Under the wave of urbanization, what happened to the local China?

Wen, Picture/Guangzhou Daily reporter Sun Yan

At the end of the year, a simple book quietly appeared on many good books in the case without any publicity. This book shows many problems in the current changes of the current Chinese countryside with delicate and affectionate strokes: work tide, empty nest elderly people, rural left -behind … The author Yan Haijun expressed the homeland of the homeland and the present China in an interview with this reporter. Worry and care in rural areas.

Investigation of field -style surveys in hometown

As a person born on the edge of the cliff, the person who studied and worked in the city later, Yan Haijun had deep feelings for his hometown. Although his life in the countryside was very bitter, “Shanliwa has never seen the outside world, and does not feel bitter, but is very happy.” He believes that most people in the countryside have this feeling. “Every time I face my parents who work on the earth, I have no sense of happiness because of living in the city.”

Since the 1990s, more and more people in the village have made a living outside, and Yan Haijun is also one of them. The edge of the cliff is the arid area of ​​the Loess Plateau in Longzhong. Experience is increasing, life is changing, and things in the village are constantly changing. Once, Yan Haijun talked with an old man in the village. The old man said: “I used to be hungry and hungry. Make Yan Hai very shocked. He suddenly realized that as an literate person, he should pay attention to the countryside, even if it is a little record, it is meaningful. Since then, he began a field -style investigation in his hometown and resorted to text and images.

Tailing bricks and jade look forward to more people care about the future of the countryside

Someone on Douban commented on the first half of the “Cliff Border Report” very literary, and the second half talked about the problem. Regarding the writing method of this book, Yan Haijun, a TV journalist, bluntly said that it is a comprehensive writing of sociology, news survey, and literaryization. “” Cliff Bian Report “is the summary of my many years of rural life experience and after work. The story in the book reflects the appearance of the vast rural areas of the west. , Make farmers live better. “He emphasized. The book tells the story of the fate of his father and his fate, which has been recognized by everyone, which also shows that interpersonal encounters can be moved, but the key is that people who tell are true feelings.

Of course, this book is not just about storytelling, otherwise, Yan Navy will not spend seven or eight years. He hopes that through this book, he will be attracted to “attract more people of insight to care about the future of the countryside.” After the book was published, it really attracted the attention of relevant experts and scholars. Liang Hong, the author of “China in Liangzhuang”, recognized this book very much. The profound contradictions of the rural story have been revealed. “Mr. Wang Ligang of Peking University Press also believes that we need more young people to have nostalgia and worry about it. , Study and find a way out.

Talk to Yan Haijun–

“People staying in the countryside have deteriorated”

Guangzhou Daily: Now you are saying “nostalgia”, how do you understand the word?

Yan Navy: Nostalgia is very literary and emotional. Think carefully, nostalgia is the emotion of the successful people who leave. Those who can’t leave or leave after leaving are difficult to come back everywhere. It is difficult to be literary and artistic for the emotions of the homeland. It should be more practical considerations. At present, there are many practical issues in rural areas to take care of.

Guangzhou Daily: There are many problems in the countryside: left -behind children, empty nest elderly, and moral dishonesty. What do you think of these issues?

Yan Haijun: Now these are already a problem that the whole society is aware of. Unlike when I plan to write in 2008, the society is still blurred on this issue. I am most concerned about the quality of people left in the countryside, and I am worried about their future. Urbanization is a trend, and no one can obstruct it, but farmers cannot enter the city, and all people staying must be in an order. The fission of rural culture and order is anxious, which is more terrible than poverty.

Guangzhou Daily: What do you think of urbanization?

Yan Navy: Urbanization is the trend, and humans have followed this trend very early. Marx has the most profound opinion on urban and rural divisions. The urban and rural division of urban and rural divisions caused a serious gap between urban and rural areas. While conforming to urbanization, the gap between urban and rural areas should not be relaxed. It’s like that in winter, it is necessary to keep warm. Just put the header strictly, and the feet are exposed. Can this person still overwinter? If only the people in the city live well, and the people who stay in the countryside are bad, how can it do?

Our purpose should be to pursue the modernization of most people. Cities such as the United States, rural areas are certainly not possible. Poverty alleviation work nationwide is worthwhile. The modernization of rural areas is too urgent.

Guangzhou Daily: Entering the city can be said to be the dream of a generation of peasants. Now there are many people who realize this dream, but after realizing it? Can you go to your hometown when you enter the city?

Yan Navy: When you enter the city, you can settle the city. It is also possible to not go back. Many people enter the city to work, and it is difficult to based on cities and cities. Now there is a trend of a new generation of migrant workers, that is, they generally don’t want to go back. This is terrible. If you can’t settle the city, it is a social issue. There is also a large area of ​​rural areas, which is equivalent to copying the road of farmers. In the book, I emphasize that the point of maintaining the country is to hope to improve the level of rural modernization, allow urbanization to advance in an orderly manner, and absorb the modernization of a new generation of farmers. If there is a modern life in the countryside, why should the farmers leave the country and enter the city?