The chills are getting stronger, and there are many choices for men’s single products in autumn and winter. How to improve the temperament in the overall match and show a variety of autumn and winter Looks, the most test of men’s matching skills. So, what kind of clothing should I use this autumn and winter season to improve my temperament? Let’s take a look at how the male god Zhu Yawen has both style and temperature in autumn and winter ~


Recently, as a spokesperson for Jinlilai, he dressed in the new autumn and winter of 2021, which explained the trend of the new gentleman.


OOK1: Jinli Lai West, Get Workplace Elite Fan


The suit suit is the form of energy -saving in autumn and winter. The rare champagne color west, using the yarn of imported Tallia fabrics to show its unique delicate and luster, with European -style shoulder shoulder, showing a full and wide posture. With a gray -blue sweater, don’t have a style.

In addition, the layers of dressing methods are also very popular in recent years. Western stacked trench coats to create a more recognizable and high -level sense. It is conducive to showing a good figure, with a striped shirt with a base, with a wide stripe tie, exquisite, but the aura is full and fashionable.

Look 2: Jinli Lian West+Knit sweater, GET business leisure fan

Compared with a suit suit, Shanxi has a sense of business and leisure. Zhu Yawen’s Jinlilai brand culture series single west, loose version, small lapels are delicate and exquisite. The same color is knitted and bottomed, khaki casual pants, showing a high and thin modification ratio, wearing high taste from the inside out, easy to get business casual fan.

Look 3: Jinli SoloteX jacket+casual pants, get casual life style


The conventional version of the coat is full of details. The design of the workpiece pocket brings a retro sense. The upgraded version of the hooded hunting model is used in the inside. It is worth mentioning that Jinli Lai Solotex coat is carefully made with SoloteX Japanese imported fabrics. It has good waterproof performance and breathable and moisture. It can also keep it comfortable. Stacking black sweaters and white shirts, the contrast is full of harmony. With the Jinli Lai Shang Travel 360 ° easy to take care of the series of casual pants, the overall texture is full, suitable for autumn and winter travel or outdoor activities with friends and relatives on weekends.


(Jinli Lai Commercial Travel 360 ° Easy to take care of)


After sharing these sets of Zhu Yawen’s same dress, it is still necessary to emphasize that it is important to make the overall image, but the texture, color selection and cleanliness of the clothes are actually equally important. Jin Lilai focuses on creating a unique business image for men. From material, function, comfort to appearance, show the charm of gentlemen in multiple aspects, help men to enhance their tastes through reasonable combination.

From the cooperation between Zhu Yawen and Jin Lilai, we can not only learn the way of Zhu Yawen’s dress, but also feel the diversified types and design of Jinli Lai. In the autumn and winter of 2021, Jinlilai Business Men’s clothing, as always, accompanied the workplace elites to face challenges more calmly!