Sisters, your autumn and winter gospel is here. Today, I compiled the most popular Martin boots in 2020, all of which are my long -established shops! Martin boots are really giant, and can also modify leg shapes and show long legs. Many episodes will say that it is not hot in summer, 2020! It’s just that the handsome is over ~~

High -quality store sharing:


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Dr. Martens

Choosing Martin boots:

About height:


Small sisters below 155 meters, it is recommended to choose 6 -hole Martin boots, which is about 13 cm high. Because 6 -hole has the least eating legs, it is easier to hold it, and all kinds of legs can be easily controlled. You can also choose 6 holes ~~

It is recommended to choose 8 -hole Martin boots under 160 meters, which is about 15 cm high. The effect of 8 holes is relatively handsome, and the legs are very thin, but the leg shape and the poor leg shape can be achieved by the inside.

165 sisters with long legs can hold it!

10 -hole Martin boots require long -legged+thin legs to control!

20 holes can cover places with uneven thickness of the calves. Compared with over -knee boots, it can be appropriately exposed to skin, reducing the thickness of the body.

About material:

Shoes are worn on the feet, which can make people obvious. Therefore, the requirements for material are very important. Moreover, when Martin boots are wearing, it will be exposed without reservation to show its trendy model. Essence

Common Martin boots are mainly divided into patent leather, matte skin, suede, PVC, woolen stitching, etc. From the perspective of shaping, it can be divided into hard surfaces and soft surfaces.

Hard skin, it will be very grinding at first, the problem is not big after a long time, and the hard skin will be more handsome and stylish

The soft leather is more comfortable and bleak. But it is easy to defore.

About color:


The least wrong is black, versatile and thin, and anyone can control it. In addition to black, there are dark coffee, brown, camel, and white. This year is more popular with white. Many fashion tide. When the shape of the street is concave, you can see the figure of white Martin boots, but this color is compared to compare Pick people, I suggest you not challenge easily ~~


Martin boots suitable for matching items:


Martin boots can be paired with jeans, shorts, short skirts, long skirts and other items are all versatile. When wearing Martin boots, the little sisters can use the law of missing the lower body to wear a sense of vision of 170 ~~