Good today ~


In life, maintaining a self -confidence is very important for a woman. Before going out every day, make positive self -suggestions, cheer yourself up, and affirm themselves. In fact, every woman has an excellent side, but only needs to be discovered and expressed. Only this beauty that emits from the inside out will not disappear over time, it will only be like wine, the longer it will be fragrant.

No matter what age the woman has reached, it has its own suitable costumes. When we are dressing up, comfortable dressing is the most important prerequisite. If a woman is just 60 years old, she will refuse to wear old people’s shoes and learn to wear these “lazy shoes”.


1. How should “lazy shoes” choose?


“Lazy Shoes”, as the name thinking, refers to the simple shoes style. It belongs to a pedal shoes. It is comfortable and easy to wear and easy to wear. It belongs to one of the fast shoes styles. In terms of dressing, lazy shoes are relatively versatile shoes. It does not have too high requirements for the clothing we wear. Whether it is a casual dress or a formal dress, it is very suitable for wearing combinations. Essence


In all lazy shoes styles, black lazy shoes are the most versatile and durable one, and any middle -aged woman can choose. The black lazy shoe style color color color is simple and classic on the left. Black in color keeps echoing with a black dress in color. It is coordinated and mature and stable. Combined with thick heels, it perfectly improves the middle -aged woman’s lower body in the whole body. The proportion.

2. Shirt/knitwear+jeans+”lazy shoes”

Jeans are more common in the spring and summer season. It is not picky about women’s age, and middle -aged women can also wear their own beauty. The white shirt with blue jeans on the right is refreshing and clean with blue jeans. The blue and white color of the whole body is relatively white and plain, which can always set off the high -level dress of middle -aged women. Essence

Of course, jeans are relatively easy to wear pants, which is also suitable for wearing combinations with round neck sweater. The white round neck sweater in the left picture is delicate. The black fine stripes are designed on the white body to embellish it, breaking the monotonous of the solid color knitted sweater. The lower body is paired with blue jeans, which is particularly suitable for the spring and summer season to wear, which can create a refreshing clothing style for middle -aged women.


3. Long skirt+”lazy shoes”

The solid color dress is a classic systemic style that is not outdated. Its style is more durable and can set off the calm side of the middle -aged woman. There are many solid colors suitable for middle -aged women. Among them, white dress styles are less picky, which can brighten the face color of the middle -aged woman’s face. It is very suitable for the choice of middle -aged women with a dull face color. The woman is full of energy.

The design of this green dress on the right is simple and detailed. It makes a chic folding shape on the skirt of the green dress, which effectively enriches the color of the whole dress and strengthens the style of the middle -aged woman’s dressing. On the basis of the green dress, middle -aged women can match a simple belt on the waist, but it seems that middle -aged women can wear them.


4. Lightly silk shirt+over -the -knee half skirt+”lazy shoes”

The real silk shirt is in line with the atmosphere of middle -aged women. It is designed with gorgeous and has a certain luster of the fabric material, which makes the middle -aged woman’s face shine. The gray real silk shirt on the right is classic and generous with a black knee -knee skirt. The black knee -knee skirt fully lowered the brightness of the middle -aged woman’s dress. With these black lazy shoes on your feet, you can wear classic and decent, suitable for any occasion.