In the deep autumn seasons, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and there are many dresses on the street. If you want to talk about the highest frequency of autumn and winter, it is probably a sweater. As early as the 1930s, sweaters have been born, and it is still a trend of fashion in the fashion circle. It is comfortable, diverse, and tolerant, and is loved by the public.


But why are some women who are very old to wear sweaters, and some are dressed in age? This is not a matter of age, it is not enough for you to understand the sweater’s dressing skills! Today, I will share with you the tips of wearing a sweater. Keep in mind that this “3 wants to 3 don’t”, no matter how old you are, to ensure that you are fashionable and age -reducing. Look down together!

“Three Essentials” in a sweater

One: Good version


No matter what clothes, if you want to dress well, the version is good is the first element! There are many types of sweaters, which are dazzling. It is embarrassing to choose a version that is not suitable for your body. The following editors will explain which version of the population is suitable for you to teach you in detail.

· Loose version: Suitable for slightly fat girls, girls with large skeletons

The general sweater is designed with a falling shoulder. Girls with width shoulder width and skeleton can narrow the head and shoulders visually to make them more coordinated. The loose version of the meat is full, and girls with small belly and arm fat must have a loose sweater. There are a lot of cold clothes, and the loose sweater has enough space to tolerate all the inside, a set of laziness!

The female star’s airport private server also loves sweaters, such as Yang Mi, Yu Shuxin and other popular little flowers. There are often various shapes with loose sweaters. Jin Chen’s loose sweater, sleeves and hems of the milk apricot color, look wide, look round, cute and playful! The wear of female stars and fashion bloggers will help improve their aesthetic ability.

· Slim version: Suitable for middle -aged women and women in the workplace

The slim -fitting sweater is actually easier to step on the lightning, but its convergence and simple shape is very suitable for a generous temperament. Older women and workplace women are not suitable to wear loose and loose, and learn to match the slim sweaters to add quality to your life and work.

Classic black and white match, pure black slim sweater wearing a white bottoming shirt to increase the sense of layering. Wearing a simple silver necklace, a black bag with metal design, there are elements appeal on the accessories. Overall wearing a capable temperament, people also look spiritual.


· Long model: suitable for thick legs girl

The long sweater dress is a relatively niche in autumn and winter items. It is not easy to hit the shirt. This is a unique breakthrough. The loose sweater can not only cover the shortcomings of the leg lines, but also choose the best length above the knee and ankle, which can also be thin and thin!

In terms of the choice of patterns and colors, pay attention to the comparison of the primary and secondary. For example, a small -scale letter printing is embellished with a large area of ​​dark blue, and the visual focus is on. It combines the alphabetic elements and the skirt, full of Korean school sisters style.


· Short model: suitable for small girls


Don’t be afraid of cold tide girls, a short sweater on the frying street! The short sweater is very suitable for small girls, and the neck is full of legs. A normal and simple match, sunglasses, and handbags, there are no flowers, wearing a 1.7 meter of gas field, highlighting in the crowd. In particular, this simple dress must be embellished with accessories, otherwise there is no bright spot.

Two: details are in place

The details of the clothes can reflect the taste and attitude of personal wear. The details are not in place, which makes people feel that you are just “bright and beautiful”, and the clothes can’t stand. Although the sweater is simple, the details such as the neckline and sleeves are also very important. In other words, the version is only for the “threshold”. Whether it can “go far” is to see the details.

· Neckline:

In addition to the common round neck and hooded sweaters, girls with slender necks can challenge the high collar. Wearing a high -collar sweater can stand the strong wind of winter, and also strengthened his personal aura. It looks fierce and domineering.

Girls with short necks can choose V -neck. The lines are wide from width to narrow, and the skin area of ​​the shoulder and neck is larger. With the same color skirt, it looks elegant and intellectual.



The weather like Guangdong is uncertain, and the temperature is suddenly. Want to wear a sweater and be afraid of heat? It is better to try this cuff hollow design. The hem and sleeves are hollowed out, and the design limits of drawing are used to avoid pulling down. Breath and design, two birds with one stone.


Three points: Strong design sense

· Mix and match fabric:

Seeing the ordinary sweater style, if you want to make some innovative wear, it is better to try the “fabric reception method”. Different fabrics collide, and the texture collides together, which increases the richness of clothing and the layered sense of shape. There are many big sweaters designs in the past, which is the trend of this year.

You may not be able to choose a sweater that you can’t choose such. In fact, you can use the stacking skills to achieve the same effect. Outside the sweater, put a piece of clothes of the same color and different materials, the overall style is uniform, but the two clothes fabrics have their own characteristics. The stitching shape is super design. “Designer”!


· Special tailoring:


Cut the original rules of the sweaters into different styles, plus zipper and grinding these designs, novel and unique, and it is very attractive to walk on the street. Applying irregular tailoring on the sweater, innovating on the basis of classics, has the characteristics of the times.


“Three Don’t” in a sweater

Don’t: Too fancy


Don’t think that wearing a printed sweater is young. The oldest women who are older are generous. Do not wear too fancy. This will look very exaggerated and deliberately tender. Moreover, some popular colors of the Internet are actually difficult to control, and reality will be very rustic. Everyone pays attention to lightning avoidance, don’t follow the trend!

· Performing method: Pure light -colored


The easiest way to really achieve age reduction is to choose a pure light -colored sweater. Although it is simple, it actually contains mysterious machines. When people reach middle age, the skin becomes dull. Choosing a light -colored sweater can soft skin luster in color tones. Pure color items are also easy to improve temperament and high -level sense.


Two don’t: internal expansion and extension

The sweater was originally a vertical version of the leisure and switching. It wore a sweater inside and wearing a swollen jacket like down jackets and wool sweater outside. It looked very bloated and clumsy. For women of the previous age, the middle -aged blessing is still obese, and it is even more miserable.

· Putting on the right: coat wearing a coat

When wearing a thick sweater, the coats choose coats and workers’ leather jackets. Their sharp lines and round lines of the sweater can be complementary in style. And this type of jacket has no curve ups and downs, and it is very thin, and it will not be fat with a sweater.

Three do not: the proportion is not coordinated


If the sweater and the lower body match are loose items, it will look lazy to match it at will. Whether it is skirts or pants, they are super crushed. Not a supermodel figure, remember not to challenge.


· Performing method: highlight the waistline


With loose lower body items, the most important thing is to highlight the waistline. You can put the sweater in and improve the waistline position. Or wearing short sweaters directly, the style is more lively.


Today, the content of the sweater “3 wants 3 does not want” is shared here! Keep in mind this period of dry goods and remove obstacles for your autumn and winter sweater. No matter how old you are, how to wear fashion! We see you next time.