Sister Bazhu always thinks that girls who like silver or gold jewelry are completely different types of people.


Have you found that women who really wear silver jewelry around often have a different temperament. They are a little mysterious and absolutely independent. They are more willing to pursue personality and show themselves than catching up with the trend.

There is also a more advanced understanding in jewelry matching, so you can easily hold those cool and sexy silver jewelry.

“Wonder Woman” wears bone cuff in the film

Yes, the silver jewelry that Sister Bazhu said is not those humble styles, or those “ancient” national wind silver jewelry, but the modern “grabbing mirror” equipment created by the super personality jewelry designer.

Whether it is a Statement ring or a large earrings, it shows the unique sculpture and rich texture of silver jewelry. It can definitely “paint the finishing touch” for your Daily look!

Elsa Peretti, jewelry is her signature style


When it comes to silver jewelry designers, the most important one is undoubtedly Elsa Peretti,


With her own power, she brought silver jewelry back to popularity. After she signed a contract with Tiffany in 1974, the American jewelry brand was put into the shop after 25 years.


The interesting and avant -garde design of Elsa PERETTI attracted more women to enter Tiffany to buy jewelry for herself. After changing the passive waiting shopping model before, she was snapped up as soon as she was listed in Tiffany’s Bone Cuff.

Elsa PERETTI’s own silver trim counter at Tiffany’s own silver trim counter

Why did ELSA PERETTI choose silver as her main creative material? Yes,


Her iconic design works-BONE CUFF, Open Heart, Bean, Bottle, Feather and other series are mainly based on 925 silver.

This may be closely related to her personal experience and fashion.


Elsa PERETTI wears its own silver jewelry

Elsa Peretti was the second daughter of the Italian oil tycoon, but she left her family alone at the age of 21. Fortune may not be very important for her. She chose to become a model from food. So her first appearance in New York was a model. She became the most popular supermodel that American fashion design master Halston in the 1970s. The story of muse and genius.

Left: Elsa PERETTI, Middle: Halston

Elsa Peretti shot by Helmut Newton

Elsa PERETTI is not a jewelry designer from Koba. Her profession is interior design. She has never given up the design of design, but she has turned her talent to fashion. Even when she is a model, she chose to come by herself by herself. Doing style, the famous photographer Helmut Newton once took the photo representing the fashion style of the 1970s, which is the shape of ELSA.


According to Halston, “Elsa is very stylish: she designed her own shape.”

This photo was taken by Christie’s at a price of $ 79,000 in 2008.

In 1969, ELSA PERETTI began to design accessories for the fashion brand Giorgio di Sant’angelo.


She collaborated with Spain’s silverrs in the original version of the “Bottle” necklace. After the show, everyone wanted the small bottle with roses.


In 1971, she began to design jewelry for Halston and continued to use silver as the main material. With the influence of her circle of friends, more people noticed her jewelry design.


At that time, the famous singer Liza Minnelli came to Halston’s studio to choose a new look of the tour.

Halston said to her’s work to Elsa Peretti’s work: “You can’t afford gold, men will give you diamonds, so you should wear silver jewelry.”

But the silver jewelry in her mind still stayed in the exaggerated Mexican national accessories. When Elsa Peretti took out the Bone CUFF, she fell in love with it immediately. It’s different, um, I really have seen a lot of things. “

Liza minnelli wear Bone Cuff

Gal Gado wear bone cuff

Sofia Rola wearing bone cuff


More and more celebrities have met the jewelry works of Elsa PERETTI, and she has risen rapidly in the jewelry field. In 1971, he won the Coty Jewelry Design Award. In 1972, BloomingDale’s, one of the iconic department stores in New York, opened a special Peretti boutique. In 1974, Halston recommended her to Tiffany and became the independent designer of their cooperation. And ownership of all design.


Her silver jewelry is so popular that it has attracted more young customers, and the introduction of silver has even changed the category of advanced jewelry.

In 1979, Elsa Peretti became Tiffany’s chief designer and began a 47 -year intimate cooperation.

Elsa Peretti has designed more than 30 series for Tiffany, and has always insisted on his original thoughts. The jewelry design shows more beauty, not material.

In the later period, her work is also known for its rich selection of materials. She has gone to Japan, China and Europe many times, and brings jade, lacquer wares, rattan and other materials into jewelry design.

She once said: “Your jewelry must be able to wear it to go shopping. Women cannot be around with a million US dollars cash.”


Her design does reduce the purchase threshold for many women who like jewelry. For example, she entered the “Diamonds By THE YARD” series launched by Tiffany in the first year. It is also a work that she likes. Above, it is simple but extremely beautiful.


The initial idea was to spread diamonds on a simple chain and provide various price choices. Today, the price of this series is between 325 and $ 75,000.


Diamonds by the yard

Torun Bülow-Hübe, “anti-identity jewelry”


In addition to ELSA PERETTI, it has greatly promoted the popularity of silver jewelry, and the performance of another jewelery design master is not inferior. She is the first world-renowned female silvermaker-Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe (usually referred to as Torun). She is also one of the most important jewelry masters in Sweden in the 20th century.

TORUN’s works are collected by top museums such as Modern Art Museum, Swedish National Museum, Decoration Art Museum, and Louvre. Of course, retailers such as Georg Jensen, BED BATH & Beyond and Amazon can also be bought.

What Sister Bazhu wants to say is that even if I look at it today,


Although this jewelry designer’s work is avant -garde and full of artistic, it is still the design we can choose to wear everyday.

Jewelry designers themselves often wear. Of course, big stars like Ingoli Bergman, Biga Bado and Brigitte Bardo also like to wear.


Torun can be said to be a genius player, the mother is a sculptor, his father is a urban planner, and three siblings, one of which is a poet, and the other two are architects. It can be said that her entire family is very creative. Torun started making jewelry when he was teens. He studied at the University of Stockholm’s art craftsmanship and design major. He held her first work exhibition at the age of 21. In 1948, she went to Paris to collect style and met the famous famous Picasso, Matisse and other famous Artist, later,


She returned to Switzerland and became the first female silvermith in Sweden in history.

In 1967, she began to cooperate with the jewelry brand Georg Jensen to design a lot of famous works for them.


TORUN wears my own design work

Torun’s overall jewelry design style is “anti -identity jewelry”, because she thinks that jewelry should be practical, rather than being bought back to secret collection or showing her identity.


Therefore, the material she chose is very rich and extensive, yes, widespread than the Elsa Peretti introduced earlier, from crystal to wood, or even the cobbles by the sea, it will become part of her jewelry works.

Of course, her favorite is silver. She regards it as the best expression of expression and can show her creativity without restrictions.


She designed the Mobius series. Sister Bazhu thinks that even today is very cool. She uses silver to create a smooth curve -shaped shape, which represents the endless endless Möbius symbol. Torun said: ” Let me have a deep understanding of how to express the curve. “

Mobius bracelet designed by Torun

Mobius brooch designed by Torun

In 1959, the “mobile” necklace she designed won the gold medal of the 12th Milan three -year exhibition and the Lunning Design Award of the United States. This necklace is a silver necklace that can adjust the length, open design, and asymmetric style. Wrapped around the neck, the end of the end with a crystal pendant kept a clever balance.

Torun’s “mobile” necklace designed

Torun’s jewelry is inspired by natural shapes, such as flowers, leaves, vortexes and water flow. Of course, she prefers to show them in abstract modern design language. Sister Pearl’s impression of Stakia’s art style.

TORUN’s “super power” is that she can make all solid materials look flexible and twists, and even let you feel that metal can flow on the neck and shoulders of the wearer like water.

Maybe she doesn’t like to use rare gems, and even cobblestone and granite can appear in her works, but in general, she prefers those materials that can echo the effect of light and shadow with silver, such as crystals and moonstone. , Quartz, etc.

Sophie Buhai, inspired by life

After introducing the two pioneers of the two silver jewelry jewelry in the 20th century, it should be the 21st century emerging jewelry designer. For example, Sophie Buhai in Los Angeles, she said “

I like silver because it gives a modern, elegant and simple feeling. Women who like silver jewelry have a unique aesthetic and temperament. They pay more attention to their creativity, shapes and design with jewelry, rather than their commercial value.

Just like Loulou de La Falaise, ‘women should n’t look like a mobile banking vault. “”

Sophie Buhai wears his own silver jewelry

Sophie Buhai graduated from Parsons and is the design director of the New York women’s clothing brand Vena Cava. In 2015, she established a jewelry brand named after her name. They are handmade, and they use recyclable metals to minimize the impact on the environment. Her iconic silver jewelry constitutes the brand’s permanent series.

Her design inspiration often comes from the bit of life, such as the texture of pottery water tanks, the outline of an old furniture, or the smooth lines of a swimming fish, which will attract her. In jewelry works.


Emefa Cole, take you to feel the original power of Africa

Emefa Cole was the daughter of Ghana chief and moved to London when she was 12 years old. However, Africa’s traditional power has largely affected her jewelry creation, and she likes to engrave with metal.

After the death of her father and grandfather, she opened a journey to find roots and returned to her hometown to experience the beauty and strength there. Entering V & A’s permanent jewelry collection.

EMEFA Cole wears its own silver -plated design works


“I like to work with silver,” Emefa Cole said. “It is soft and durable, making sculpting a kind of enjoyment. I especially like the change of silver -when it involves various decorative surfaces, the possibility is endless.”


The designer is very good at making silver different textures. Whether it is smooth mirror or low -key black, it can show the magic of silver.


Meghan Griffiths, the simplicity and handicraft of the countryside

After 7 years of living in London, Sydney, New York, and Copenhagen, Meghan Griffiths returned to his hometown of Wales in his hometown, and founded his jewelry brand Angharad in 2020. She likes to make her works by hand in the beautiful countryside, and can easily immerse herself in creation without any disturbance.


Meghan grifiths

Meghan Griffiths was also attracted by the liquidity of silver. She said, “


I want to retain the rich historical sense of silverware, and at the same time, it gives it more room to show it with a more relaxed and modern aesthetic. This ancient metal has eternal elegance and impressive durability, which means that I manually handmade The shaped curve will continue forever.


Sister Bazhu suddenly discovered that these jewelry designers who love silver jewelry are very high, and their temperament is quite good. It belongs to the kind of model for themselves as a model, and there is no shortage of money at home.The mine is the origin of the family, and there must be a chief dad or something. In short,

They all think that jewelry should pay more attention to design rather than materials. Obviously they all think that the most important function of jewelry is “beauty”, not to show social status.

Maybe only women who have the same values and unique aura can really appreciate the material of silver. It is low -key but rich in historical sense. The soft luster is more adapted to women. It is no pressure to wear to wear.

The best thing is its easier acceptable price, which allows your jewelry box to have more rich choices. How about?Sister Bazhu has to be excited. Can you hold these cool and sexy silver jewelry?


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