For Pu’er Tea is not stranger for many tea friends, do you know Chen Pu Pu’s tea? What is it characteristic? How to brew it? Can you drink for a long time? Let’s take a look at the relevant content below.

With the improvement of living standards, wealth and sickness, three high, gastrointestinal discomfort, etc., and currently in many countries in many countries, the haze is serious, leading to the drama of respiratory disease.

Chen Pue Pu’er tea is especially suitable for these people, and Chen Pulu’s napper is taste, gift, and is suitable for mainstream consumption people.

Chen Pulu’s tea can be used for a long time, but it takes appropriate amounts. Only the right amount of drink will be good for the body, and long-term adherence to the health effect of drinking Chen Pu’s tea is also very good.

Method for brewing Mu Pu’er tea:

First, open the package, take out the complete small ganuts;

Second, carefully crush the small semilizers and put the citrus and the tea in the cup or pot.


Third, add boiling water brewing, first wo the tea, the second cloud, this kind of binding method, please make a quick soup, avoiding tea soup too rich, may have bitter, and joking.

Fourth, after five bubbles, the soaking time can be gradually increased, and the taste and taste of the tea soup can be guaranteed. About can be brewed about 13 bubbles.


In addition, since Pu’er tea dissolution speed is faster, the foam is lowered, and the skin is slow, the skin is lighter, and the mouthfeel is insufficient.

To this end, when brewing Chen Pulu, the skin is best dismantled into small pieces, accelerates the dissolution, and tea and skin can be completed.

Especially when the cooked tea is short, the dissolution speed of tea is faster, and the tea is faster. Know the characteristics of tea and skin, you can bubble a good Chen Pu.

Chen Pulu is also a common type of tea, and its side effects are basically relatively small. Of course, there must be some attention. It is best not to drink when you drink tea, avoid adverse reactions in the stomach.

Does Chen Pu Pu’s tea drink?

Chen Pulu’s tea is also called Chen Pu tea, citrus tea, orange tea, etc., is currently a hot tea in my country’s tea market.


Unlike ordinary Pu’er tea, Chen Pu Pu’er tea has both dried fruit incense, and also has glycohol with Pu’er tea itself.

It is made of pure natural new conference and Yunnan Pu’er tea as raw materials.

Tea soup is a translucent brown, Chen Xiang, refreshing, entrance is delicate and smooth, and the aftertaste is sweet.

When making Don Pu’er tea, do not add any additives to increase the Chen Si of the tea to form a unique monopoli tea in mutual fermentation.


Chen Pue Pu’er tea tea is warm and glycerol, and it is suitable for elderly people to drink.

For long-term smokers, long-term use of computer, hypertensive patients, obese people and other drinking effects is better.

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