Mr. Zheng provided the two retail price tags of his purchase of goods, Mr. Zheng’s picture

Changjiang Daily Rong Media May 8th (Reporter Zhao Yan)

Recently, Mr. Zheng, a citizen of Wuhan, complained on the message board of Wuhan City, Yangtze River. During the “May 1st” period, he consumed a GAP specialty store in Wuchang. The purchased products were printed and pasted two different prices. They questioned that the price encountered “price increase first and then discounted before discounts. “Routine.

“Why are there two prices in the same pants?” Mr. Zheng, a citizen, told the Yangtze River Daily that on May 3, he and his family saw a men’s casual pants in a GAP store in Wuchang. The retail price on the pants tag is 349 yuan. When changing another size of pants to try on, I found that the tag number is 490425, but the printed retail price is not signed. The paste price is 449 yuan.

“At the time of checkout, the waiter told me the price was 449 yuan.” Mr. Zheng said that he questioned the price of the product on the spot, but the staff said that it was 449 yuan.


Mr. Zheng said that during the “May Day” holiday, the brand carried out a 40 % discount on promotional activities. The price of the two tags showed that the merchant modified the price and suspected that they had encountered “price increases before discounts.”

On May 5th, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily came to the brand specialty store. There were many “activities” information hanging in many places in the store: April 25th to May 5th, the positive price products could be 40 % off.

Although the goods purchased by Mr. Zheng were not displayed in the store that day, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily found that many products in the store had the same number and various price tips. For example, the number is 320802 men’s casual pants, with three different barcode tags, and the retail price displayed on the tag is also 349 yuan and 399 yuan. In addition, the model number 989783 Men’s jeans also have two types of tags: retail price of 399 yuan and 449 yuan; the model number is 844062 products, and the paste price tip of the retail price place on the tag is 399 yuan. The price is 349 yuan. In this regard, a staff member in the store claimed that it was a job error.

What is the retail price of a casual pants? The reporter from the Yangtze River Daily found this product with 490425 in a GAP store in Laoukou. The tag shows the retail price of 349 yuan. The staff in the store claims that this is a “national unified price”.

Regarding the encounter of consumer Mr. Zheng, Lawyer Liang Peifan, a law firm in Beijing Jintai (Wuhan) law firm, said that merchant behavior belongs to the “price increase and then discount” during the holidays. Protect their rights by complaining to the competent price department, reporting to the Consumer Association, and passing the lawsuit.

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