There are many styles suitable for female friends in spring, such as tight pants, wide -leg pants, flared pants or sports trousers, etc., but don’t forget the smoke pants that were popular in the past two years. This spring it suddenly became hot again. The smoke pants are thin and versatile. If you want to create an elegant and intellectual side, you can consider the “cigarette pipe pants”. The style of this kind of pants is simple and unique. Female friends who are not good -looking.

The pants of cigarette pants are simple, but the degree of modification is high. The legs width of the upper and lower ends of the cigarette pants are basically the same. Even girls with thicker thighs, or girls with thick calf, or girls with not straight legs can hide the lack of leg shape under two trousers. Smoke pants can be divided into denim tobacco pants, suits, cigarette pants, woolen cigarette pants, and so on. Then let’s take a look at this kind of hot and versatile cigarette pants together. How to wear it to wear thin and advanced.

1. Choose the article


TIPS1, length

Spring is here, and the temperature is full. We can choose the nine -point pants of the ankle. The nine -point length of pants are the least height in terms of length. One of the length. If the pants are too long, there is no skin at all, and it looks quite thick.

tips2, fabric

Regarding the choice of cigarette pants pants, the first choice must start with its fabric material. Most of the styles of cigarette pipe pants are denim. Of course, there are also many suit fabrics. Tube pants are more suitable for women in the workplace, and easily help you create a capable and temperamental sense. It depends on what style you want to choose.

TIPS3, color

In addition to the selection of pants and fabrics, the second is the color of cigarette pants, which is also very important. If you want the color that is wild and not easy to make errors, you can directly start the classic black and white or khaki color. These colors of smoke pants are all classic and stylish. Overall, the plasticity is also very strong. The specific color is mainly referred to the color of the top.

Two, matching articles

look1, suit+cigarette pants pants

The cigarette pants are a weapon for creating commuting LOOK. When it comes to its good partner, the suit is definitely on the list, especially for office workers. Smart and advanced style.

The easiest thing is that the suit style is worn. The matching of the “smoke pants” of the suit and the suit must be very simple and commuting. It is directly fooled to ensure that the overall match is not wrong, and it is more suitable for commuting.

look2, shirt+cigarette pants pants

Shirts are synonymous with capable and decent. They are equally matched with cigarette pants. Like a suit tobacco pants or denim cigarette pants, it is simple to match with white shirts, which are simple and generous and mature.

In addition, you can use the ribbon, fold design or lace, wave dot element to add mature femininity.


TIPS3, windbreaker+cigarette pants pants

In spring, the appearance rate of trench coats is relatively high. The trench coat can express a capable temperament. The medium and long trench coats can cover the meat and thin, and they are not pressed. They are very friendly for slightly fat bodies and mature women.


The most basic khaki trench coat is also a must -have for the shade of the tide. It can interpret the sense of advanced, retro and elegant, and wear dark blue or black “cigarette pipe pants” and put on a pair of casual shoes. This dress is also very simple and atmospheric.

You can open the trench coat when you wear it. Such a combination can reveal your inside, show your slender waist, and the high effect will be very good.

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