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With the improvement of living standards, many women who have reached the middle and elderly people have also begun to pay attention to dressing up, but therefore also brought a lot of people, blindly pursuing the trend, and chose some clothes that are not suitable for themselves to wear, which leads to rustic and old -fashioned. Phenomenon.

Knowing how to wear it, this approach is worthwhile, but if you just pursue the item that is not suitable for you, even if it is a very popular style, you still can’t wear fashion.


In the final analysis, the older woman still needs to choose the appropriate item. Therefore, today’s article Lily will talk to you with the selection of pants. When you arrive in the middle -aged and elderly women, these pants are worth starting, not only easy to wear but also fashionable!


>> How to choose a young woman, how to choose the right pants?


Start from the following three aspects


㈠ ㈠ ㈠ ㈠ ㈠

When you choose a young woman, when you choose your pants to wear, you must first consider the material of the pants. Choose the right pants fabric to dress comfortably. Now in the summer, the breathability of clothes is very critical. Therefore, when choosing pants, the fabric should be light and breathable, and there must be a good sense. of.


㈡ pants version

In addition to paying attention to the material of the pants, the version of the pants is also a key. Many older women choose clothes that are too large because of their blessing and fatness. Pay attention to a “degree”. For example, straight pants, suits, nine -point pants, and smoke pants are very suitable. It can make you wear a thin effect without picking people.

㈢ Pants color

The last one is the color of the pants. When the older woman, when choosing the pants, in addition to the classic colors, you can also try the color system, because now in the summer, you always choose black or white to wear it. It is too single, colorful pants can make you show your sense of youth and vitality.

The following pants are worth starting

① Long leisure suit pants

When you are old and older, you must try to avoid the wide version of the wide -leg pants when choosing the style of the pants, and it is more suitable to choose a long casual suit pants for yourself. Don’t think that this kind of pants with an ankle will not be able to control it yourself. In fact, as long as you increase the waistline appropriately!


Because of this suit fabric, it has an excellent feeling, so it is basically not too much pressure to wear, and it will not lower it. Instead, it is still extending the legs of the legs. Don’t really praise it.

Black casual suit pants are more classic, and they are not picky! Moreover, this color tone is better to wear thinner, right? Coupled with the high waist design, look at it, there is a long leg of one meter eight after wearing it.


The top chose a white long -sleeved shirt and a basic style shirt, which does not make people feel monotonous, because its details are very good. In this way, it is very visually extending the proportion of the lower body, which is tall, black and white, and fashionable!

② Nine -point straight pants

If you feel that you can’t control long suit pants, you can try the nine -point straight pants. This pants that length to the ankle position, and the shape of a straight tube, can easily have straight legs when you wear it.

Nine -point straight pants are very advantageous in the version. It is especially suitable for the leg shape that is not so perfect. It is thin and thinner to set off the straight leg lines. In the older woman, she should really start a pair of nine -point straight pants for her. Whether it is denim or a suit, it is OK.


Choose nine -point straight pants in summer, you can work hard up and down in the color, and you can start with light or bright colors. Of course, the white nine -point straight pants are as versatile as black. Because of the version straight tube, you don’t have to worry about wearing fat effects. The only small disadvantage is that it is a bit dirty. The top with various basic T -shirts and shirts is very temperament.

③ tobacco pipe pants

The characteristics of cigarette pants are wide up and narrow, which is very similar to pencil pants. This type of pants is very friendly to the leg shape and thick legs, and the width body can also be worn. In addition to choosing nine -point straight pants, you can also try this type of cigarette pants and stiff pants. The tolerance of the leg shape is really excellent.

Coupled with the length of nine points, the leg lines are easily stretched. The top is paired with a white sleeveless shirt. This top of the arms is very popular in summer. You can choose a thick body. Old women, wearing it to know how to avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses.



How about it? After reading the sharing of Lily above, do you want to say anything? You can leave a message below. Women are older. These pants are more worthy of starting, easy to wear and fashionable!

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