The seamless suture of the shoulder, the needle should be passed through the below of the needle eye above, and the following one pass through the top.

Starting from August 28th, weaving began.

Bust 54cm body 65cm shoulder width 44cm cage depth 25cm

Small samples horizontally = 5cm = 21 stitches, 21 divide by 5 = 4.2 stitches = 1cm

Direct = 5cm = 31 lines, 31 divide by 5 = 6.2 lines = 1cm

The 14#needle is used, weave, 456 stitches, the bottom 6 is 6 and 2 reverse, and weave to 40cm. There are 8 flowers on both sides of the front film. When the sleeve cage is divided, two rows are woven in front, two lines are positive, and 3 two -line reaction is woven.


The underarms are flat and the front sheet is 9 stitches and 8 stitches, and then 2-3-1, 2-2-2, 2-1-4, 4-1-3.

(The underarms are divided into three segments, and the number of needles is divided into three parts, and each section is reduced by 1/3.

The second paragraph is 2-2-x, if the single is single, 2-3-1, and then 2-2-x

The third paragraph 2-2-y, if you divide it again, 4-1-y.)

About 4cm of the shoulder (starting woven shoulders at 6 inches 2), the reinvidection method is used. Leave 54 stitches. The cage depth of 25-falling shoulder 4 = 21cm starts to be returned, and the shoulder 4 × 6.2 lines = 24.8 lines, because the quotation method is 2 rows once, 24.8 ÷ 2 = 12.4 rows, and the shoulder needle 54 ÷ 12.4 lines. If 21cm starts to quote, it will pay about 5 stitches until the entire number of stitches is returned, and it woven enough cage depth.

(After the collar depth of 2cm, 3/4 needle, the number of needles on each side = the total number of pins of the post-reducing needle-then divide it from 2. 2 to 3 times from fast to 3 times. 2-3-1,2- 2-x, 2-1-y.)


This sweater led 7 points deep, with a total of 70 stitches, leaving 46 stitches in the middle. The remaining 24 stitches are divided into both sides, 12 stitches on each side, 2-4-1, 2-3-1, 2-2-2, 2-1-1. The remaining flat weaving. (Note: When receiving the edge, do not pick a shot on the side, weave it back and forth, so that the collar is not tight.)

The front collar depth of about 9–10cm, (2.5–3 inches)

The collar is divided into three segments, 1/3 of the total number of stitches in the middle, and 1/3 of the needles on both sides.

This dress leads 3 inches deep in front, 82 stitches, 82 ÷ 3 = 27, and one third of the needle is left in the middle of 30 stitches, and 26 stitches are reduced on both sides. 2-5-1, 2-4-1, 2-3-1, 2-2-5, 2-1-6. Reduce the flat weaving.

The collar picked 196 stitches and taught Cheng Zhi’s machine collar with two -handed needle. The layer of the inside should be marked with the middle collar, and the number of left and right stitches should be the same. String up after picking up. The clothes are three -stranded, and the two small stitches are used to pick the outer layer. The first line is weaved, and then the needle is woven. The layer outside must grow a little more than the inside, so that the merger will look good.

Sleeve mountain high: 12cm –14cm. Sleeve tablets should be slow first and then fast. The fattest part of the sleeve is 3-3.5cm less than the shoulder (less than the number of needles that add shoulder-collar)

Sleeve: 96 stitches with cuffs, 2 stitches in the middle, add two needles at a time. Add 16 stitches to 156 stitches, reduce 2 stitches of small swallows in 4 lines, and finally leave 60 stitches.

1 Calculate the number of needles with the bottom of the sleeve first, because the cuff is added with 1 needle at a time, so the number of needles adds the number of needles.

Add needle number = (sleeve stitches -cuff pins) ÷ 2

Sleeve strong is the widest part of the sleeve, and it is also the part of the sleeve near the shoulders.

2 Calculate the number of acupuncture intervals


Number of intervals = number of needle rows ÷ (number of needles +1)

The number of needle rows refers to the number of lines required for the length of the sleeve

3 Copy -cuff and needle should generally adopt the principle of slowness and fast, so that the slope of the sleeve bottom should be slightly concave.

Sleeve Mountain: 16 stitches.

Three stitches Xiaoyanzi:

Leave 3 stitches on the side of the shoulder, and keep 2 stitches on the side.

On the right: 1st, 2nd, 3 -needle knitting the lower needle, picked the 4th needle to the right needle, picked the 7th needle to the 5th, 6th needle, the 7th needle is on it, and the 4th needle and the 7th needle. Receive (1st

Small swallow

Completed), pick the 5th needle to the right need

Complete), collect the remaining 6th and 9th stitches (the 3rd needle


On the left: Weaving to the countdown 9th needle start to receive

, Pick the 9th needle to the right needle, pick the penultimate 6th needle before the 7th and 8th pins, the 6th pins below, the penultimate stitches, and then cover the 9th needle 9 (Set) Patin No. 6 Pink (No. 1 Pink on the left

Completed), pick the penultimate 8th needle to the right needle, pick the penultimate 5th needle to the front of the 7th pins, the fifth needle is below, the fifth needle (knitted needle), and then the countdown to the countdown. 8 needle on the penultimate pins (the second needle on the left side

Completed), the fourth needle of the weaving, cover the 7th needle on the 4th needle (the third needle on the left side

Completed), then the countdown of 3, 2, 1, and the left on the left


Two stitches

Little Swallow’s needle:

A total of 7 stitches should be collected


The process of receiving the method is as follows:

1. On the right: 1.2.3 knitted under -knitting, the fourth needle is not woven to the right needle, 5 stitches and 6 stitches exchange, 6 stitches on it, then 6 stitches and 4 stitches, 5 and 7 stitches and one with one. Needle, this is two stitches on one side, on the right

After finishing, what should I do next, then weaving;

2. On the left: When weave 7 stitches on the left, the 7th needle is not woven to the right needle, the 6th and 5th needle exchange, the 6th needle is on it, and the fifth needle is covered with the 7th needle. On the top 5, the sixth needle does not weave the fourth needle to cover the sixth needle on the fourth needle, and then connect the needle 3.2.1, so that the left side is completed.

Generally 6 lines of 3 stitches. 4 Ring 2 Needle Swallow. (If there are many needles, 3 lines and 2 stitches also do)

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