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Working principle of touch switch

And installation.

Touch switch principle

The touch key uses capacitive sensing technology. We know that the human body is conductive, and the circuit under the capacitance sensor can generate a uniform static field. When our fingers move to the top of the button, the capacitance on the keys surface has changed. The relevant circuit in the notebook is based on this basis Change the capacitor to make judgments and achieve the predetermined function. The capacitive button is very convenient to use. It only needs to be touched, without pressing it, it can be operated.

Is the household touch switch practical?

1. Mutual control: All lights in the room can be controlled directly.

2. A variety of manipulation: manual, infrared remote control, and different places.

3. This lock: prohibit all switches from manipulating the lights of the room.


4. Full -level function: You can close all the lights in the room or close the lights in any room in one click.

5. Power off protection: All electric lights will be closed when calling and sounds.

6. Status indicator: The state indicator on the switch can be closed separately, and it is restored by any key, which does not affect other switches.

7. Automatic luminous: When the smart switch is exported, the humanitative automatic luminous is turned on.

How to install the touch switch

1. We should first recognize the power wiring in the home. Only in this way can we install the switch, and according to the regulations of my country, red, green, and yellow represent the three -phase fire line. Green phase color is ground line (protection line). Everyone must be clear about this, otherwise the installation may not be powered on.

2. Correspondingly wiring according to the function of the wall switch, the phase sequence specified in the electrical is grounded on the left and right fire.

3. Quick wiring: The wiring head that is about to peele can be completed directly to complete the wiring hole. There is no need to use a screw plug -in card to remove the electric switch. There is a reed in its wiring holes. It will be card owner when it is pulled out in reverse. It is more convenient to insert one direction. It needs to be removed from the office socket to remove the wires or press the line to pull out the line.

4. It should be noted that the ground wire must not be received from the line or the zero line, which will cause safety accidents. Although the line and the zero line can be used, there are hidden safety hazards.

How to repair the touch switch

There are many reasons for the failure of the touch switch. It may be caused by poor contact contact. You need to cut off the power and then wipe the contact to repair it. It may be that the circuit board is burned. The switch is stuck, and the power can be disconnected. After that, the switch panel can be removed to see if there is a foreign body stuck.

Precautions for equipment use:

1. The touch switch cannot be used. It may be that the power gate is not turned on and can be checked.

2. The touch switch requires the screw fixation. After removing the panel, save the screws. The third -party screw may be incompatible with the device.

3. The touch switch of different brands has different wiring methods, and you need to pay attention when buying.

4. The chip of the touch switch is the core component. It is recommended to choose the products produced by large brand manufacturers. It has quality assurance and has a relatively high sensitivity.

5. The touch switch has different installation methods, which can be selected according to the needs.

The above is the relevant knowledge about touch switch, I hope to help you.