“Heavy taste” coffee, Italian concentration

Italian concentrated coffee rarely appears on the menu of the cafe. Even if there is a category on the menu. Many people may not know much about intentional concentrated coffee. What exactly is the Italian concentrated coffee? What charm is, today we will talk about this “concentrated charm” together.

If you think ordinary coffee is “bitter”, then Italian concentrated coffee concentration may persuade you. It is difficult to enter than ordinary coffee.


The bitterness and small cup are the most significant labels of Italian coffee.

The coffee newcomer who is not afraid of hardships and is usually interested in it is the old coffee and keen at trying.

The significant feature of “bitterness” in Italian concentration also has these charm that the “charm” that is unknown, so that some coffee enthusiasts can’t stop it. Next, I will share with you how to appreciate the concentrated coffee from the three aspects of aroma, taste, and taste.

# 香 #

“Entrance Voucher”

“Scent” is the first appreciation of coffee, and it is also an important reason for attracting the public to drink coffee.

The aroma of concentrated coffee is relatively small, and the nose is generally needed to smell it. The traditional concentrated coffee will have a fragrant cream and nut aroma, letting you imagine the almond cream cake. If you choose a slightly baking SOE, the aroma is even more light, exuding the seductive flower and fruit aroma.

# Taste #


The taste is the most attractive place for concentrated coffee. CREMA, the concentrated coffee, is the soul of the entire concentrated coffee, and it is also the reason why the concentrated coffee mouth is mellow.

Therefore, when tasting the concentrated coffee, it is different from the hand -made coffee drinks. It needs to drink a lot to make the concentrated coffee and fat wrap the tongue and oral cavity, and enjoy the shallowness. The traditional concentrated coffee taste is similar to cream and honey -like feelings. The taste of SOE will be relatively thin.

# smell #

“Colorful suffering”


The traditional concentrated coffee taste is generally painful, which is also a place that many people cannot accept.

If you want to describe the performance of the concentrated coffee flavor, you can use “Liu Dan Hua Ming Village” to describe it.

When drinking concentration, we will describe the flavor of nuts, dark chocolate, and caramel. The translation is “colorful and colorful”, but with the swallowing coffee liquid, the coffee remaining in the mouth will be returned to the lasting sweet sweetness. With the aroma, this is Yu Yun, and it is also an important category of concentrated coffee tasting.

Seeing here, do you want to try the Italian concentration and experience the “colorful bitterness”?

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