My little cute


Good night duck

As the saying goes:

A autumn rain and a cold

There have been several rains on the side of hoarding here

I can feel it clearly now


A hint of coolness

Presumably, Jimei

I have already put it on the closet for a long time

But everyone is buying autumn clothes


Don’t forget to start with new pajamas!

Although pajamas do not look like

The clothes we usually wear outside

Need to “show up” every day

But it is indeed possible

Accompany you every day to dream of dreaming


Go home and change it to it

Can release your body and mind


Unload the fatigue for a day

Find the most comfortable state

Then, then, then

Of course, as the standard Yan control

The value of the pajamas is also quite particular about the dripping

Give you everyone today

Select a wave of autumn pajamas carefully

Black base with a brown bear, reducing the age and not getting away. and

This color is sweet or sweet, giant dirty

, Suitable for group couple models.

It is also a cute bear graffiti,

Hand -painted version, full of ins,

Rush a little quietly. There are two colors, white is a girl version, gray is a boys version, and it is a couple model.

The color of pajamas is a very designed abstract geometric pattern stitching.


Women’s models are white outsole

, It looks softer;

Men’s background color is gray

The overall effect looks tough.

Super cured cat pajamas,


It is easy to fall at a glance


Dare to ask the little fairy to fight. The clothes are made of soft knitted cotton, skin -friendly, and the texture is great.

Q cute carrot graffiti, also cute!

The same paragraph of men and women, with a minimalist collar collar

, Simple and generous, very foreign. The pajamas are used for double -layer cotton veil fabrics.




Blue gray tone+cartoon cosmic printing


So beautiful and dreamy, male and girls will love! The casual loose version, no comfort, do not pick up figure ~

The matcha tea that can’t be taken in summer, vitality and girl, also like the same in autumn! This


The fabric is with its own folds texture

, With the cute and soft doll lapel, full of literature and art.

I like this so much! Whether it is the material of the pajamas or the design sense, I poke my heart!


Kimono’s lace lace design, easy to wear and unbounded

At the same time, the white lace was decorated on the neckline and pants, and my girl’s heart was fiercely satisfied.

Plumb and gorgeous iris,

Like Van Gogh’s oil paintings, quiet and deep.

The lazy up on the upper body is full of different from beginning to end, very advanced.


This floral pajamas not only have a trace of soil flavor, but also has a special taste.

When you put it on, you can shoot a fashionable blockbuster, and the aura burst!

Simple contrasting color lapel, match

Mengcai cat printing pattern


, The cute value exploded. I especially like the design of the trousers, so I will not shrink up in bed.



A decorative design on the petals on the chest

, Very sweet and very young girls. The clothes also look more three -dimensional, and the upper body has a skeleton feeling.


This is here today


At the same time when Jimei puts on autumn clothes

Don’t forget to buy pajamas