The rise of quality e -commerce is the result of a comprehensive role of various factors, and the emergence of “quality people” and continuous expansion will undoubtedly play the core role in it. The “quality group” pays more attention to product quality and service experience, and is willing to pay higher costs for high -quality products and services, and consumption continues to upgrade. In addition, the rise of young groups in the post -80s and post -90s and post -90s Essence

Quality e -commerce has put forward new requirements for brand building, marketing promotion, operational stores, maintenance of customer relationships, and supply chain management. It requires enterprises to make corresponding adjustments from values, business philosophy, and operating rules. This determines that the transformation quality e -commerce will be a huge and complex system project. Alibaba,, Netease Yanxuan and other explorers have only taken a small step. The way to go, the failure cases of countless entrepreneurs and enterprises have fully understood the difficulties of transformed quality e -commerce.

“Guidelines for Quality E -commerce Operations” conducted a comprehensive, multi -angle, and three -dimensional analysis of how the Nuggets quality e -commerce in the context of the continuous upgrade of consumption. Experience articles, C2M manufacturing articles, e -commerce supply chain, and quality cases, combined with practical cases such as JD, Tmall, Suning, Xiaomi, Three Squirrels, Netease Strict Selection, etc., in detail the background of the rise of quality e -commerce rises With logic, how to better cut in and operate, formulate the supply chain strategy of quality e -commerce, etc., strive to allow entrepreneurs and companies to find the exploration path suitable for themselves.

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Part 1 Quality E -commerce

1. Consumption upgrade: the rise and logic of quality e -commerce

Consumption upgrade: Reconstruction of the new pattern of e -commerce competition

Value logic: Consumer needs as the core

Requirement upgrade: Pay attention to the quality and brand of goods

Quality focus: the main advantage of quality e -commerce

2. Quality Revolution: Help Chinese manufacturing quality improvement and efficiency

Quality Revolution: Promote the double improvement of quality brands

Technological innovation: realize new quality and economy path

Standard guidance: Leading high -quality development of enterprises

Self -cultivation: Enterprise’s quality upgrade strategy

3. Quality e -commerce: the law of survival in the new consumption era

The road to transformation: the development process of quality e -commerce

Experience upgrade: six major standards for quality e -commerce

Artisan spirit: Promote the change of e -commerce supply chain

Model comparison: Quality e -commerce VS traditional e -commerce

Transformation layout: advanced path for e -commerce companies

4. Battle of Quality: From price competition to quality winning

E -commerce watershed: Platform price warfare and loss

Retail iteration: the rise of the new generation of consumer groups

Quality Supervision: From price competition to quality winning

ODM e -commerce: new path in the era of quality consumption

5. How to improve the product quality of my country’s cross -border e -commerce

With the improvement of the quality of cross -border e -commerce with brand construction

Construct a standard for the transformation and upgrading of cross -border e -commerce

Supervision measures to improve the quality of cross -border e -commerce products

Establish a product quality traceability system for cross -border e -commerce

Part 2 Quality Operation Chapter

6. Brand operation: the construction strategy of e -commerce brand

Brand operation: from quality e -commerce to brand e -commerce

Product innovation: the key to e -commerce branding operations

Consumer experience: Establish a product price management system

Case analysis: brand -based operation of three squirrels

Revelation of Practice: Provide high -quality products and services

7. Vertical operation: severe vertical operation path

Three development dilemma of traditional vertical e -commerce model

The difference between the new vertical e -commerce and the traditional vertical model

Path 1 Focus on business models and market positioning

Path 2 meets the personalization needs of consumers

Path 3 to build a strong brand competition barrier


5 key points of path 4 vertical operation

8. content operation: community e -commerce model breakout

Mode 1 to guide consumption through content sharing

Mode 2 to provide users with the best consumer decision

Mode 3 based on massive users’ traffic monetization

9. Small and beautiful operation: the transformation of small and medium -sized enterprises

Small and beautiful: e -commerce operation based on consumer scenes

Scene operation: The rules of the breakthrough of small and American companies

E -commerce 2.0: Small and American e -commerce model innovation

Create a new shopping experience of socialization and gaming

Part 3 Quality Experience Article

10. Quality operation: experience e -commerce practice under the economy

Pay attention to user experience and improve customer satisfaction

Optimize product design to meet user personality needs

Improve the response speed and shorten the user purchase path

Promote brand building and implement customer relationship management

Four principles for e -commerce platforms to improve user experience

11. Store operating skills based on user experience

Refined operation: Build the core competitiveness of the store

Store decoration: the overall layout shows personalization

Product presentation: clear and clear details

Product description: Directly strike the pain points of consumer demand

Auxiliary materials: strengthen user brand identity

Gift gifts: Improving users’ consumption experience

Logistics distribution: Create high -quality logistics services

12. Product packaging design strategy in the era of quality e -commerce

At present, the problems existing in e -commerce goods packaging

Product packaging design should conform to the characteristics of humanization

Two principles that should be considered by e -commerce logistics packaging

How to make the product packaging appear delicate and mysterious

13. Experience marketing: improve user satisfaction and loyalty

Marketing Innovation: Five dimensions of experience marketing

Marketing advantage: effectively improve the loyalty of customers

Experience marketing’s obstacles in e -commerce applications

Experience marketing’s practical strategy in e -commerce applications

Part 4 C2M manufacturing articles

14.C2M mode: open the era of personalized intelligent manufacturing

C2M mode: accurate docking of supply and demand

Improvement of quality and efficiency: the implementation path of C2M e -commerce


Flexible manufacturing: cut off the intermediate circulation link

Personalized production: Optimize the manufacturing process

15.C2M manufacturing: manufacturing change under supply -side reform

Customized as needed: E -commerce reconstruction manufacturing supply chain

C2M model helps manufacturing supply side reform

New path of manufacturing in the context of supply -side reform

C2M transformation practice strategy of traditional manufacturing

16. Red collar group: C2M manufacturing model practice and inspiration

Advantages and practice of the C2M model of the Red Parcel Group

Organization and transformation based on C2M model

Analysis of C2M e -commerce model in SWOT environment

Enterprise Construction of C2M e -commerce model strategy selection

Part 5 e -commerce supply chain

17. The concept, model and change of e -commerce supply chain management

Connotation of concept: 4 aspects of supply chain management

The impact of e -commerce model on supply chain management

Comparison of traditional supply chain management and e -commerce supply chain

Supply chain management restructuring based on e -commerce model

18. closed -loop supply chain management based on e -commerce commodity returns

The basic concepts and characteristics of closed -loop supply chain management

The main reasons for the return and exchange of consumer goods

Key links of warehousing operation based on e -commerce returns

Closed -loop supply chain management and optimization of commodity return

Part 6 Quality Case Article

19. Jingdong: e -commerce practice based on quality and economy

Genuine licensed: Adhere to the value belief of the enterprise

Quality control management: strengthen the supervision of the quality of goods

How fast is good -mentioned: 360 degrees quality guarantee system

Pay attention to word of mouth: shaping a good brand image

Propaganda and promotion: Jingdong’s word -of -mouth marketing strategy

20. Youpin: boutique e -commerce centered on quality life

In the past and present life: the development process of Youpin app

Delery Xiaomi: The brand logic behind the rename is renamed

Category expansion: operating strategy of some apps

Potential trap: analysis of risk of product operation

Mode comparison: The difference between Youpin and Netease Selected

21. Strict selection: The road to quality e -commerce of “exquisiteism”

Quality Consumption: Reasons for the rise of Netease’s strict selection

Strategic layout: The development stage of NetEase e -commerce

Netease Koala: Netease’s cross -border e -commerce layout

Netease strict selection: differentiated selection of e -commerce roads

Quality Manufacturing: Operating Strategy selected by Netease


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