By the age of 60, some people may become very slack when they wear them, and they feel like they can be worn at will. I often see a lot of old aunt on the street, and it ’s really old. Looking at the wearing of this fashion blogger, for many people, it has a strong reference significance, but it looks very foreign.


The items worn by bloggers are all the most basic clothing, and they will not feel outdated. It is very practical in winter, the windshield is very good, and the overall temperament is very advanced. Interested aunts, may wish to learn


1. Leisure wear in daily life

Looking at the aunt wearing items, the price / performance ratio is not too expensive, and it is very common in daily life. In color matching, it is also stable and decent. It has a good self -cultivation effect.


The coat uses dark colors, which is in line with this age, and the temperament is very mild. It is wearing a gray sweater turtleneck sweater, the high -necked design highlights the neck curve, and there is an elegant atmosphere. Loose ginger wide -foot pants, add fold element properly, and the body is very slender.


Of course, some people like to wear dark colors, mainly gray loose coats, and have temperament in the low -key. If you feel cold, it is suitable to wear more thick sweater in it, and it will not bloated too much. The vertical elements are used to extend the length of the body and have a high function. If you feel cold, you can wear leggings underneath and step on flat shoes.

Second, thick coat matching

When choosing a coat, 60 -year -old people may prefer warm clothes. By the age of this age, more practicality needs to be considered. It won’t care too much about the views of others, even if you wear a bear, you can’t care. If you want to get rid of this defect and properly match some other items, you can add a lot of points in the shape.

This black coat is a bit like fur and a noble atmosphere. It is very warm to the touch. The style was very trendy at that time. Even the basic items, don’t worry about outdated. You can continue to wear next year, and you can save money. Choose a light color lining inside, considering the black outside shape, this reducing that aging. Of course, overall, it can also brighten the complexion, and the texture is great.


Of course, many people still like to use that dark shape, which is quite popular at this year, and it has a good lean effect. The loose version of the use is not only the function of covering the meat, even if wearing a few more clothes, it will not be obvious. Below you choose to wear the ginger casual pants. The high -waisted design with a high waist is very slender.

Third, modify a short coat

When choosing a jacket, there is another style to consider, that is, short coats. The specific expression is a bit like common jackets like autumn and winter, which is very neat. On the whole, it is easy to highlight the length of the legs. For 60 -year -old women, they were very friendly at that time, getting rid of the bloated feeling in the past, and more sought after.

This shape is wearing a short beige down jacket, which uses light -colored elements. This warm color is good. The length of the cuffs is not too long. It is suitable for a high -necked sweater with inside, and the layers are very good. It relieved that kind of rigidity and wearing a light feeling. Wearing light -colored tall sweaters inside, with high waist pants, a well -modified figure, 60 -year -old people are also slim.

Of course, when many people are wearing, they still choose to be suitable for themselves, not too long. This coat chooses brown. Considering this age group, there is a stable atmosphere. Select the inner lining of the same color system inside. The layers are very good and popular. Here is a jeans, which looks very youthful.

Fourth, try lively color


If you feel that the color is too monotonous and feel too old, you may wish to mix into fresh colors. It is more sought after by everyone, using red, gray, etc., with a generous atmosphere.

The blogger’s coat is gray with low color saturation and is quite peaceful. It is made into a “shirt” on the version. The function of covering the meat is really powerful and the aura is quite strong. The blue jeans are selected below, which uses Panasonic thin, which looks very clear.

Pink in color, it feels very strong, with a kind of vitality. In terms of shape, this specific reaction can divide the body proportion, and the legs are very slender. The camel coat is used above, and the temperament is stable and generous.

I do n’t know if the above styles have new inspirations for you? Hope to help you and find the right shape.


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