The bartender can “wake up” wine by increasing the contact area of ​​wine and oxygen, soften the tannins in the wine, and help the sleeping wine fully release its aroma. This article is introduced to this very practical small “tool” in cleaning skills and precautions.

Gourd -shaped bartender

Overall, there are the following precautions when cleaning the bartender:

1. After the bartender is used, even if there is no time cleaning, it should be soaked in hot water as soon as possible to avoid dried stains and increase the difficulty of cleaning.


2. Avoid using chemical detergents such as detergent. Although the detergent is a good helper to remove stains in cleaning, if it is used to clean the bartender, the remaining chemicals will be attached to the inner wall, which will cause the flavor of the wine to be destroyed.


3. Avoid using dishwasher. Although some dishwashers have now added the “Waterburn Cleaning” mode, for most bartenders, its operating mode is still too “rude”, which may damage the bartender and leave a scratch.

4. During the cleaning process, it should be avoided to prevent suddenly cold heat to prevent the wake -up device from bursting.


5. Before cleaning, you need to remove the jewelry and watches on your hand to avoid scraping the bartender.

Champagne and bartender

So, how can the bartender be cleaned to avoid the injury appliances? The following are more common methods:

1. Clear water+vinegar

Slowly inject hot water into the bartender to be cleaned, soak for about 10 minutes and pour out, then wrap the soft and curved wiping knife, wrap the inner wall of the bartender carefully and carefully. The temperature of the bartender after wiping is also decreased accordingly. At this time, add an appropriate amount of white vinegar, water, and ice cubes to rotate the bartender in a circle. Rinse with water, and finally repeat the steps before wiping.

Second, salt+ice cubes

If your bartending equipment is relatively hard, you can try to add a mixture of salt and broken ice for cleaning. The method is also very simple, shaking the bartender with salt and broken ice in a circle until the wine stain disappeared. After that, pour the salt and broken ice, add the room temperature water to rinse the bartender, and then let it dry naturally. In this method, the mixture of salt and broken ice is like a liquid wire ball, which can clean the impurities on the bartender. It is very effective for the stains with a large clean area. It should be noted that do not excessive force when shaking.


3. Waterburn cleaning beads

The sober cleansing beads are smooth small stainless steel beads, designed for cleaning the bartender. When in use, pour a small box of clean beads with hot water into the bartender. Note that the water surface should be higher than the height of the stain, and then shake the bartender. As the small steel balls make a “rustling sound” sound, the wine liquor on the inner wall of the bartender is made. Residues and sediment are taken away into the water. When all stains are removed, pour hot water and clean beads and rinse the bartender with warm water.

Waterburn cleaning beads are particularly suitable for cleaning the unique bartender, because small round steel beads with small volume can be well exposed to every corner of the bartender. In addition, the cleaning beads can be used circularly, and its cleaning method is also very simple -soaking and washing in hot water and drying naturally. The cleaner cleansing beads have obvious advantages when the cleaning area is large, which is more efficient than other methods.

Four, vinegar+raw rice grains


If the material of the small steel ball is still worried about you, you can also use a gentle alternative version of “clean beads” -raw rice grains. Mix the raw rice grains, water and white vinegar at a ratio of 1: 1: 1, and pour into the bartender. Then shake the wake -up device until the liquor stains are cleared, and finally rinse the bartender with water and dry it naturally. This method is similar to the effect of cleaning beads, but it is more milder than the above methods mentioned above, and this method is especially suitable for clean and small wine stains.

After the cleaning, the bartender speaks down and placed on the table for 30-45 minutes. The bottle mouth needs to be slightly raised to allow the air to enter the water vapor in the bartender. It should be noted that the bartender should be avoided on the tabletop with wood or pads, because the above two materials will bring unnecessary odor to it. After drying, you can put away the storage of the bartender to wait for the next wine to “wake up” the task.