[Zhongguancun Online Original] Whether it is a photo in the mobile phone, the micro -single, and the photos in SLR, there are always some urge to print out. But for most people, there is actually no photo printer at home. Recently, many friends asked me what photo printing machine should I buy? Here, according to different budgets, given the choice of buying photo printers at the end of the year and early years. How much do they start with them and what channels do they start.

Photo wall is already a must -have for home improvement

500 yuan budget

The 500 yuan budget actually couldn’t buy a photo printer a few weeks ago. However, Xiaomi, who is good at the price disruption, has opened crowdfunding. This Xiaomi’s Mijia photo printer uses a heated sublimation technology, with a print resolution of 300DPI. The current pre -sale situation is very hot. What is the conclusion that Mijia’s product is not available because it is not available for sale, but it is indeed the only sublimation printer in this price section.

On December 19, Xiaomi Mi Family Photo Printer opened crowdfunding


Huawei Honor MINI Photo Printer

Huawei’s photo printer uses popular Zink technology. The price was directly 499. The significance of Zink is portable, instead of picture quality. I believe that Huawei’s machines are better for Android and especially Huawei’s mobile phones.

The 800 yuan price segment is still only a pocket photo printer and the sublimation photo printer to choose from. Here we give four. The first is the famous Canon CP1300.


Canon Hyunfei CP1300

HP Xiaoyin 200


Canon Honorica


Canon CP1300 is the latest product of the Canon Heat Subnestment Line. At present, the price of more than 800 State Bank may encounter e -commerce promotional prices within 800. The other two Zink products belong to HP’s small seal and Canon Instaline, in fact, they are all Zink’s technology, but the final imaging quality of this technology is quite testing by enterprises. You are disappointed.


Fuji SP-2 and anime cooperative photo paper

There are many anime IPs of Fuji Instax photo paper cooperation

Another alternative is Fuji’s photo printer. Its volume is larger than the Canon and HP technology of Zink technology, but it is used in silver salt photo paper and has many beliefs. Fuji’s Instax is particularly suitable for two -dimensional players, because Fuji has in -depth cooperation in local and many Japanese anime.


At present, the inkjet printing product of thousands of yuan is the main battlefield of the supply -type household all -in -one machine. Those machines can of course print photos, but we recommend more serious photo printing equipment, so four -color products are not within the scope of the recommendation of this article. There are not too many budgets of about two thousand yuan.

Six -colored ink ink -ink -type printer Epson L805

The launch of the Epson L805 is already a long time, but it is still the only 6 -color photo on the market for printers. If you choose a multi -color confession, then the Epson L805 is the only choice for more than 2,000 yuan. If you have requirements for copying, you can consider L805’s all -in -one model L850.


Canon six -color photo all -in -one machine TS9180

Canon TS9180 provides another direction of choice. The design of the TS9180 is exquisitely designed. It is a comprehensive all -in -one machine. It also provides 6 -color photo printing. It is excellent in quality. Wireless printing and touch screens are convenient to use. Design and convenience makes this product higher in pricing, but the quotation of dealers on e -commerce can achieve more than 2,000. If you choose a high -value and tasteful home photo printing product, the Canon TS9180 is a good choice.


There are two products that can be selected at 4000 yuan budget. One is the famous Epson L1800. At that time, this site was also evaluated. This product is actually the famous 1390 ink -style version, A3+surface, 6 -color ink -type. It is a very affordable choice.

6 -color ink -type A3+photo printer Epson L1800

Canon PRO-100 with 8-color ink


The Canon Pro-100 is the entry model of the Canon Pro series photo printer. Canon corresponds to the high requirements of serious photos, so the entry PRO-100 also uses 8-color ink. I think this product uses dye ink, and the printed products are very colorful. Of course, it is not as long as the product of painting in ink. Various choices depends on consumer individuals.

You must be a serious business photographer. There are only two models in the market that can meet your products. Because of the earlier time for PRO-1 to launch, I personally do not recommend buying it. The thin red line is the same as the red circle of your SLR Ledo.


Canon inkjet photo printer flagship Pro-500


PRO500 don’t look at the price of about 15,000 yuan, but the printed surface of this product has also expanded to A2! The most attractive function is not the 12 -color ink system. In the eyes of the author, the color meter with this product is the most conscience design: the quality of the printing of printing in real time during the printing process is very important for hot bubble printing heads, because the hot bubble technology print header After working, the temperature will rise, and the corresponding exporter will affect the quality of the output on the quality of the output. Interference, larger size, stronger and more accurate output capacity, Canon Pro-500 is the best choice for 10,000 yuan photo printer.