The annual Goddess Day is approaching. In this special day, every “she” is worth blessing.

这个女神节 来感受奥迪的礼遇之旅吧

As one of the most understandable luxury car brands, the Audi brand has continuously exceeded the enterprising spirit and aesthetic design over the past century, and also complement the charm of women’s elegance and confidence. At the end of the age of 2021, FAW-Volkswagen Audi joined the cover news to participate in the sealing women’s public welfare activities, practiced public welfare, and praised the power of “her”.

The beauty of women is more than one, but also more than one type. In the upcoming Goddess Day, Western Audi invited you to speak together, publish a female attitude, and edit your own declaration of personality, that is, the opportunity to get the star pet box, the keychain of the Audi bear doll The gift of inflatable waist pillows, car purchase coupons, and after-sales maintenance coupons can be taken home, and you can also draw SK-II travel sets and more exquisite gifts.

这个女神节 来感受奥迪的礼遇之旅吧

In addition, from February 21 to March 31, the distribution store of the Western Audi District will carry out weekend experience activities, inviting you to participate in model tasting, famous bag maintenance, nail experience, beauty health lectures, flower arrangement, perfume DIY and other activities Essence Women who book a car also have the opportunity to get the mysterious skin care suit, Ya Meng ACE Pro, and Chanel perfume. The specific participation method is to inquire about the local FAW -Volkswagen Audite dealer.

Every woman has a multi -faceted life. They can be the “soft girl” in life, or they can become the “strong woman” at work. They do not need to define themselves without a single label. Instead possibility. In Audi’s product spectrum, the new Audi Q2L is also full of personality and attitude, breaking through the restraint, and expressing their own personality.

这个女神节 来感受奥迪的礼遇之旅吧

The new Audi Q2L adopts the tissue and dynamic double face design, with slender LED headlights, full of strength. Multiple colors will choose her, especially the Kayora gray car color, which cannot be forgotten at a glance.

Do you have a sweet and cool girl circle powder? Just as the new Audi Q2L has the blessing of “Cool Cage”, it can be attracted to it. It can customize the C -pillar pattern and shape, showing self and personality. Exclusive RS Edition Welcome Lighting projection, giving unique charm.

The interior of the black and red movement shows the youthful dynamic. The Audi virtual cockpit system is equipped with the new Audi Q2L, the MMI navigation system of the 8.3 -inch color display, and the Sonos audio system, which brings a driving experience full of future technology. With the rear seat and trunk adjustment function of 4: 2: 4, the space size is immediately controlled. Electric trunk lids, girls can save time and effort daily.

This goddess festival, open a new Audi Q2L, feel the favor of Audi’s courtesy journey!

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