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Those who are aspirations are achieved. Remember May 3, I wrote it

10 things you have to complete before 35 years old

Among them, the 8th item is a list of wishes for 100 things. This weekend, I took a look at the 100 things I wanted to complete in the future. I hope I want to do what I want to do, live a lively life, and come on.

Dear readers, see here, do you have an impulse, and want to write down your 100 wishes? Then act immediately, give your own answers according to your guide. Welcome to leave a message in the comment area, communicate and discuss together, and witness the growth of each other. The following is my 100 wishes:

1 Riding Shennan Avenue (Futian District Litchi Park-Shenzhen University in Nanshan District)

2 Persist in recommending your headlines to others

3 Persist in writing and become a personal growth coach

4 Write today’s headline to witness the growth and inspire people of the same frequency. In 2022, the fan is 3000+, and I look forward to the one day to exceed 10W+

5 Start on Friday “Lunch Time” to see friends

6 Exercise 5-30 minutes a day

7 Try to greet your parents every day. If you need it at home, add it in time to make your family have a healthy and happy old life.

8 communicate with my brother once every 2 weeks

9 9 each month to communicate with your siblings once

10 Except for family members every week, at least three people communicate with 3 people to establish online learning

11 The reading will be read to the end.

12 Persist in outdoor, get close to nature


13 Insist on listening to the “Secret” of Himalayan, and use the law of attraction to attract everything that loves to come to yourself

14 Persist in handwriting diary, keep old and slowly look at it

15 Be a person who likes to be vegetarian

16 Persist in bringing rice and go outdoors to bring food by yourself

17 Has a face less than a real age, a mind that is greater than the age

18 Write a letter to yourself and save yourself every year

19 Inventory of your first half of your life (before 2022)

20 Each year to celebrate your family’s birthday or prepare gifts

21 Pakistan for parents to spend 2,000 yuan per month (I have been insisting since I graduated from graduation)

22 Time to meet with family members, as much as possible at the family’s critical moments.

23 Removing 500 yuan per month, reward yourself, create a small luck

24 Keep the concept of life, minimalize the concept of life, keep a clean and clean living environment

25 Persist in early bed and get up early

26 Become a healthy nutritionist, know how to professional knowledge, and do not need to verify

27 Volunteers who do an important event

28 2022-2023 Pickup Shenzhen Ten Peaks

29 2022 Back to 96 catties of physical weight

30 2022 took a set of art photos

31 Taking a picture of Hanfu once in 2022

32 Participate in a one -one indoor rock climbing in 2022

33 2022 Play a karter once

34 2022 Play a bowling ball once

35 Play archery once in 2022

36 2022 experience a watercolor painting

37 In June 2022, buy a necklace for yourself

38 I went to see Ginkgo once in November 2022. Since 2012, there are important things every year and failed to do it.

39 In December 2022, I bought a CK watch for myself.

40 Buy a luxury for yourself

41 Realize the best material life within the scope of ability

42 Add yourself to all birthday gifts after 18 years old

43 2022 find a life partner

44 Take your favorite wedding photos

45 Take your parents to take a wedding photo

46 Prepare your favorite wedding

47 Write a poem and give it to yourself

48 Send your parents small gifts from time to time

49 Making “My 2022” documentary, it has been in the fifth year

50 records every year’s New Year’s Eve dinner

51 Take a family portrait every year

52 2022 with your parents a family outfit

53 2022-2023 Participate in the company’s teaching training

54 Complete the major events of children and children before 2023

55 replace the new house, and live in 110 square meters at the age of 35. Among them, you have your beloved kitchen and study, and with everything you like

56 36 years old to replace yourself a car you like

After setting up a family 57, pick up parents to live in Shenzhen together

58 Find 5 female friends with similar interests, have their own hobbies, experience time, witness growth, and grow elegantly.

59 Establish a group of sisters within 10 people to share life

60 2023 to Suzhou

61 2023 Go to Shanghai to see the old house

62 Sitting a helicopter once before 2023

63 promoted to P7 before 2024, senior sequence

64 2024 to Xi’an

65 2024 to Lijiang, I visited once in 2012

66 2024 to Russia once

67 Touring your parents before 2025, the whole family traveled Beijing

68 Experience a desert journey before 2025

69 Try to write a book before 2025

70 2025 to Maldives

71 2025 to Taiwan

72 2026 to Xinjiang

73 2026 to Tibet


74 2026 to Mauritius

75 By 2030, I went to an American Visiting (MBA). The epidemic broke out in early 2020, canceled the itinerary, and went once a year before the decade.

76 Living once a super beautiful sea view room

77 complete a high -altitude glide umbrella umbrella

78 Have a RV trip

79 Go to see the aurora once

80 once a golf once

81 Sitting once a hot air balloon

82 Close contact with dolphins, take a group photo

83 Go to the most east, west, south, north of China, or approaching place

84 Back to my elementary school, junior high school, high school, college commemorative

85 Going to the bookstores in various cities, I used to want to open my own book.

86 Set up the important time of the annual important moment or stick to the wall

87 Seeing someone who is helpful to my growth

88 to see a celebrity who affects himself, your definition

89 In the future, travel with lover once a year

In the future, there is a separate meal time with my lover once a week

91 In the future, cultivate your child into a person who is strong, reads history, kind and wise

92 Leave the books I have read to future children

93 Realize a good intimate relationship, a happy marriage


94 Persevere fund fixed investment

95 Prepare Millions of Tour Hundred National Fund (40-50 years old)

Before the age of 45, do a good job of allocation of pension funds, accumulate wealth, and achieve financial freedom.

97 45 -year -old retirement, 50%of the time can be freely controlled

98 Realize the annual income of millions

99 owning your own small vegetable garden

100 participating in the interview with the radio/TV station, the protagonist is me

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