The four -piece four -piece cover of the cotton is one of the very common four -piece suit. The permeability and natural plant cotton -free non -pollution of the cotton has always been the first choice. Such four -piece materials are softer. The whole cotton is generally used in the proprietary term in materials such as clothing, with a cotton content of 95%-100%.


The oblique pattern is the woven method to make the fabric present the oblique line. The oblique line is the structural form of the oblique line on the surface of the fabric on the surface of the fabric. Its tissue structure is characterized by the oblique lines composed of tissue or weft tissue points on the tissue diagram. The surface of the fabric has a oblique woven pattern composed of (or weft) floating long lines. The tissue cycle of the tissue is at least 3 meridians and three weft gauze.


The organizational structure of home textiles is: flat lines, oblique patterns, tribute satin, and jet. The oblique pattern is one of the structure of home textile tissue.

I’m tired, go home, be better for yourself, because it is very short for a lifetime, and it is better for family members, because it may not be met in the next life.

Take away extra decorations and flowers, we choose to be simple; abandon the waste of indulgence and luxury, we choose to restrain; omitted artificial rendering and carving, we choose nature. This is the source of “natural good things and natural life”.

Choose the source life, buy a bed quilt for yourself, add a alarm clock, choose a water cup, love your family with heart, and love life with love. Choose the source life and make every corner of the home full of surprises and smiles!