It is necessary to choose a comfortable and safe confinement during confinement. Moms are weak after giving birth, and they need to wear more and cover more to avoid cold and wind. Choose the confinement suit correctly to take a good confinement! Moms, how are your confinement clothes ready?

Many expectant mothers will prepare some necessities for themselves before production, such as confinement uniforms must prepare. However, the choice of confinement service is very knowledgeable. Different styles and fabrics must be selected in different seasons …

1. Spring and autumn

Although the temperature has risen a lot in spring, the temperature of the indoor is still cool; therefore, choose a confinement service with a suitable thickness and warm -keeping effect.

The temperature difference in autumn is large. Bao mothers should be adjusted according to the temperature and humidity of the room in confinement. Try to wear long -sleeved trousers to avoid colds. Moreover, the humidity in autumn and dry climate are recommended. It is recommended to choose a soft and comfortable confinement service.

In terms of style selection, you can choose the side opening design. The hidden breasts can be used to prevent breastfeeding and prevent light.

2. Summer


Summer temperature is high, and many mothers who are in confinement in summer will choose to dress coolly. However, the postpartum mothers are weak, and they are too thin to fall into confinement disease. Therefore, it is recommended that the mothers who are confinement in summer should also choose the confinement clothes of long clothes and trousers. You can choose cotton yarn in the choice of fabrics. It is breathable and does not feel sultry.


In terms of styles, you can choose to design with a mammal. Most of the time for Bao mothers who rest on the bed can also choose a night skirt style.

Third, winter

The winter climate is relatively cold, and expectant mothers must pay attention to keep warm after giving birth. In winter, it is best to choose a confinement uniform with good thermal warming performance such as thicker, cotton, velvet or coral velvet.



① The expectant mothers are easy to sweat even if the weather is cold after giving birth, so it is best to prepare two sets of confinement uniforms for easy replacement;

② Generally speaking, the styles of confinement clothes are relatively loose, and expectant mothers can start wearing menu clothes from pregnancy;

③ The confinement period is over, and the confinement service can also be worn as a home. Don’t worry about it to be idle ~