“Marvel Marvel Avengers” officially announced that it will launch a new MCU Spider -Man Clothing, which is inspired by “Spider -Man: Return of Heroes” and is expected to be launched on February 25.

《漫威复仇者联盟》推出“英雄归来”蜘蛛侠服装 2月25日上架

This set of clothing is the iconic red and blue combat clothes of Spider -Man in “Spider -Man: Heroes Without Return”. It first appeared in “Captain America 3: Civil War” for the first time. This is also the first appearance of Tom Holland’s version of Spider -Man.The combat clothes designed by Tony Stark use many advanced technology and built -in artificial intelligence auxiliary devices, and Peter named it Karen.

This Man MCU skin complement the Spider -Man’s red and black upgraded clothing in “Spider -Man: Heroes: Heroes”. This is the second set of MCU clothing in Spider -Man in “Marvel Avengers”.Of course, because this character can only be used on PS4 and PS5, not all players can buy it.