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In the New Year, I watched “Mom” in watermelon videos. The Russian beauty “Natasha”, who was almost sparking with Xu Yan, was in Chinese level ten. The idiom was very slippery. She was abandoned by her boyfriend, and she described it as “abandoning like a while.” Xu Yan asked her in the line at the time

古代女鞋文化小史:饿死事小,失“鞋”事大?| 有料的文史

What is “”, she said it was broken shoes, and then added a word “I am not broken shoes, they are the broken shoes!”

古代女鞋文化小史:饿死事小,失“鞋”事大?| 有料的文史

“Mom” mentioned abandoning such as 敝 敝 and broken shoes

Seeing this Lord laughed. We all know what “broken shoes” means, and we are often used to degrade women.

Why do you bring the word “shoes” with such a symbolic symbolic meaning? This is related to the important position of shoes in traditional Chinese clothing culture.

In this issue, I will show you the history of ancient Chinese women’s shoes.

Women’s shoes: the unspeakable etiquette and level

There are often such plots in costume dramas,

If a woman is taken off in front of a man, it is not small, because it means that they have lost their courtesy or even lose their body in men.

In “Zhen Huan’s Biography”, Zhen Huan took off his shoes and was hit by Wang Ye by the lake. Zhang Wuji took off Zhao Min’s shoes in “Yi Tian Tu Long Ji” and made her cry and laughed, all suggesting this meaning. Shoes are wrapped in one of the most hidden body parts on women, and even in some sense, shoes become women itself. Therefore, observing a woman’s shoes can read a lot of cultural content.

In ancient China, there were many replaces of shoes, such as 舄, boots, performances, 屐, golden lotus, and so on. Pay attention to etiquette in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, so it is also complicated in the rules of women’s shoes: this

Shoes cannot be worn messy, but according to the level and etiquette

Essence There is such a record in “Poetry”: “Wang Xi Hanhou, Xuan Xuan Chi Yan, then the princes and Wang Tong. There are white and black crickets.舄 舄. There are green puppets and red pupa. “The” 舄 “here is a heavy bottom shoes worn by men and women. As the product of a ritual system, when you wear it and how to wear it. On the one hand, the queen and life women should wear such gift shoes on formal occasions, and the queen has to wear red crickets; on the other hand, when she entered the palace to congratulate the new queen, the wives were also asked to get rid of it. The festival between this “one wear and one break” is rules and etiquette.

The statue of Queen Song Renzong, wearing Xuanyu in formal occasions

This etiquette is not over yet. The shoes in the aristocracy are called “舄”, and the ordinary civilian and secular shoes are only called “Lu”. It can be seen that the hierarchy system is strict,

Women’s shoes cannot be worn randomly, and even their names cannot be screamed.

Women’s shoes: love and marriage things

古代女鞋文化小史:饿死事小,失“鞋”事大?| 有料的文史

“Wake -up Heng Yan · Lu Wuhan Hard Hard Hard Color Shoes” talks about

The story of tragedy caused by a pair of women’s shoes

: Pan Shou’er in the words of the word was attracted by the young man Lang Zhangye, so he gave him a colored shoes. As a result, the shoes fell into the hands of Rogu’s May, and when the dark light was blinded and Pan Shouer had dated. As a result, Pan Shou’er was revealed after mistakes. This pair of colored shoes has become a key clue. There is a description in the original text, saying that Zhang Sheng returned home and played those pair of colored shoes. The small golden lotus attached to him.

Women’s shoes are directly linked to women’s charm


“Awakening Heng Yan · Lu Wuhan Hard Hard Hard Sweet Shoes”, shoes suggest women’s virginity

In ancient times,

古代女鞋文化小史:饿死事小,失“鞋”事大?| 有料的文史

Exquisite shoes are regarded by literati as token to pass love

It can be seen that women’s shoes have been raised to a very important cultural level. So in many stories, if there is a “chaos of shoes”, it implies the confusion of sexual relationships. For example, in the legend of the late Tang Dynasty, “Uncle Lonely” recorded such a scene: Uncle rever had a dream, and he dreamed that someone and his wife were drinking. It was safe, and his wife had the same dream, so the couple were fine again. The word “staggered” in the original text was mentioned. It just said that there is noble and ordinary differences between the Luzhu. The two are mixed in one piece. Grabbing the people, that is, the scene in the dream just now; on the other hand, there is also the meaning of courtesy and music.

Women’s shoes are related to the love of women, and another important occasion is marriage and family life.

Han Dynasty lacquer wood

Alas, it is a shoe that appears in the spring and autumn. It can be used for a long life when changing the sole. In the Han Dynasty, there was a custom. The daughter had to marry “wooden” to be a dowry. Muya is a very ordinary or even humble women’s shoes, and this meaning is nothing more than reminding women to divide their books and abide by women’s morality. and

古代女鞋文化小史:饿死事小,失“鞋”事大?| 有料的文史

If the decoration is added to it, it usually implys the disaster

Essence For example, there is a record in “Houhan Books and Five Estate”: “Women started to marry, and to the five -collection of lacquer paintings (wooden), this serving monster also started in the nine years … Essence This kind of lacquer shoes with colorful patterns on the wooden puppet make the literati compete for women to disaster the country and the people, which shows the deep impression.

Dongjin Silk Police

There is also a sentence in “Peacock Southeast”. I don’t know if you still have an impression: “Get the skirt and take off the silk and go to Qingchi.” One thing is to take off the shoes on your feet. Why? Because traditional Chinese culture is very harmonious,

“Shoes” is “harmonious”, which represents the happy and harmonious relationship between the husband and wife.

Lange was aggrieved in marriage, and finally ended this relationship with death under despair.

Take off the shoes, that is, the pursuit of a happy marriage by himself.

Women’s shoes: richness and ethnic integration

To this day, you can probably judge his identity and economic situation when you see what a person wears.

In ancient times, women spent a lot of thought on their shoes, especially the Tang Dynasty women.

The material of women’s shoes is important, but the more important part is the toe! There are many shoes that are popular in the Tang Dynasty “making articles on the toe” -shoes called “high -headed” and “obscuration” style, a kind of toe towering, a kind of from a distance like Two protruding horns. In addition, there are “cloud heads”. The poet Wang Wei’s poems directly describe the charming look of the girls wearing it: Chunlai Newly Insert Cuiyun, and still walks on the palace shoes. The reason behind it was simple. At that time, the Tang Dynasty was economically developed, rich, and socially open. Women were naturally willing to pursue novelty and personality. The prosperity of this atmosphere has caused Wenzong to release a “banned shoe order” for a while, and women are not allowed to wear too luxurious and wasteful shoes.

古代女鞋文化小史:饿死事小,失“鞋”事大?| 有料的文史

Cloud head

Women wearing high -headed performances in the murals of the Tang Dynasty

During the Sui and Tang dynasties, women also wore a “small boots”. It is a shoe worn by a man of a man, but women in the Tang Dynasty also have a hobby of imitating men’s clothing. Therefore, this kind of wild charm from the northern shoelaces has naturally become a choice of women’s shoes. The reason behind this is the fusion of the Tang Dynasty national fusion.

Women’s shoes: bad habits and status changes

Finally, talk to you about everyone

Three -inch golden lotus

In China, women’s foot binding history is very long, and there are divergent origins about its origin, but the claims of foot binding originated from the Northern Song Dynasty and the most common statement in the Southern Song Dynasty. This is a kind of restraint for women, and it is also a man’s deformity to women, because

In cultural concepts, the feet and shoes of women are equivalent to controlling women themselves.

古代女鞋文化小史:饿死事小,失“鞋”事大?| 有料的文史


The scholars’ concepts of women’s feet are promoted, making the folk foot binding fashion popular. Women who have been entangled, the toes are deformation, weakness, and even the door can’t come out. They can only be attached to men. And this also makes women be in a status without independent personality or even humble. After the Opium War, the national gate was opened, and more Chinese people also looked at the world. Foot binding was defined as a symbol of backwardness. This also caused many male intellectuals to start reflection and gradually loosen the preferences for small feet. Liberation of women’s feet habits is the “social body” of liberating women. It was not until the founding of the People’s Republic of China that women in China were completely liberated after thoroughly abolished their feet.

古代女鞋文化小史:饿死事小,失“鞋”事大?| 有料的文史

The history of a foot -binding is the history of women’s social identity.

古代女鞋文化小史:饿死事小,失“鞋”事大?| 有料的文史

Foot -binding women in exported paintings


Women’s shoes are women’s symbols.

One shoe and one world. By observing shoes, you can get a glimpse of the daily life of Chinese women. Perhaps in the future, when you see the clips of the shoes in the book and the plot of the shoe in the play, you can have a more meaningful experience.