The “Tea Sutra” written by the Tea Sheng Lu Yu wrote: “Tea, Jiamu in the south … on the Yangya Yinlin Purple”, the poet money of one of the “Ten Calendar” : “Bamboo to forget the purple tea, all the victims, the feathers are drunk.” It can be seen that at that time, the tea leaf was based on purple and the purple.

Zijuan’s origin

茶百科 丨 神奇的紫娟茶到底为何物?

“Zijuan”, at first glance, thought it was the name of a woman. In fact, it was a rare and special variety of large -leaf tea trees in Yunnan. Because of its unique appearance of purple stems, purple leaves, and purple buds, it was named “Zijuan” Essence

“Zijuan”, as its name is different, its life is unusual. A long time ago, the scientific and technological personnel of the Yunnan Tea Institute found that the tea trees with purple leafs were found in the Nannuo Mountain group tea garden, but they did not deliberately specifies the breeding at the time. It was not until 1985 that scientific and technological staff went to find it. After several search, in the tea garden of 200,000 acres of 600,000 acres of tea gardens in the National Tea Tree of Erhai County, Xishuangbanna, a surprise found a purple, purple leaf, and purple buds. For the rare tea tree, the researchers brought it back to the breeding and cultivated. “Zijuan” is included in the new national protection variety.

Zijuan’s current situation and characteristics

The “Zijuan” tea tree mother plant with more than 20 years of the world has an area of ​​only 26.8 acres. It can only harvest 600 kilograms of tea per year, which is a rare treasure in large leaf tea. Zijuan’s rarity is not only because of its unique appearance, but also because of its unique medicinal value. In 1991, the Yunnan Provincial Institute of Drug Research used the “Zijuan” tea to enter animal antihypertensive experiments. (35.53%) Green tea (29.04%) in the large leaf group in Yunnan.

Later, many patients with hypertension took the “Zijuan” tea experiment to reflect the good efficacy. In addition, Zijuan also contains rich nutrients and trace elements required by the human body. Among them, the content of tea polyphenols is 35.52%, amino acids 3.49%, and 44.58%of water immersion. Greasamin is 50 ~ 100 times the general green leaf tea.

Zijuan’s beauty and health effect

Avicant is a kind of water -soluble natural pigment that is widely existed in the plant in nature, and its extracts are mostly as health products. Studies have proven that anthocyanins are the most effective antioxidants discovered by humans today, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from infringing the skin and is known as “oral beauty and beauty.”

茶百科 丨 神奇的紫娟茶到底为何物?

At the same time, anthocyanins also have a variety of effects such as inhibiting lipid peroxidation, removing free radicals, and lowering blood pressure, and helping to treat or prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, circulatory disorders and inflammation. These research data show that Zijuan is a well -deserved “rare treasure, health sacred product”.

茶百科 丨 神奇的紫娟茶到底为何物?

The difference between Zijuan and Ziya

茶百科 丨 神奇的紫娟茶到底为何物?

Some tea friends will be puzzled. One or two buds can be seen in the tea gardens are purple tea trees. Is this also Zijuan tea? Of course, it is not the essential difference between Zijuan and Ziya.

【Differences of Characters】

Zijuan, artificially cultivated tea tree variety.

After more than ten selected breeding and breeding, a rare tea tree variety, bud purple, stem purple, leaf purple,



△ Zijuan △

Purple buds, the result of natural mutation of tea trees.

Tea leaf color is mainly determined by the genetic characteristics of the tea tree, but it is also affected by the living environment of the tea tree. But the same tree does not change each year, and usually only the buds to the third leaf of the buds and leaves are purple, and then

Restart green

△ Purple bud △

[The difference between tea itself]

Zijuan dry tea is purple and black oil, tea soup is purple;

Purple buds of dried tea are half green and half -purple, and the tea soup is yellow -green, which is not much different from ordinary tea soup.

茶百科 丨 神奇的紫娟茶到底为何物?

[The difference between anthocyanins content]

In 2014, the Tea Research Institute of the Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences made an analysis of the ingredients content of Zijuan Tea and Zihai District. The report showed that:

The average content of Zijuan flowers is 26.69mg/g; the highest content of purple buds of tea is only 6.69mg/g.

茶百科 丨 神奇的紫娟茶到底为何物?


Scientific interpretation

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茶百科 丨 神奇的紫娟茶到底为何物?

△ Zijuan △