Modal’s home service, which is not expensive, does not sweat without sweating, and can be worn when you go out!

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UROOM Modal comfortable long outside wearing home skirt

¥ 139



At home, a comfortable home service often gives a lot of sense of security.


Therefore, if you wear well -dressed home clothes, you must choose a good quality at home.

What I have to mention is Modal fabric,


Both hygroscopic, breathability or word of mouth are far beyond the cotton

, Comfortable and skin -friendly.

It is often used to make personal clothes, which is a new choice for people to pursue comfortable people.

Today, I recommend one to you

Comfortable, breathable, you can go out and go out

Home clothes–

Uroom Modal Home Skirt.


This home clothing fabric is adopted


50 chiral essence Modal fiber

The content is 95%

It should be more thinner and dense to the touch, and the skin is the kind of gently!

The raw materials of this orchid Modal come from renewable beylum.

First make it into a wood pulp, and then use the renewable energy of the wood pulp workshop to produce fiber in an environmentally friendly manner.

Home service made with Lan Jing Modal,

Feel soft, delicate and smooth

Wearing it, just like the body slipped into the real silk.



It is 50% higher than the cotton in dryness

It can quickly take away the sweat on the body and dry it faster.

The fabric feeling is also quite good,

The upper body is naturally sagging

, Comfortable to get rid of it.



Round neck

, Just right to highlight the collarbone of women, outline beautiful lines, and try to be gentle and moving.



Short -sleeved design

, The workmanship is very fine;

The length is below the knee

Open the door to take a courier, and it is not embarrassing to wear things out.

At home, we wear home clothes and pajamas, and wearing a fashion dress.

On both sides of the dress


Oblique pocket


It is very convenient to go out to buy vegetables and eat supper.

Pregnant women’s mother -in -law is also suitable for wearing,

Loose design, soft skin -friendly fabric

It is particularly suitable whether it is considered from the body or from health or practicality.


A total of 7 colors, 90-260 catties can be worn

, Meet the needs of all girls.

As a recycled cellulose fiber, Modal’s raw material is a kind of wood called “beefwood”. After a special spinning process, the cost will be higher than that of cotton fabrics.


This home service

Modal’s content is 95%, and it is slippery to wear

The soft touch of the skin is so comfortable to shudder like the water flowing through the body.

Except for Modal fabric,

It also contains 6%spandex, which also guarantees the elasticity of the clothes.

In addition, the strength of the Modal fiber is higher than that of cotton fiber, and it has natural


Anti -wrinkle




Water absorption


It is also good, more convenient and natural.

More importantly, the cotton jacket time is easy to harden and deformation, and it will be uncomfortable to wear, and Modal’s stability is much better than cotton.

It won’t deform if you pull it at will

It ’s okay to wear it for a few years.


This home service adopts a tightly 50 -tight spinning technology, active printing and dyeing,

Wash it for a long time, and will not shrink, fade, and get the ball.

Buyer’s home service should not be small, after all, it is to be comfortable, but it is not possible to pursue looseness without paying attention to tailoring!

This home service has a neat and dense needle,

There are no extra lines, and it is very comfortable to wear.


On the style, it chose

Simple round neck design

Simple and chic,

Optimize the neck lines and highlight the slender elegance of the neck.


Jacket adoption


Shoulderless line design

, Drinking sharply,

The visually narrowed the shoulder

, Will not be strong at all, can also cover the unicorn arm and worship meat, and it will be a bit of popular boyfriend wind ~


Before short and back design


, Novelty personality, layered, full of fashion!


Also on both sides of the clothes

, I go out and install a key mobile phone.


In addition, this dress is adopted

Loose style

, Hiding the small belly, even thinner.

This home service can hold different girls with different heights and weight.

Body does not affect our charm,


There are no problems with 90-catties to 260 catties!

This home service can be fully accepted regardless of this home service.


Sisters who are full of figure, or have not recovered after giving birth, just buy it!


Seven colors

No matter whether your style is cute, girl, sexy or simple, you can find your favorite home service.





Oblique pocket