Recently, Juan Mom participated in a mother’s transformation plan and was greatly hit.

The stylist gave three critical strikes: no spirit, fat, and face. The colleagues also talked crazy, and I became more and more round in the camera.

No, in order to save my dignity of an Internet celebrity, I want to lose weight! Intersection Intersection

But let me who love snacks control your appetite? impossible!

The nutritionist sitting next to me couldn’t stand it anymore. I recommended daily nuts for me, a small bag a day, let me eat snacks.

To say nuts, not only delicious, but also rich in nutrition, it is perfect snacks.

However, the “daily nuts” of various brands on the market are dazzling. Which one is better?

We picked 7 daily nuts on the market and evaluated them separately from four directions.

Participating in this evaluation is Volon, Baicao flavor, sweetness, Qiaqiang, three squirrels, new farmers and Liangpin shop.


Ingredient table & nutritional composition table

——I bring “salt” for myself


When we choose snacks, the shorter the ingredients, the better, indicating that the less additives. However, because our evaluation is the daily nuts this time, the ingredients table is mainly mainly nuts and dried fruits, which are generally the same.

The nutritional component table generally needs to pay attention to energy, protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Although these brands have a slight difference, the overall difference is not much different.

However, one of the brands have attracted the attention of nutritionists because they “brought salt” because they were too salt.

The sodium content of Xinnongge is as high as 560 mg per 100 grams, which is much higher than other brands of this evaluation.

Excessive sodium intake is not conducive to blood pressure control for adults; it is more serious to children and will cause burden on kidney metabolism. so,

Xinnong brother out!


Category & gram

——Ad the weight of the fruit is a hooligan

Friends who have eaten daily nuts know that although they are called daily nuts, they are not just nuts, and they are generally matched with dried fruit.


Most brands of nuts are cashew kernels, walnut kernels, Bayan Mu Ren (tonsil kernels), and hazelnuts; dried fruit is raisins, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, dried blueberries

Nutritionists recommend that you eat 25 to 35 grams of nuts every day, so the more the proportion of nuts is of course the better.


Volon’s nuts ratio


The high proportion is far ahead, so don’t miss friends who like nuts! Of course, if you just like dried fruits, you can also choose more dried fruit.


In addition to the proportion of nuts and dried fruits, how many types need to pay attention to, Qiaqia and Volon contain


Species, three squirrels, good products shop contain


Species, and the taste of Baicao and the sweetness in my heart



Although the types of nuts are basically the same, dried fruit is still very rich, and various choices are selected by Ren Jun!


Taste & taste

——It is just justice


After all, it is food. If it is not delicious, even if the nutritional value is high, I will still have a principled choice to refuse.

This time, we called the “Storm Evaluation Group” of every time you must eat a CD -ROM to experience whether the taste of nuts is fresh? What is the lap?

The friends of the assessment team did it after the storm inhaled


“Rigid and regular”




Three squirrels

With the high score of 5 stars, he won the love of most friends.




Total price & unit price


—— Poverty limit my life

At the end, of course, it is time to look at the price. You can’t spend any money that you have made hard work.

It is understood that the weight of most daily bars on the market is about 25 grams, with 30 bags of 30 bags in a box.

From the perspective of the unit price, the most expensive is the shop shop, with a single bag of 5.3 yuan; the cheapest is the sweetness in the heart. The single bag is only 2.66 yuan. It can be said that the price of cabbage is very important, but the most important thing is actually cost -effective.

However, due to the different platforms and occasional discounts, the price is floating. So the price PK is for reference only. The main thing is to see the discount, it is stable, accurate, and ruthless!

It is time for the annual Recommended Momo to recommend it again. The Mu Mu adheres to the principle of delicious food and chose the taste first. Most friends are recommended by most friends.


And our special invitation nutritionist still adheres to the principle of nutritional first, recommend



Friends who love nuts can claim their favorite brands by themselves, but although the nuts are good, don’t be greedy, a small bag every day, delicious, nutrition and not fat!

Moms, do you like to eat nuts or dried fruit? Which brand would you choose? Welcome


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Three squirrels