Compared to high -heeled shoes that are easy to get tired, more elegant women now fall in love with comfortable and easy to wear middle heels. The advantages of medium heel shoes are many. It is the most obvious feature of wild feet. Naturally lifting the back lines, the calf lines are smoother, and naturally achieve a thin effect.

Let’s take a look at how the beautiful women are highly elegant and comfortable to match the middle -heeled shoes. If you are interested, then demonstrate the transformation of the middle heel shoes and quickly collect it.


1. With A -line skirt

The heels of most heels are about three to five centimeters. With the simple and atmospheric skirt of the above version, it will give a gentle and elegant feeling. The following set of styles are selected in the shape The white pleated skirt with black mid -heel shoes. The shoes of this shoe are relatively beautiful, and they also use the design of the heel, which is more refreshing, especially suitable for wearing in spring and summer.


The mix of pink system can always give people a sense of girlishness. This black sleeveless top is matched with the shape of a pink high -waist skirt. It is gentle and dignified and generous. Heel shoes, weakening the thick sense of heavy skirts, seemed lighter.

Today, most of the retro -style Mary Zhen shoes use a medium -thick heel design. Such shoes have good stability, and it is not easy to wear a feet. It is used to match a bright big red skirt. It looks advanced and elegant.


Second, match jeans

When we wear jeans, the most common method of matching is to choose to wear sports shoes or flat shoes. As for the ladies who follow the intellectual elegant route, we will look a little casual and not formal. Shoes are completely different, elegant and generous.

Nowadays, the style of sandals is becoming more and more diverse. This kind of medium -heeled sandals with thick heel design look more retro. With jeans and shirts, it is refreshing and generous. At the same time, there is a little woman’s taste Essence


When you are dull and formal, do you want to use a pair of bright shoes to enhance the fashion of the shape? In the combination of this pink shirt and denim high -waisted straight pants, it is inevitable that the upper body is a bit too officially dull, and put on a pair of bright golden almond head thick heels, which looks completely different, bright and eye -catching and again advanced.

Third, with a straight skirt


This set of straight skirts with a strong feminine flavor, with a black sleeveless loose top, with a white high -waist straight skirt with the lower body. However, the satisfactory design is inevitably a little rigid. At this time, a pair of refreshing black midfielder and sandals are paired on the feet, which is refreshing and not so dull.

This military green straight skirt, the length of the skirt is more than the knee position, showing the slender calf lines of the younger sister. On the feet is a pair of camel -colored almond head thick heels. The overall color matching is also very coordinated, which will not make people feel messy.

Fourth, match dress


This solid -colored shirt skirt is particularly capable and refreshing on mature women, especially in the current spring and summer seasons, giving people a sense of generous and dignified and dignified. The heel shoes are particularly eye -catching, perfectly weakening the dull taste brought by the pure color matching of the upper body.

Five, match suit pants

More and more ladies in the workplace prefer this simple design wide -leg pants. After the upper body, she has a chic personality and can show a different sense of refreshing. At this time The atmosphere is not tired at all, which is particularly convenient and comfortable.

In this simple black and white match, the feet are equipped with a domineering black square head shoes, showing a different sense of handsomeness on the lady.


It turns out that there are so many ways to match the middle heels. These comfortable and not tired shoes must also be the favorite of elegant women. Have you fell in love with this shoe?


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