Today, share a middle -aged and elderly women’s dress

中老年女装裁剪图:中国风真丝短袖连衣裙,用雪纺做也可以哦裁剪图 XL号胸围104CM衣长90CM(膝盖上5CM左右)​​

Cutting map XL Bust 104cm clothing 90cm long (about 5cm on the knee)

Point of production

After the neckline is divided, the stuffy sewing method should be sewn, and the net version should be used to draw.The decorative effect of oblique placket can be used for stickers.Use the inner package sewing method.


Just roll the cuffs directly and seams


Hem curls


Okay, share here.If you like it, you can do it.If you don’t understand, you can leave a message or private message in the comment area