Now that people live better and better, safety awareness is getting higher and higher. In order to avoid unnecessary losses and safety, buying a safe is the most important part of the family. There are many safe safe in the market now. So which one is better? How much do you know about the latest quotation of the safe? Let’s introduce it to you!

The latest quotation of the safe

保险柜最新报价 保险柜哪种好

The safe looks large, but because it is relatively thick, the effective space is often very small. It is okay to store a small amount of cash, hand ornaments, and files, but if you want to store laptop computers, SLR cameras, etc. Enough, different needs should be considered when buying.

When buying a safe, the product is first distinguished from the product’s outsourcing. Generally, the safe products produced by regular manufacturers will clearly indicate the product name on the product packaging without deliberately blurring the concept and confuse the product. Such as: T -type treasure cabinet, boutique custard cabinet, electronic password safe, mechanical safe.

保险柜最新报价 保险柜哪种好

The safe must also consider environmental protection. Because there are requirements for rust, moisture -proof, and fire prevention, there are often some special chemical materials coatings on the surface of the insurance cabinet. Individual unqualified products are not handled well. Essence When buying, you can pay attention to the evaluation of other users. If you buy it in a physical store, you can also pay attention to whether the smell in the cabinet has spread out.

Deli 92621 Reference Quotation: ¥ 598

Tiger BGX-M/D-50Z Reference Quotation: ¥ 688

Kemi BGX-C/D-70YJ Reference Quotation: ¥ 1099

Philips PH1060A Reference Quotation: ¥ 3688

Qi Xin BGX-98i Reference Quotation: ¥ 1999

Which safe is better

1. Yongfa: In 1988, China’s famous brand, China’s well -known trademark, one of China’s largest safe production bases, one of the leading companies in the industry, Ningbo Yongfa Group Co., Ltd.

2. Dibel: Beginning in the United States in 1859, one of the world’s largest financial equipment manufacturers, famous multinational enterprises, high -tech enterprises, Shanghai Dibintao Security Equipment Co., Ltd..

3. Ai spectrum: China Famous Brand, Famous Brand of Zhejiang Province, High -tech Enterprise, one of China’s largest safe -storage cabinet manufacturers and export exchange bases, Ningbo Aidu Industrial Co., Ltd..

4. Beyond; as a product that people preserve the secret, the safe must be close to life, and the transcendence of the safe is the safety issue that consumers are most concerned about every safe.

保险柜最新报价 保险柜哪种好

5. Yongheng; one of the best safe to the Southwest is the well -known home safe brand in Sichuan Province.

6. Harbin Feiyun; Feiyun Group is a well -known domestic anti -theft product manufacturer. Its safe and anti -theft doors are the leading products of the industry.

This is the core part of the safe. Because it cannot be aware of the users in the box, it is the key to the opening of the anti -technique. When purchasing, the user can ask the merchant to open the back cover behind the door to check whether the internal traditional structure is precise and whether the transmission is flexible. In addition, it is necessary to check the locking structure. The diameter of the lock is bold. The popular heaven and earth lock format now has a good anti -opening effect.

保险柜最新报价 保险柜哪种好

The safe introduced by the above editor is here. Do you know some? There is also a detailed introduction to the latest quotation of the safe in this article. Do you have any good understanding of the safe? The above editors are the editor. The content introduced by everyone hopes to help everyone.