The soft and loose pants are definitely a must -have for every boy’s wardrobe!

It is very tolerant of its own sexy, which is very friendly to all kinds of body shape. Comfortable fabrics can be comfortable and comfortable anytime, anywhere, whether they are home or friends.

This year’s pants are really hot! The major e -commerce platforms are crazy ~ The reason for the fire of the trousers is inseparable from the hot AthFlow wind this year ~ So what does ATHFlow style mean?


Based on leisure in wearing without losing sense of style.

The exquisiteness of the Athflow style is that “there is no limit on the scene of three kilometers.”


It is suitable for wearing less than three kilometers away from home, which can be

There is a laziness and leisure sense of the house, and you can move to social occasions at any time

Light and formal sense.

It is not difficult to imitate this style of dress. It is a iconic item that integrates casual ATHFlow style in daily commute or social dress -gray pants, under the blessing of fashion items,

Very eye -catching, 100%street feeling! Directly include fashionable daily life.

1. Sports sweater+pants

Athflow’s tone is the sports style

With casual casual sports sweater saving time and effort.


But don’t be confused with ordinary leisure sports style,

Athflow pays more attention to the processing of details

Essence for example:

The matching with the sweater should be different from the color of the pants; choose a shirt or inside as an embellishment


Very suitable for college boys to class chIC


The matching of the sweater and the pants is casual, and the shirt and baseball cap are just right to embellish the formal sense. It is seamlessly connected to basketball courts, libraries, and classrooms between the shirts. Refreshing and tone, make a stunning appearance in minutes.


Easy and easy to match as the core of the style of gray pants, often with male preference color systems such as [Blue+Gray], [Apricot+Gray], [Black+Gray].

The blue sweater that is eye -catching with people is paired with guards, and a pair of beloved basketball shoes are selected, and they will immediately become a model in the AthFlow style.

In simple, you also need to wear different ingenuity, which can definitely make the shape earn.

The daily arbitrary Outfit, combines people’s current popular details -socks and trousers, overall more fashionable factors, advanced advanced high -level Athflow players, casual cool Boy is not poked.


2. down jacket+gray pants

The core of Athflow lies in “soft” and mix and match


As a must -keep in winter, down jackets are necessary to keep warm in winter. The soft and fluffy down and gray pants are quite harmonious on the gas field.

Wearing a body, go to the gym, go to the streets, string on the street, go shopping with women’s tickets, and play games in the house. This daily random look can meet multiple occasions at the same time. Of course, office and exercise still have lazy paralysis.


Choosing a cooler and eye -catching bright down down, not only is it easy to take care of the needs of lifestyle in fast -paced lifestyle, but also the combination of gray pants is more trendy and cool. Wearing a girlfriend like this will never feel “just wear”, and it can be comfortable and comfortable.

The combination of sweater suits and down vests meets all the imagination of comfort.




If you pay attention to comfortable and ignore the formal sense, it is not considered Athflow. The embellishment of the cold hat is easy

Break the home and street boundaries, and interpret the city’s trendy men’s wearing demonstration.

In the south where the climate is not too cold, choose the lightweight work style, down vest and sweater and pants,

The key is the key: retro, casual and comfortable.

At the same time, the Athflow wind is not losing, and the home home home is a trend vane.

3. Lamb Jacket+Gray Pants

As a single product that has been in the past two years, it has been eaten by men, women, and children, and it has a lot to do with the prevalence of Athflow: comfortable and comfortable, not picking scenes.


Lamb coat with gray pants and messenger bags, as well as Nike Air Force sneakers. The clean colors and comfortable wear are comfortable, eye -catching, youthful age.


The diamond -shaped checkered baseball jacket is paired with gray pants. The gray pants are relaxed and comfortable. The peaked cap and baseball jackets are responsible for the exquisiteness beyond the casual. In winter, it is rare to show the vitality and sharp sense of juvenile, fearless adventure and vitality.


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