Stepping on the stockings leggings, meat and black are very wild colors, basically match all the skirts, will not be too abrupt. Hundreds of colors, comfortable fabrics, wearing breathable skin, not stinking, fashion wild, cutting on tailoring, making your feet more comfortable.

After the New Year, a comfortable stockings leggings are selected, with their favorite skirts, with those who like people, appreciate a rare scenery, and laugh, nature, fresh. The design of microcamples, wearing a slim figure, and wearing a plaid miniskirt.


Stockings leggings, velvet fabrics, have unlimited elastic, any leg-type little sister can easily control. The velvet fabric has excellent flexibility, compassion, breathability, and wearing a lot of legs all day long.

Stockings leggings are many small sisters. Everyday clothes are used, so they will always prepare a few, the socks are high, and they have highly modified the skin color and lines of the legs, and the flexibility is high. Comfortable, slimming, it is really great as the daily match!


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