Daily article first question, what do you wear this autumn? What is the most match for autumn?

Of course, it can be called a warm -keeping artifact “Cordon” that can simulate a fashion retro blockbuster.

The texture is gentle and soft and waxy. It is not too fashionable.


“Autumn to start with a corduroy jacket”

, But now it is the late autumn season of the time -off cold dew, but it is still the home of the corduroy. On the degree of warmth and fashion, it is definitely a proper C -position player.

Today, Xiaobian is going to talk to the “veteran” items with the sisters in the autumn: Cordycase jacket. It can be said that the core velvet jacket is definitely a must -have item for a person. Each sisters will almost have a good thing.

From the perspective of warmth, the item of the cordyl velvet is simply a warm artifact in the autumn and winter season. It will never make you trembling again when wearing it. From a fashion perspective, it will unconsciously give people a retro high sense. No matter which environment appears, it will not seem to be rustic, and it will even bring highlights to stun the audience.


There are also many types of light core velvet jackets, such as windbreaker jackets, suit jackets, denim jackets, etc. can be manifested by the core velvet texture, which appears within the vision of the public.


These different versions of the styles of the style are different in style, some are high -end and precious, some are cool and handsome, and some are relaxed.

······ Next will focus on the highlights of these kinds of corduroy jackets.

Variety of Cordy Cordy Polys

1. Corduroy trench coat


The most classic windbreaker style is the handsome and cool long trench coat

Langlang’s handsome appearance and neutral style details make the windbreaker a single product that is brilliant and very popular with the public.

Coupled with the blessing of the light core velvet material, the last item presented is a cordycotic trench coat that combines romance and reality. It combines the romance and literature of the core of the lights and the original temperament and handsome. This is a piece Single products with attitudes and thoughts.

However, out of actual consideration, Xiaobian still has to remind a word. The long -liquor long trench coat is really crushed. The young girls have to dismiss themselves.

2. Cordonal velvet denim jacket


People are contradictory. You can allow anyone in the world to have the chic and ambitions of “unruly love and freedom”, and at the same time, and romantic literary ladylike temperament.


This is the light core velvet denim jacket, but the well -behaved look of the lady also hides a fearless heart that runs into the world.

When the retro and romantic light -core velvet encounters, the unruly denim jacket is destined to be an extraordinary encounter, which can be elegant, handsome, can have unlimited possibilities

It is such a different sweet and cool item that brings too many courage and beauty to us.


3. Corduroy suit

Dang Dangdang ~ Just see the little sisters who have seen the previous content, don’t be discouraged. Xiaobian will present you for you exclusive treasure items: Cordon -out sugar jacket.

The style of the suit is generally relatively small and exquisite, which is very suitable for small girls to be used as the main tone for autumn.

The suits of the corduroy material are a little different from the ordinary suit. It adds some elegance and leisure on the basis of the handsome career of ordinary suits.

Make the original suit more casual and kind, and the high coldness of the original “not getting close” has gradually transformed into a popular goddess who is “warm and sweet”.


Specific matching scheme of the Cordy Cordon

1. Corduroy jacket+pullover sweater+jeans

I have to say that the light -core velvet jacket is a must, both with pants or skirts. This set is also a dress that is very suitable for small girls to learn from. Small children can learn.


The innermost inside chooses a slightly element bottoming shirt, a irregular striped sweater on the outside, and the stacking effect is first -level.

The outermost layer is covered with light brown core velvet and short trench coat, and the upper body effect is vaguely revealed with the love of cute children.

A pair of canvas shoes in the lower body, a pair of canvas shoes, is handsome and very old, full of vitality and vitality as if they are about to overflow.

2. Corduroy jacket+knitted vest+half -body gauze skirt

Another set of boutique, white lace lotus leaf leaf -collar base shirt is elegant and exquisite, with plaid patterns, wool knitted vests elegant Miss Fan Er. The gentle meat apricot gauze skirt is like the person who is very gentle and gentle, gentle, fresh, and restrained.

Jiu pink leggings and golden loafers seem to be incompatible with the whole set of shapes, but in fact, a set of finishing touch is indeed added. The color tone adds a more jump and lively color to the whole. Simple and monotonous.

The above is the different category styles of the Cordy Cordy Platform and the entire content of the specific matching schemes. I want to be more refined and retro in autumn.