The winter climate is dry, and the little fairies are also worried to protect their delicate skin. Many sisters will stock some moisturizing skin care products at the end of the year, and the mask is one of the choices.


What masks do little fairy love to use? In 2017, Double 11 data showed that 10 brands such as the Family Family, Yiyi, Mei Shi, Royal Palace, Baiquan, Morita Drugs, Jayjun, and Han Hou were ranked on the day of TOP10.

But is the high -selling mask? Are these brand masks your favorite brand mask?


Since October 2017, the long -term long -term inspection has continued to check in two batches of 17 moisturizing masks. Earlier, the eight brand mask evaluation reports have been pushed. Predeming the link to understand the specific performance of Lidi, Yiyi, Mei, Morita Drugs, Jayjun, Hanhou, etc.: [8 mask comparison evaluation report].

This time, the second batch of mask evaluation reports are freshly released!


Evaluation product

From left to right: Baique Antelope, Skin Beauty, Chunyu, SNP, Yudi Fang, Yue Shi Feng Yin, Meta -Fa Shijia, Yangyang Hall, Mary Kai

Evaluation indicator

Laboratory testing

: Total number of colonies, formaldehyde, measomeolinone.


Subjective trial

: Mask size and tailoring, mildness, permeability, hydration effect, and skin feel.

Assessment results

1. Family Family Family Water Lily Silk Mask Mask detects extremely trace formaldehyde, but experts said that they do not need to worry.

2. Mid -high -priced mask moisturizing effect is better than cheap masks.

3. Yue Shi Feng Yin is the best, it is worth recommending! Mary Kay is expensive and not easy to use. It is not worth recommending.

Evaluation recommendation

Part1 laboratory detection

Nine major brands of mask colonies are all qualified


The total number of colonies should not be unfamiliar. We can often see in the circle of friends that “the total number of cosmetics colonies exceeds 700 times the total number of cosmetics”, “the total number of edible ice colonies of a certain fast food exceeds the standard, which is dirty than the toilet.” So why can the total number of colonies always be related to the “toilet”?

The total number of colonies refers to the total number of bacterial colonies in a certain amount of products, which is an indicator that can directly reflect the sanitary condition. For example, the total number of colonies in the toilet water is about 48000cfu/g (CFU/G fingers the total number of bacterial colonies contained in each gram of each gram), and if the total number of bacteria of the product is detected from the large gap between the toilet water It will be exaggerated to the metaphor of ‘more dirty than the toilet.

In fact, the various cosmetics that girls often use are also a good place to breed bacteria. As far as the mask is concerned, it is easy to breed a large amount of bacteria such as use or preservation.

Captain Cleaver believes that girls are definitely unwilling to apply thousands of bacteria to their faces?

In the “Cosmetic Safety Technical Specifications”, the total number of cosmetics colonies is ≤1000 CFU/G, where the limit of lips, eyes and children’s cosmetics is lower, ≤500 CFU/G.


The results of the nine major brand masks of the long -term inspection show that the total number of colonies of all products is lower than the detection limit (10cfu/g), which is a safe range.


Family Family family detects extremely formaldehyde, but no need to worry

Because the mask is rich in moisture and nutritional ingredients, it is easy to become a growthbed of various microorganisms. In order to ensure the safety of the product and the important means to avoid microbial pollution, it is to add preservatives.

There are many types of preservatives commonly used in masks. Among them, the use of formaldehyde -release body preservatives and mit (methylisopromoline) are controversially controversial. The former will slowly release a small amount of free formaldehyde to achieve the purpose of anticorrosive bacteriostatic; the latter can kill a variety of bacteria at low concentration, but it may cause allergic dermatitis.

From the perspective of global perspective, the use and limit of the two countries have a tightening trend. The current regulations in my country are that MIT’s maximum allowable concentration in cosmetics is 0.01%(100 ppm); formaldehyde is 0.2%.

Perhaps considering the current public concerns about MIT, few masks will use it to prevent corrosion. A total of 17 moisturizing masks currently submitted for inspection have shown that MIT was not detected.

Relatively speaking, the detection rate of formaldehyde is relatively high. Earlier, the four brands of the Midea, Avon, Yiye, and the post -Korean four -brand mask were detected, but the trace formaldehyde was detected, but it did not exceed the national standard. The nine major brand masks that were delivered this time, the film Fatshi Water Lily Light Light Filament Mask was also detected, and the content was as low as negligible.

Taiwan cosmetics expert Lin Zhiqing said, “This concentration is as low as that as long as the mask is opened, it will be volatilized into the air at once, so consumers need to worry about it.”

Generally speaking, the formaldehyde in the mask may be caused by the release of the formaldehyde mitochial preservatives added by it. However, there is no trace of formaldehyde sustained -release body preservatives on the ingredient table of the French family.

Lin Zhiqing explained that the detected extremely small amount of formaldehyde may come from the formaldehyde mitoral antidary preservatives added by the plant extracts in the mask. “Because the extraction solution contains a lot of water, and the dead angles in the container, such as bottle caps, pads, etc., are also easy to breed bacteria because of water vapor. The) free of formaldehyde in the way of gases, so that (such as the dead corner of the container) that cannot reach the product, can also inhibit microorganisms. “

In this regard, the chief of the Clear Taoism tried to interview the manufacturer of the Family Family, but as of press time, the other party had not received a reply.

Part2 subjective trial

Moisturizing effect: Muscle beauty and moisturizing lasting, Royal Palace, Baique Antelope bottom

Since there is not much security problem, we can safely set our sights on the most important function of the moisturizing mask -moisturizing.

The Digo Director recruited 12 trial users nationwide, requiring them to use the moisture recorder to record the water value before the trial, half an hour after the trial, after trial, and 3 hours after the trial. On the one hand, by comparing the moisture value of half an hour before and after the trial, analyze the instant moisturizing capacity of the mask; on the other hand, compare the moisture value before and after the trial, and judge the continuous moisturizing capacity of the mask.

In addition, the subjective moisturizing experience of volunteers is also included in the score.

The test results show that the high -priced mask (such as muscle beauty, health hall, SNP) moisturizing effect is generally better than cheap masks (Baique Antelope, Film Family, Royal Palace).


(Note: Each mask is used by 6 volunteers, so the average value of 6 people in the last, half an hour after applying the mask before applying the mask. From the ups and downs of the value, it can be clearly seen that the different products are clearly seen. The moisturizing effect is huge.)

Among them, the instant moisturizing effect and moisturizing persistence of muscle beauty are better. The data of the moisture instrument shows that after half an hour with muscle beauty, the moisture value of the facial skin increases by an average of 12.2%compared to before applying it; after 3 hours, without any other skin care products, even if the skin of the skin is water, the water of the skin is water. The score is declined, but it is still 7%higher than before, and most of the other products are about 3%.

▲ Muscle beauty

It is worth noting that although the “lady mask” Mary Kay’s water data performed well, it seems that it is not favored by volunteers, and the score is not good because of subjective scores.

Compared with the data of the moisture instrument, the Clear Division also found that some products such as the health hall and the film of the film, etc., the instant moisturizing effect is very good. But after 3 hours, the water value decreased significantly, and the lasting power was not good.

In addition, the long -term roads do not recommend Baique Antelope and Yudi Fang. Both products are mainly moisturizing, but whether it is the objective data of the moisture instrument or the subjective score of volunteers, both perform poor performance and do not meet the needs of dry skin in winter.


Use experience: The best skin feel in Yangyangtang, Mary Kai, Yuantifang is not good

In addition to the moisturizing effect, the cutting, mildness, permeability, and skin feel of the mask are also essential for consumer experience. A facial mask with a suitable size, mildness, and unique skin can really give the mask with the reputation of “skin SPA”.

The evaluation of the comprehensive volunteer of the Clear Division found that the membrane cloth material selected by the mask is an important factor affecting the sense of experience.

Judging from the evaluation, Yuantifang has been criticized more. This mask uses the ice feathers non -woven film material with cottonseed velvet as the raw material. Many volunteers evaluate it “rough texture”. It’s not satisfactory.

Mary Kay’s membrane cloth was talked about “big and thick”, and the skin felt stuffy when applying it, not breathable enough. The thick membrane cloth also affects the penetration of the mask fluid to a certain extent. Among the nine masks, Mary Kay’s permeability is almost at the bottom.

In terms of mildness, most of the masks performed well except for Baique Antelope and Yu Nifang. Among them, although Yue Shi Fengyin added more alcohol ingredients, in the actual use process, volunteers are still believed that mildness is very good and no skin discomfort or allergies occur.

Surprisingly, in an all -round way, the better experience of the experience is the health hall. Although it is a new skin care brand, this mask has won unanimous praise from volunteers with the super soft film cloth. Many volunteers said that its membrane cloth is very skinny, comfortable and gentle, and the essence is refreshing, so the skin feels very comfortable.

Q & A


Q1: Is preservatives in the mask easy to sensitize?


Because the mask must be polluted by microorganisms in the storage procedure due to high moisture and high nutrition, it must be performed in order to ensure that it is not contaminated by microorganisms during the storage procedure. Some mainstream preservatives such as benzenoxy, chloropenal ether, and non -traditional ethyl -based self -based glycerin, hydroxylzhenyl, and glycinol are more reliable. The skin that is more sensitive to avoid formaldehyde -containing sustained -release body preservatives or methylctomazole.

However, it should be reminded that the cause of allergies that occur in a skin care product may be diversity, and preservatives are only one of the possibilities. If necessary, you can pay special attention to some of the more common allergens in the ingredient table.

(Common and confirmed allergen lists in cosmetics. Source: “Cosmetics Allergy and its diagnosis” Author: Liu Wei, Dean of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital)

Q2: I heard that Fan Bingbing applied 700 masks a year. Can the mask high frequency improvement can improve the skin?


For the skin, the benefit that can really get from the mask is instant moisturizing. During the mask, under the closed membrane cloth, the blood of the skin was accelerated, and some small molecule moisturizing and nutrients were quickly entered into the skin surface, making the skin “drink enough water”. But some macromolecules such as polysaccharides and collagen are difficult to absorb immediately. Moreover, the frequency of the mask once every few days cannot guarantee that some effective ingredients can be replenished continuously and lasting.


The mask is also a dense maintenance product. Excessive hydration can be used to use high -frequency use, which makes the cuticle cells of the skin become fragile, but it will be worthless. Therefore, it is better to put down the skin with a high -frequency mask to improve the skin.

Q3: What is the correct mask posture?


First of all, the frequency does not need to be too high, it can be used on Monday to twice. It is recommended to use it when the pores are opened after bathing. If the skin is dry, you can take a little toner before use to help soft keratin, so as to avoid tingling when applying the mask.

It is best not to apply a mask for more than 20 minutes. After time, wash it off with water, and then apply lotion, cream, etc. for subsequent maintenance to make the moisturize more lasting.




After two periods of measurement, a total of 17 moisturizing masks, I believe that everyone has a specific planting object ~

Next, the long -term dords will bring the evaluation of the sleep mask. Want to know if the sleep mask is useful? Which is better than the cream? Which one is worth buying? Remember to set the public account of “Consumer Report” and continue to pay attention! Welcome everyone to leave a message [

In the next issue, the brand of sleeping mask that is most likely to be evaluated by the long -term lane