In order to help consumers buy safe and comfortable mattresses, the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission has recently conducted comparative trials on 20 spring soft mattress samples. The experiment found that the introduction of individual samples on its sales platform exaggerated publicity, and even the concept of stealing the concept of the use of product names as patented names, involving Simon Sisi, Meng Lily and other brands.

Among them, the nominal “Simmons/Xi Mengsi” produced by Xi Mengsi mattress furniture (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. It does not contain formaldehyde “, but the actual formaldehyde release is 0.017 mg/m2 · h. In addition, the release of formaldehyde release of the two testing mattresses in Kim Keer and IKEA is relatively high.

Experts remind that many merchants claim that mattress fabrics have the effects of “bacteriostatic” and “anti -mites”, or marked the spring “30 years without collapse” and “25 years of guarantee”. It is recommended that consumers rationally treat such publicity.

Xi Mengsi, Netease strict selection, Meng Lily exaggerated publicity, etc.

According to the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, this comparison test purchased 20 spring soft mattresses with a size of 1800mm × 2000mm from the e -commerce platform, covering well -known domestic brands such as Musi, Yalan, and foreign brands such as Xi Mengshi and Silian. The price ranges from 1589 yuan to 8888 yuan.

The test found that some samples exaggerated publicity and test reports provided by the enterprise could not prove the functional function, and even the concept of stealing the concept of using the product name was used as a patent name.

Among them, the nominal “Simmons/Xi Mengshi” happy mattress (nominal specifications: spine -for -vitality series of joy mattresses, 1800mm × 2000mm × 220mm) webpage declared ” “Formaldehyde”, but the amount of formaldehyde release is 0.017 mg/m2 · h.

The “Netease Strict Selection” high -end latex spring mattress sold by Hangzhou Netease Strict Selection Trading Co., Ltd. (nominal specification model: 1800mm × 2000mm × 280mm) webpage claims to be “250,000 times of pressure testing, the height and strength loss of the spring are almost almost almost tested. “Zero”, but the test report provided by the enterprise showed that the loss of force was 6.7%.

Named “Mlily (Mlily)” brand Phantom Dream 0 pressure pad (nominal specification model: 1800mm × 2000mm × 200mm), which is sold by Meng Lily Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. The non -temperature memory cotton of the MDI system of the bubble process “, but the company’s web page claims to be” patent 0 cotton cotton seams “, replacing the patent name with the product name.

In response, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission requested enterprises to rectify the problems existing, and suggested that enterprises conduct a comprehensive inspection of web pages of similar products and standardize sales and publicity. At the same time, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission stated that it would also strengthen follow -up tracking and urge enterprises to regulate rectification.

Although the release of formaldehyde release in Kim Keer and IKEA is relatively high, but relatively high

According to the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, the formaldehyde in the mattress is mainly derived from the paving materials made of coconut shreds, brown silk, etc., the dyes, anti -wrinkles and other assistants added by the fabric, and the adhesive adhesion added during the production process. Prevention. According to the standard requirements, the formaldehyde release of the mattress should be ≤0.05mg/m2 · h. The test results showed that the amount of formaldehyde release of 20 samples was between 0.008-0.048mg/m2 · h.

However, the Beijing News reporter saw the summary table of the mattress comparative test results in 2020. The “Kim Keer” mattress (Specification Model: Meiyu, 1800mm × 2000MM × 270mm), its price is 6309 yuan, the highest formaldehyde release is 0.048 mg/m2 · h.

Secondly, the “IKEA/IKEA” brand Fleinvar Phinvir (specification model: Fleinvar Phinvir, 1800mm × 2000mm), which is a named IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd., is 3118 yuan, the amount of formaldehyde is 0.044 mg// m2 · h. However, the release amount is also within the scope of the standard.

In addition, in terms of elasticity of the mattress, standard requirements, foam plastic rebound elasticity ≥35%, the test results show that 20 sample foam plastics are all> 35%, of which 80%of the samples are between 40%-50%. better. However, a reporter from the Beijing News noticed that one of the “Dragon and Phoenix Mattress” named Mattress (Specification Model: 1800mm × 2000mm), which is nominated for Shanghai Longfeng Mattack Co., Ltd., has only 39%of its foam plastic rebound, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price It was 2829.99 yuan. It is reported that a mattress with poor return elasticity may be used to use recycled materials, causing problems such as aging and damage.

Reasonable view

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission suggested that consumers should try to purchase goods from regular shopping malls or e -commerce platforms as much as possible. Pay special attention to check whether the formaldehyde release, hygiene safety, and flexibility in the test report meet the standard requirements.

It is worth noting that in this comparison test, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission found that many merchants claimed that mattress fabrics had “bacteriostatic” and “anti -mites” effects, or marked the spring “30 years without collapse” and “25 years of guarantee”. Wait. Experts remind that although related companies can provide test reports of fabrics or springs, the mattresses are composed of a variety of materials. If the supplement is used for a long time, it will breed bacteria. It does not mean the entire mattress to prevent mites. Similarly, the use of spring can not represent the life of the entire mattress. Consumers are advised to treat such publicity rationally.

In addition, the newly purchased mattress should be demolished in plastic film packaging, and it should be used in a natural ventilation room or balcony for a period of time to promote formaldehyde and tvoc release and reduce the harm to the human body. It can be extended to extend its service life by alternating mattresses and front and back; mattresses with too long use and sunken surfaces are recommended to replace.

Beijing News reporter Zhang Jie

Editor Qin Shengnan School opposite Li Shihui