Li Huai is like a dream, Biyun is still rude, where is the beauty. The Chicken League, the Qin Louyan, and the downs of the year. Gao Gang Ancient. Only plum blossoms, accompanied by people. The eyes are very long, and the lights are clear.


Xiaoshi Penglai Island. Matsushita Haoyao Grass. Greed on blue peach blossoms. Traveling with Mother’s house by mistake.

One discretion. Drunk return. Don’t see Dong Shuangcheng. Smell the flute across the flowers.

Under the west of the painting building, do not go eastward with the Bobo. Ye Kuansha is long, the mountains are short, and the red clothing is scattered. Youyun road resistance. The soul broke Cangwu, and who was blame. Empty in the river, □□□□ Hangxiang girl.

Thousands of miles. Bitian Sky Yanxin has nowhere to pass. Cui sleeves are idle, beads are lying, a few times at dusk. Acacia since ancient times. Sanwu, so he was descendant. Lazy Bashan, listening to the rain.

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

Such as dream order

Nan Gezi



Ruan Langgui



Jade butterfly


Saon Yin


King Xiao Qin

Taicheng Road

Qingchun Palace

Jiang Yinghan was empty, the mountains were floating, and the painting building leaned directly to Dongcheng. The leaves are scarce, and the sound of reunion, but the night breeze is handed to the bell. Going to heaven, it was suspected that Qi Yun picked the stars. The stems were stubborn, and the sorrows were sorrowful, and the smoke was lingering.

Guan Mei sneered. □ Afraid of branches, easy to wither. Due to the thoughts, Yin Xianhe goes, and who will refresh the broken bridge. Ran Yun Ru Dai, this snow is to see. Who knows, Yu Xin is worried, Tao Ling is idle.

Balcony grievance

The moon is like a day. Covering the diameter flowers densely. No yellow clouds set up socks, and they were accompanied by flowers.

Suspecting is Baguio Terrace. The faint flowers are in a hurry. A scarf red dew left a bleak in court. Twelve lames see the moon, who taught Liang Ying to be lonely. Sub -bees with incense shop.

Love, Golden House again. The sky is difficult to carry cranes, and there are no trees in the east of the wall. Spring dreams around West Lake.

Wushan a section of Yun (Wang’s Tower)

The wine was bullied, and his face was slightly red. Watan who is a green girlfriend. Starting socks.

Tired butterfly habitat and lazy, and the chicks are low.知 花 only knows the candle blossoms. When I am drunk, I want to return.

Yi Qin’e

Autumn consciousness. Lu Liangdun felt Luo Yan. Luo Yan is thin. In the garden at dusk, water curtain.

When you wait for the moon flowers, you will be appointment. The sad dream is short and forget. Forgotten. Nanshan ape crane, north branches of black.

Eight offenders Yujiao branches (Zhaobao Mountain watch the moon)

Cangdao Yunlian, green enters in the autumn, and the twilight is desired to Shenzhouyu. There are no waves, no wind and wind, and they can hear the tide. Qingkong Lone Pillar. Cui Ying Gaoge relies on the virtuality, and the midflow Cangbi is smoky. Only outside Guanghan Gate, there is no weight.

Think of Bishuzhu Palace, Qionglin Yushu. I don’t know where. Who asked Qian, Ling Bo moved lightly. Due to Ningxian and Qin women. I want to dance in court and neon. Don’t worry about the flute. Afraid of evoking fish dragons, three more sprayed as Qianshan Rain.

Night boat

Twelve stems and leaning. Yinhuang is light, jade toad is washed. Everyone is silent, the fiber clouds are not stained, and Chu Tian thousands of miles are broken.

Since the yellow flowers are idle. Empty recruiting, Xiangjun Mountain ghost. The ancient sword buryed the light, the lone lamp reflection, and the trees were like that.

Golden Banana

Jiangnan Xin on the same day. Drunk language is not allowed. Dan leaf in the sun. Yan went to Hong to come, and when he was recalled.


The disabled red rain was closed. Xinya Jingyuan is called hook. Liu Si brushed lightly, and was afraid of leisurely and lazily upstairs.

The spring is light and the water is leisurely. Qi window was left for peony. Turning his head for a thousand years, he really became a dream, and won the spring breeze.

Ri Ying Flower Ten thousand. Qiu Xiang will also be hibiscus again. In the old days, Chu Chu’s neon song was moved into the long willow of Chang Yang.

Wen Yanbi, the wall is red. Jinyu Cang Rat Yuhua Palace. Pedestrians listened to crying black grievances, and the lame of the flute was dry.


《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

Yan Yan Lou’s empty curtain was quiet. Dew leaves are crying, Hongqin Rouge well. The shallows of the Shenzhen League have not been determined. Wuling rhino winds.

Chu Qin’s eyebrows were shown in each other. Private leaning cloud, light moon cage top. Toniah Lan is empty. Embroidered Luo Xiang Leng.

Qiu Ruixiang

Three trails return to autumn morning. Who swept the gold shop outside the door. Dongli does not plant leisure flowers. The west wind is not over.

Frost Hua invaded the old. Nanshan Xiao. Crying red and green. Self -tied to Yinghuang.


Qi Shu alone. Remember the hibiscus courtyard, Yu Xiao and the same place. It is still faint, there are many mountains, and there are many mountains. The socks are stunned, where is the Qinzheng Golden House. □ Softness is easy to fold, it is difficult to break the mirror, and it is difficult to break.

The sun is tired. It is very cold and sleeve, and he still relies on repairing bamboo. In the early stage of listening to the rain and leisurely, Nai Xin is in Jiangnan, and people are in Jiangbei. Lao Xiu Wen, smiling at me, waist circumference. Mo thought, looking for flowers and willows, old Duqu.

Snow Lion (Mei)

In the morning of Wu Lin, Chengxing asked, the south of the lone mountain branches. Seeing the pepper red, the beginning was broken and the buds were still green. Luo Fu Dreams. Remember that there were once, the poultry and the same stay. Farewell, dressed, beautiful lady empty valley.

The petite spring is not enough. I am very shameful, afraid of entering Yutang Golden House. Learn the palace makeup by mistake, and the forehead bees flutter. Jiangkong is the most difficult, the most difficult is to make pine.幽 幽. Flute leaning on the Xicou of Lou.

Tanfangxin (West Lake West Lake Spring Words)

Sit down the day. Keep in the spring, short pavilions call wine. The skirt is fragrant, and the wave marks are still. The peach blossom view of the Chi Lan Bridge, the cold and the babies are thin. Turning back to the gallery, ancient Watson pine, dark spring.

The mountains and rain nights come suddenly. The green rises to the flat embankment, and the clouds are far away. I recognize Shatou, and I still see if there is a red. Yang Hua took advantage of the east wind, and the blank was headed. Persuading to travel, Mo Huajiao willow.

Trivial window cold

The small sleeves are crying, the disabled saliva is deep. Sorrow continuously, the dance is thousands of feet. Relying on Xiu Xun, the sleeve cage is shallow, and people are in the north of Shuixi. In the shadow of Green Yang, Lanzhou is light, and the side of Chi Lan Bridge.

Return to the drama, hate sweat and wet melody, and narrow socks. Lan Qingyu, paying the news of Qi Qi. However, it was ruthless, stormy, and sorrowful, and the accounts flashed away. Dream Acacia, a pillow Wushan, and painting the flute.

One -inch gold

Lou Yi Hancheng, seeing the East Vietnam from the other side of the river. Looking for a thousand feet in the distance, dancing in a scarf, a period of empty green, and the sun and the sun destroyed. The lone tree is resting. Frost branches and leaves still leave disease leaves. The stem is outside, with the Guo people, and the bee room folds.

I am alone, take a long way to go away, and wake up the hair. Ask the West Window to stop the candle, who is Yin Bayu, the bed drums, who plays Xiangyue. Under the Qingyu, it is clearly the purple.. When to make an appointment, Gosh Fairy, try to return to Xuexue.


The Tibetan Ying Ying Courtyard was quiet, and the duck pool was short. Green Yin does not reduce Hongfang. High lying down. Send slightly cool when the south wind. You Yan has not been fragrant, blame youth, don’t me. It’s good, there are old books Yingzhang, Xinjiu Ying cylinder.

I am afraid that Wu Shuang invasion, sigh of Chun Deep Copper, Empty Lao Zhou Lang. Weakly staining mud, now dreaming is cold. Think about the old traces, admit the clouds, and the low -degree Hengtang. Live and hate, very moonlight, partial window.


April. May. The catkins refused to fly without wind. Rolling curtains to see Yan Gui.

Rainy. Grass. Close the door early to sleep late. How many poems are saved.

Tailing (霅 · Zhong)

Bao wax night cage flowers do not hinder the painting building, unlimited clear scenery. The disease leaves are divided into autumn, sorrowing Tong Jinjing. The silver Han and the dust could not fly, Muyun harvested and Liuli was thousands of hectares. Laoshan Hengcui, good Qianqian West wind, sent Jiang Xinjing.

The neon is empty, and Jun Tian’s old dream is difficult to save. The most memories of Juan Juan, □ 婵 钿 钿 最 cold. If you want to go high and return, you are sorrowful and wake up. Thinking about the past, who asked about the same disease.


After returning from the green, small step Western Garden. Cui sleeves are thin, new and difficult to lean, green windows are moisturized and weak. The spring breeze was urgent, and the rain was in a hurry. Listen to the cuckoo early.

Memory the past few degrees of lake. Before the song flowers. Yue Junke, the same diligence, watched the daughter, and the same autumn. Spring has no master, and the sunset is low. Fangcao year.

Yaohua slow (snow)

Sleeping and dense, deserted, dancing and weak. The disabled brick was broken and turned into Fang Guiyuan. Non -wipes, like clever, first pitch the window gap. Li Xiaolou, no blue mountains, no trace of birds flying.

The neighboring frozen sink ice fur, which is considered to fly into the garden, all spring. Nian Hua Wan gave birth, who has a channel and Lao Liangyuan poet. It is close to the green, and it is white, and how to eliminate it. Put a white, divided and plum blossoms, and point Shouyang makeup.

For a while

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

Liulang Liuqiao Chunbi, Xiangchen is ten miles of flowers. After the rotten tour, after the drunk, the paintings see Xiaohong. Red and green.

The Old Testament Yongjinmen Road, after all, met. I only might enter the city and return to the city. Hou Men is deep.

Phoenix Pavilion

The snow bullied the snow, fluttering the red building brocade. Little dragonflies carry water. I still remember that the horizontal wave laughed, and Xiangyun had a deep appointment. It’s weird, forgot.

Looking for the old people, I was in a mood to ask. Yan Cheng was not resentful. It is also the Yue Flute Courtyard, the wind sparse foil. Surong bamboo and cold cage.


Slightly Hengxi. Show shorts. Who is the house on the banks. Love water to protect Yao Bi, Lin is dark green. Hu Bu Gun. Tongli and west are close to the cluster.

Social drums are ripe at the beginning of Mingchun. Gunno square hat, Weng drunk hugs the yellow calf. Broken Xia’s tiredness, first fought for the night. The Moon Mountain is six or six outside the door.


Asahasha Shenyuan, flowing fireflies secretly. Ask Frost, where is hidden. One from the west wind, chaotic and red dew. Afraid of following and colorful dust.

The fragrance of the song was scattered, the candle was dark, and the gesture was disappeared, and Ling Bo stepped. I am most afraid of dusk, outside the small building, zero clouds and rain. Calculate acacia and Communist Qing Dynasty.

He Manzi

The dance mattress is on the line, and the filming of the song is born. The disabled dance was sleepy, and his emotions were still lingering. The sliding frequency helps to fall, and the skirt is slightly exposed.

Ningxiang Qingyan was used to listen to the three shots. Xie Niang’s order was old, and she was shocked in a hurry. Leisurely refers to the old tears of the blue shirt, and the half -shares are empty.


. 楝 楝, all passed. Leave the green yin pond. Spring grass, grass away. Study from others.

Dark soul disappears, frequent dreams. According to old days. The red smiles, the green is deep. Dongfeng is not forbidden.

Qing Dynasty

The sound of the mountain beaches, the moon moved the stone shadow, and the night of Hanjiang was empty. Dan Qing ancient walls, wind E754 lying horizontal flow. Xiaoyu carried the clouds, and the lake marks gradually fell into mud. Outside the Jin Ting, the flute was played by the boat and evoked the sleeping gull.

Not only is the sorrow, the person who expected to have their own and sorrow. Frostpi Lulu is easy to blow white people. The deserted flowers wins the snow, and it is planned to find a slight shore to move the boat. Leave idle ears, listen to Ying Ying Courtyard, and listen to Yuxi Tower.

One -cable

Drunk. Xinhan is hard to sleep. Sleeve furnace smoke is cold, Qian Qianqian, first Wen Qian.

Air pair of short -screen landscapes. There is no diet. However, the small red building of the ten miles should not be reported or safe.

Piano acacia

Crow ink obliquely printed pink fragrance. Yilin stared at the general. The heart is far away.

Hate poetry, leaving poetry Xiao Xiao, Hehuan empty love dance long. Old sorrows, who are in depth.


The head is dotted with jade insects, and Geng Gengdong window. Jingluo Junior Tour, still hates to return early.

The cold food is pear blossoms, and the ancient road is more grass. Trying the green cricket tonight, the spring flowers are still small.

Hehuan Band (Effective willow)

Make the towering, a romantic. Look at the emotion and gentleness. Remember that Heqiao once knew noodles. The sinking for a long time, the cicada danced, the Yingxian singer’s voice. Drinking at dusk, although □ is not speechless, my heart has stayed.

The screens were low, red sleeves were carried together, and they returned to Qinlou with flowers. The wine is difficult to prohibit the softness, the eyebrow peaks, and a little bit of sorrow. The laughes of people, hazy eyes, B63Aed23 support. When I woke up, the moon turned to the West Chamber, and I still heard the window.

Live in the east of Yintang. A smile at the Chili Bridge. Spring breeze cardamom pumps new green, night dogwood wet and old red.

Gull and birds are scattered, water and sky. Qi window had no trace yesterday. The moon fainted Yunshasha was small, and the curtains were in the shadow.

Who does the East Wall make a cubing at night. Jingjiang Liu stagnated. Three, three five five Xiaoxiang geese, flying into Beiyun.

People alone, the moon and dusk. Qingye Hong Rui is colorful. Ye Yanxian Bai Qiu Xiao Suo, no rain and wind closed the door.

Frost drunk autumn flower brocade. West wind a small bridge west. The Honglan Dream under the window was written into the south of the river.

Fangxu is broken, and the old travel is not. Empty incense ink is wet. Biyun is endless, only Shanyang flute knows.

Man Jianghong

The fat rain east, the spring goes, the green and the yin are like 幄. Try to remember, peach blossoms, and self -pity. The day and twilight, the clouds were empty, and the small sleeves of the flowers were still based on bamboo. Looking at the south of the Yangtze River, the grass is desired, and the people are in the north.

Who is a common, western window candle. Who will spend together, Xiyuan Qu. Paratoryness is lazy, who continues Chu Sao. Hai Yuanxun looked for Shuangyan Xin, and Ye Chang struggled to bear the loneliness. The signed and old poems have been signed, and I read before.

Huanxi Sand

Crow ink and dark window. Permanently fade incense when gardenia. Why the Huazyu is bright red makeup.

琐 琐 栊 栊 栊 栊 栊 栊 栊 栊 栊 栊 栊 栊 栊 栊 栊 栊 栊 栊. The windmill leaned in the corridor.

Slenderly eyebrows. The crow dual overlapping clouds are low. Ask people with a smile.

The Ling Linglai has been reduced, and Xie Niang should have a dream. I only know the heart.

Red and purple makeup forests and green ponds. Just when Gu Yu was clear.

Shooting duck short moss is slippery, and small thresholds are late. A year of finger fingers again.

Cardamom branches are cold butterflies. Lao Ying crying in the flowers. Lazy Spring Listening to Spring Return.

Beihai Fangzun is drunk. Small windows are cold.


Remember the Chunfeng courtyard, peach blossom first met Liu Lang. The green waist can pass the old official cavity. Learn to sing from the flowers.

Jinse was looking for a small sleeve, and Cuiyu still had a fragrance. I thought about it. It is the peach blossom moon again.

What time is Chusse’s residual stars, three years of Guan Shan Mingyue. Changting still has bamboo, but unfortunately, Zhonglang disappeared.

Folding Liu Xinxin has not rest, who rounds the old dream of Luomei. Whoever blows in front of the door. A blame.

Outside the Mo Mo River Bridge, the Gate Lane was early. Shengge drinks and drunk. Mingyue accompanied others.

The baby hall hides cloudwood, and the women’s walls plunder smoke. Water and sky are widely seen in West Lake. There are many places in the cold night.

Dark willow deserted the city stacked, and Xiaohua Jingyuan was deep. The cold food has been sunny every year. It’s not stable tonight.

In February of the cardamom tip, there were three more on the rhododendron branches. The spring breeze knows at this time. Blowing Qiu Qianhong shadow.

On the west of the small painting bridge, the cars were giving the incense wind. I asked me too hurriedly. Suspecting was Xiao Song.

It was not far from the Pengshan, and Liyun Road disappeared. I feel that the moon is separated by the curtain. It’s not a dream.

Man Tingfang

The cold food is ruthless, Yangchun is like a guest, and the evening wind is full of branches. When the red pile, the small threshold moves. The joy is unbearable, Wu Xiangyuan, sadness. Whoever Yan, obliquely wears embroidery, provoke the beam mud lightly.

I also know. People are lonely, and diligent words are bad. Afraid of Wang Sun’s return, Fang Cao was away. Yi Cui Pingshan dreamed of dreams, and he didn’t listen and cried. When to go, the stream is practicing, loading the cricket.

Magotan orchid

Chicken art song. Zheng B541 Mingyu House everywhere. Ten years of re -tour. Liuwai Cry also complained about autumn.

Fan drunk ink. Yan went to the building and the flight attendants did not know. Drunk flowers. Mistake people go down the door.

San Life Du Mu. Met the hidden upstairs. Press the hat flower oblique. Drunk crossing the door in front of the door.

Going back to sleep. Lazy dial furnace gauge quilt. Two sleeves incense dust. Ken believes in the spring breeze.

Some spring. The annoyance was even more rainy. There are many flowers. Swallows are spring.

Mo Liichun lives. Ask Chun where to go home. Spring and people. When the spring is not returned, people are not returned.

Magnolia slow

《全宋词 2771卷》(2067—2070卷)丘崈 仇远 臞翁 去非

Far bells disappear dreams, and they are frozen, and they can get to the windows. There are Liuqu Pingshan, Siyaki Fighting, Chongjin Fang bed. Light and cold thrusts are still lazy, and want to stay with the fragrance of the first -line pillow. Who is not speechless, He Xin is remembered.

Flower room. Empty Ji Zhou Lang. Fingerprint □ 鸳. Quietly □□, dark dust embroidery, light moon Youfang. Shi Hui sent a long distance, fearing that the waves and words would not be possible. Sitting on Jiangnan information, dipped the intestines dipped in Jiaqing.

The mud is leisurely leaning bamboo, Nai Ran, Biyun. Love water thresholds, wind and sparse fans, snow through incense. The pine did not become Chu Meng, watching the exquisite and clearing slopes of the shadow. There was a court of autumn, and the broken sound was chaotic.

Galaxy. No fiber waves. It looks like water, and the moon is a lot. Counting the Jiangnan, He Fang returns, and the empty fee is groaning. I am missing every year, hate Zi Xiao and the song of jade. Due to the two quilts of Shuangzhu, Cuiping twelve Saga.


There was no grass. Nanpu Qingbo clouds. The dusty beads are full of incense cars, and the thirty -six bridge spring is quiet.

The willow dance blows. Red powder platform empty gray butterfly. Ge’s heart can’t help but worry, Mo Fangxiang followed the bird.


Cuiyu does not separate Wushan Road. No one is willing to refer to the cloud. Migration leaning on the highest building. Qiu Bochun looked sorrow.

Let’s first worry. It’s even more rain. Fang diameter splashed with fragrant mud. Moss flowers slippery horseshoe.

Yao Qin wants to think about the score. It’s hard to write acacia. People are in Bishebin. Acacia is deep.

The scale wave flows the moon.荏苒 Nianfang Xie. Where to send acacia. Bai Pingqiu.





Huanxi Sand

Huanxi Sand

Huanxi Sand





Magotan orchid

Magotan orchid

Magnolia slow


Shuilong Yin

Xiaoxing lowered the sparse, but the pillow was still up. Cooking smoke and teasing houses, people’s words across the house, luggage in front of them. The frost slips to the bridge, the fog is fascinated, and the flowing water is heard. The carving saddle is alone, the cold is full of sleeves, entering the oblique moon, and the mountains.

Due to the whip of the whip. The wine flags and Chaimen are closed again. Dimension and ink, because of the wind to send, plum blossoms. Bao account spring, and the dream is willing to believe in the dream, someone is haggard. When you return, don’t lean on the new cavity, change the tears.

Zao Meifang close

Bixi Bay, sparse bamboo, the weather in Zheng Xiaochun. The green beads are shy, and the red pepper is red. Yue Xiang passed on a thin shadow, his face condensed with tears. Laughing and advocating the smelting leaves, afraid of cold sleep.

The horse is late, and the snow is not bad. I also remember the village. The green poultry was suspected to be from the beginning of the dream at that time. Old sorrows belong to congestion, and they hate Xiaoxiangshui. Looking at the south of the river, people are thousands of miles.


Manjiang Hong (Meng Shijun prayed and rained)

Prayer Yu Wenchang, only depends on all, heart fragrance. Only to stay, Pei Ran Ze, come from square inch. The morning rice is full of flavor, and the late seedlings are full of water. Ask Luojiang, just to see the line, and now flat shore.

Jun work, look at the sky. Heaven has eyes, from the wishes. Xin Ruilian Zhicao, who has been dedicated. There is no buying this rain, and I eat the monarchy. Everyone’s dedication is made, and everyone is dedicated.

Go wrong

Man Tingfang

Longjiao Huichun, Momchun was shocked, and Dream Lan Jin Cuiping opened. Difen Xun room, the wind gave Rui Xian. Yu Nu Qingxiang bathed, and the world, washing Fan Er. After the plum bloom, the flowers are in the same way, and it is difficult to guess.

Dongjun, You Yaai, Chuan Xiang Fangye, Xiangfa Ting. Before Ning Xinzun, he played Yaotai. It is good for Pei Yu, Yingzhou Road, Tongzong Penglai. Peach Banquet, from nowadays, Manqian, Sanyu Qiqi.