The sun in the early autumn is gentle and gentle, and everyone becomes lazy on the body. Taking advantage of such good weather, you must go out and take a look at it, take pictures of beautiful and greasy pictures ~

秋日出游穿搭怎么能少得了ORANGE CUBE手链的点缀呢

Share a wave of PLMM gardens look ~ Suzhou gardens are really beautiful! Coupled with the photos taken by bright weather, they all shouted! Ladies’ floral long skirts, and the landscape of the garden is quite pretty, there is a kind of gentle feeling of the Jiangnan woman ~

Gentle and pleasant peach makeup is also very suitable for autumn, orange -brown eye shadow, peach -colored blush, and strong lipstick with a strong sense of soft mist. No resistance ~

Of course, it is indispensable for the decoration of the jewelry ~ or the gold jewelry is small and versatile, the necklace is blue and blue, the design of the sliding switch can be used with different shades of clothes. The bracelet is a very simple style. The two layers of fine chains are more delicate with a look ~ earrings are also very cute. The two sides are asymmetric raindrops shape, and there are various color vermiculite on the surface. It looks very expensive ~

秋日出游穿搭怎么能少得了ORANGE CUBE手链的点缀呢

The sun is just right, the breeze is not dry, let’s go out to play together! Welcome to share your autumn travel travel ~