The biggest benefit of the raw material for dance plastic flooring is its safety and odor. What floor is good for dancing? Of course it is dance plastic floor! Dance -specific plastic flooring is also often used in dance rooms. The following briefly introduces what is different from other floors and other flooring.

跳舞用什么地板好 当然是舞蹈塑胶地板

First: Green and Environmental Protection of Plastic Flooring Plastic Flooring

跳舞用什么地板好 当然是舞蹈塑胶地板

Green and environmental protection is increasingly attracted by everyone. With the development of technology, green environmental protection is now not just recovering and saving capital. The green index of new products is also a big question for everyone. The biggest strength of the raw material of dance -dedicated plastic flooring is its safety and odor. Therefore, installation of such floors in the dance room is a kind of health for students’ health, and it is also an emotion to the environment and environmental protection.

Second: Plastic floor -specific plastic floor non -slip durable

The dance room is a place to dance, and many people jump on it every day. According to the practical thinking of the body and floor of the dancer, the anti -slip durability of the floor is one of the factors that need to be considered. The non -slip resistance of dance plastic flooring is excellent. The main thing is that it will not slip on it on it, but it will increase its conflict. Although someone dances on it every day, its life span is also very long, which is why many dance rooms choose it.

Third, dance -dedicated plastic flooring is easy to clean

When I think of so many people to dance together, I feel tired. I do n’t know how many dirty things are roaming on it. Almost all dancers have to touch the floor intimately. Therefore, the degree of cleaning the floor is in the heart. Small concerns are not clearly clear waste. What they want is real cleaning fungi. And the PVC floor has a lot of planes that can’t be used to obstruct the regeneration of bacteria, which is easy to clean.

跳舞用什么地板好 当然是舞蹈塑胶地板

There are many advantages in dance plastic flooring, such as easy device, fire prevention, and so on. I hope the content we provide can help you.