The kitchen is a place where it is easy to accumulate water and easily breed bacteria. Therefore, draining work is very important. Keeping dry and tidy is the first problem that kitchen masters must consider. Today, the various drain frames recommended by everyone’s conscience combine different styles and functions. See which kind of drain of your little family need?

[Wall -mounted multi -function storage drain frame]

Wicing and draining, chopsticks spoon storage, suitable for all kinds of tools, and removable bases. It has a mesh on the back that can be suspended at will, convenient and neat, and the kitchen is comfortable and more hygienic. Low, designed for small spoons.

【Class cabinet -like drain frame】


Simple and lightweight bowls of bowls, different patterns summarize bowls, discs, spoons, chopsticks, etc., respectively. It is more intimately designed with a drip tray with the water leak. You can directly drip the accumulated water into the pool. It does not need to be wet on the table and does not need to pour water often, which is more convenient and hygienic.


【Received Kitchen Drawing Bridge】


Seal dustproof insect prevention, the upper and lower cover design, the storage capacity is large, durable, with drain basket, breathable filtration water, does not accumulate water to facilitate maintenance; a transparent cover design, which is convenient for obtaining, can also prevent cockroaches from invasion.


【Stainless Steel Cabriers】

The cutting frame is very practical. Each household will use a cutting board. Its hygiene cleaning work is important, so ventilation and breathability are the focus. This rack plays a role. The water on the cutting board is residual.


【Plastic bowl and cup drain frame】

It is used in the kitchen storage bowl, divided into two specifications of size; native resin materials, non -recovery plastic, no odor, environmentally friendly and healthy; there are open tanks on the side, easy to pick up and easy to use; Reduce the possibility of shattering; four weeks of hollow, good ventilation, dry, clean and hygienic.

[Stainless steel double -layer bowl bowls and dishes drain of dishes]

The upper plate is caught by a separate drain, and the lower bowl shelf is also caught by a separate drain, which is cleaner and hygienic; this bowl has two colors, you can choose your favorite color; More.


【Draining Bowl Storage Box】


The appearance is light and beautiful, and the storage function is extremely strong. It can store bowls, dishes, discs, or pot lids vertically to save space. There are segments at the bottom, and up to 5 dishes and bowls can be placed vertically, clean and tidy! It is a good helper for housewives!

【Set the Wall -mounted Storage rack】

Japan’s imported kitchen racks, high -quality suction cups, are not afraid of water, adhesion and casual, suction cup design specialized small handle, without effort, you can remove it. There are 4 partitions for the storage rack. You can insert it on the shelf at will as needed, separate the shelf into a small grid, so that the placed items are more stable and appropriate. It is convenient for drainage, and there are 80 drain holes at the bottom of the storage rack to ensure that the water can flow and evaporate faster.