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On the afternoon of September 17, with the support of the Italian Embassy in China and the Italian Foreign Trade Commission, the “Italian Wine’s Business Value and Opportunities in the Chinese Market” forum hosted by Wineita.com was held at the Italian Center in Beijing. Several domestic and foreign guests integrated to exchange and explore the commercial value and opportunities of Italian wine in the Chinese market. The wine industry • wine dealers have participated in the official cooperation media and shared the dry goods of this forum with everyone.

The guest of the forum dialogue.

Italy’s market share in China is only 5%?

According to official data from Italy, in 2015, the annual output value of Italian wine was 12.4 billion euros, of which the export value was 5.4 billion euros. Italian wine exports in the US market in 2015 was 1.3 billion euros, Germany was 1 billion euros, and the United Kingdom was 700 million euros. In these developed countries, Italian wines were very popular. However, last year, Italian wine exported in China was only more than 80 million euros, accounting for less than 2%of the total amount of Italian wine exports. Why did Chinese consumers have the opportunity to taste the global recognized high cost -effective Italian wine?

“According to the analysis of statistical data in previous years, Italian wines have problems with slower growth, smaller importers, and difficulty in promoting the product system. High acceptance, willing to spend more money to buy Italian wines, indicating that Italian wines have been optimistic for a long time in the Chinese market. “Zhang’s chief operating officer of Yi Zhi Data said.

The editor -in -chief of Yijiu.com, Gong Zhaoxu, said that Chinese consumers were immature in the past, but now consumers are becoming more and more mature, and Italian wines are getting better and better in the Chinese market. The market share of Italian wine in mature markets is generally around 30%, but only 5%in China, from 5%to 30%of the process, is the biggest opportunity for Chinese wine importers and dealers. This opportunity can embrace wealth.

The performance of Italian wine on the Tmall Drinking Festival

Jack Ma announced at the Italian wine exhibition that it will host the Tmall Drinking Festival. So shortly after the wine festival has just ended, what kind of evaluation does the wine merchant winery of various Italian wines have?

“COFCO Zhuanghui has opened flagship stores in JD.com and Tmall. The sales results of the Italian Anthony family, which our exclusive agent, exceeds our expectations during the 99 drinks.” The unsatisfactory sales performance of the winery is normal, because these wineries have hardly done promotion in China before, and consumers have not cognitive. “I have communicated with some Italian wineries, and they also see more about the promotional effects of the wine festival for Italian wine. They are psychologically prepared for sales. On September 4th Wine has won more attention on the e -commerce platform, which has improved the influence of Italian wine in the Chinese market. “

Yang Jian, the general manager of Weisai Disteor, which has developed from e -commerce channels, said, “E -commerce 99 wine festival is very effective in the impact of the wine industry. During the During the During the During the During the During the Date, many users who do not buy wine before are The drainage to the house shop and brought sales. The number of new customers brought by the promotion and activities of the wine festival is very large, which is very valuable to the sales and sustainable development of the house shop. No matter what price they buy, as long as they start to start Drinking wine may become our old customers. The publicity of Italian wines during the wine festival is still effective. Compared with other countries, Italian wines are well performed well. “

Suggestions on Italian wine promotion

Officially organize more wine activities to let operators understand Italian wine.

Although Wessey’s annual sales in e -commerce channels reached 80 million yuan, the proportion of Italian wines sold in sales is very small. Why is this situation? “Compared to France, Australia and Chile, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy The promotion of wine is very small and the continuity is poor. I have done 8 years of wine business and participated in many French wine activities, but this year I participated in the promotion of Italian wine for the first time this year. In addition To be honest, I still do n’t know about Italian wine, because I do n’t know, so I do n’t know where to start. But because of France and other countries, I know how to choose a brand and product, and I know how to get partners and partners and partners and partners and partners and partners. Customers to promote. I hope that Italian organizations have more wine activities to allow us operators to better understand Italian wines. Only by understanding us can we dare to make the business of Italian wine. I am very optimistic about the future of Italian wine in the Chinese market, so I hope Being able to carry out the Italian wine training for us immediately, let us seize this important market opportunity. “


Promote simplification, weaken production areas and wine species, and promote the overall image of the country.

Liu Jingjiang, general manager of Jimei Wine Industry, which is developed online and offline channels, said: “For the backward state of Italian wine in the Chinese market, my suggestion is to simplify the promotion of Italian wines, weaken the promotion of production areas and wine species, promote the promotion The overall image of the country. At the same time, it is best to have several representative Italian wine brands, even if there are only one or two brands in the early stage. Through the success of these two Italian wine brands, consumers have awareness of the entire Italian wine. For example, Australia’s yellow -tailed kangaroo and Penfu, through the success of these two brands, consumers have begun to accept Australian wines, thereby benefiting more Australian brands in the Chinese market. “

Can’t copy European and American experience, we must respect the Chinese market.

Feed, the president of the Asian region of the Italian Cherry Hills, said: “I have been in charge of wine operation in China for 5 years. I often say to my Italian compatriots that although you are successful in the European and American markets, you cannot take the European and American markets. Experience is directly moved to China because those experiences are useless. The Chinese market is completely different from Europe and the United States. You can only formulate strategies and sales products in accordance with the laws of this market. China is very large. Products may be sold well in this province, but it is not enough in another market, so you must face different markets flexibly. I think some Italian wineries have high expectations for the Chinese market. They must know more about In the Chinese market, only if you respect this market can you really do business well. “

The next step of Italian wine in the Chinese market

Liu Qiang, general manager of Huateo Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd., said, “Although the wine market has gone through a downturn after 2012, our Italian wine business has increased at a rate of more than 30%per year after a brief adjustment. It is hoped that more wine operators will start the operation of Italian wine, because Italian wines are full of opportunities in the Chinese market. In the next few years, it will be a period of rapid development of Italian wine. The more people participate, the better the business of Italian wine. “

AMEDEO Scarpa, the general coordination lawsuit (Ice-ITALIAN Trade Agency), said that the Italian government attaches great importance to the Chinese market and will have more investment to support the promotion of the Italian wine in the Chinese market. The next step The focus of promotion will be the overall image of Italian wine. This is not only Italian wine itself, but also introduces the history, culture and lifestyle of Italy. “We will have more promotion activities to land in the Chinese market, and the form of promotion will be more diverse.”

Augusto Massari, the Embassy of Italy in China, said that Italian wine has become the world’s largest wine producer and in the leadership market in the United States. However, in China, Italian wines are ranked fifth in the imported wine market, with a market share of less than 6%, which is unfair to Italian wine and Chinese consumers. In order to allow more Chinese consumers to understand and enjoy high -quality Italian wine, the Italian government will invest more resources to promote the Italian wine in the Chinese market.


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