The name of Shiseido, I believe everyone will not be unfamiliar. As a well -known skin care brand in Japan, its popularity can be said to be very high. In addition, there are many types of product components in the brand. Many of them belong to the star products in Japanese skin care products, such as the essence of red waist, the Yuewei series, and Baiyou, which belong to the brand of Shiseido. Therefore Asia’s first, global well -known cosmetics group.

So as a large company that can sit in a century, so many are skin care and makeup items. How should we choose to find the most suitable and cost -effective? Today, I will take you to see the best use of the Shengshengtang, which is really worthy of our high -mouth series products, the cheapest is not over 20 yuan, you do n’t know if it ’s really lost!

1. Yuewei water milk

This Yuewei water milk from Shiseido can be said to be its star product. The main effect is the effect of moisturizing and stability. It has a certain first -time anti -aging effect. Therefore Yes, many girls like to be used as the first first anti -old water milk. Water milk is divided into moisturizing and refreshing version. The refreshing version contains certain alcohol, but the absorption is particularly fast. It is still very good, really the feeling of moisturizing and silent.

2. Red waist essence

The essence of red waist, the main component is the essence of ganoderma and white iris extracts. It has a good effect of calming and stability. It is easy to redize in the skin, thin stratum corneum, or sensitive skin use during the skin changes. It is very powerful. Maintaining the effect of maintaining the bottom of the skin’s damage to the skin, insisting that it can really feel a lot of good skin condition for a period of time. It is said that this essence is a Shiseido+Harvard Skin Biological Research Center, which has been developed for 20 years.


3. Shiseido “Blue Fat”

Shiseido’s blue fat sunscreen. Its full name is the new sun and Xia Zhen sunscreen. This sunscreen can be said to be the longest series of most of my sunscreen. The biggest feature is that it is enhanced by water and sweat. The texture of the sunscreen is relatively liquid, the texture of the lotion, the application of the upper face quickly forms the film, the sunscreen does not have a color moisturizing effect, the liquid can be kept thin, the upper face is really completely burdened, the sunscreen has the triple light aging. The effect is really good to test the waterproof effect. Don’t worry about the weakening of the sun protection effect due to the hot and sweating of the weather, and the daily outdoor is completely enough.


4. CPB water mill essence

CPB Water milling essence is a very strong series of wind at the moment. The main effect is delicate skin, shrinking pores and reducing skin oil secretion to improve acne. Therefore Essence This essence is called “ski artifact”. There are two ways to use. The first is to use it directly as the essence. The second is that it can be used to apply it. Improvement effect.

5. Shiseido hexagonal eyebrow pencil

The Shiseido family not only does skin care products well, but also a lot of makeup series, and this eyebrow pencil in its house can be said to be ranked first in Japan for three consecutive years. The price is not expensive. It is very suitable for beginners. lasting. And its waterproof and sweat -proof effect is quite good, and it will not take off makeup all day. This eyebrow pencil uses a unique pen core, which can achieve a good outline of the eyebrow effect. It is divided into four types: black, brown, dark brown, and gray. You can choose according to your skin color and hair color.


Well, the above is all the contents of the single product series that I have shared with you today. I wonder if everyone is using or other good recommendations and views? Welcome to leave a message below the comment to discuss with everyone ~