The weather gradually turned cold, especially after the autumn rain, it felt cold, but after the weather turned sunny, it was a little hot. This suddenly cold and hot weather was easy to catch a cold, so the problem of dressing seemed to be particularly important. The most suitable item in the season can be clicked up when hot, cold, you can wear a vest or cardigan, very practical and versatile. Today, Xiaoqing recommends 10 long -sleeved shirts for pro -proof. Excessive season.

初秋必备长袖衬衫 让你有备无患

01. [Wedding embroidery lace stitching cotton shirt]

初秋必备长袖衬衫 让你有备无患

Classic lapel design, intellectual elegance, lace hollow stitching, sexy and stylish, exquisite embroidery, showing big -name style, pure cotton texture, comfortable and breathable, wearing it in the early autumn.

02. [Cotton embroidered flower long -sleeved shirt]

Exquisite and playful neckline embroidered, very pure and cute, loose and slim -fit, comfortable and thin, cotton fabric, sweat -absorbing and breathable, with pencil skirts, interpreting an elegant and light mature girl.

初秋必备长袖衬衫 让你有备无患

03. [BF air mint green long -sleeved shirt]

初秋必备长袖衬衫 让你有备无患

Loose and non -type BF wind shirts, free and easy, mint green fresh and pleasant, pure cotton texture, comfortable and skin -friendly, with suspension T, cool can be matched with pencil pants to interpret new and fashionable autumn.

04. [Cotton grid shirt]

初秋必备长袖衬衫 让你有备无患

Fresh and retro lattice, fresh and elegant, loose version, slim and thin, pure cotton texture, comfortable and skin -friendly, whether it is daily leisure or out to play, it is the best choice.

05. [Mid -long denim shirt]

Loose BF wind denim shirt, chic and handsome, soft pure cotton denim fabric, comfortable and skin -friendly, can be worn directly with pencil pants, very casual and stylish.


Loose and long -cost checkered shirts, very literary and fresh, soft cotton texture, are the favorite fabrics of the Mori girl. It is used in summer versatile T, fresh and stylish, which is the most daily leisure.

07. [Cartoon Embroidered Cotton White Shirt]

Cute and playful cartoon embroidery, youthful fashion, loose version, very thin, pure cotton texture, comfortable and skin -friendly, with denim pencil pants, the pure college is full of style.

08. [Cotton striped shirt]

Slim loose striped shirts are very inclusive, fresh and caring embroidery, playful personality, vertical stripes, more thin, cotton fabric, comfortable and natural, is a must -have wild item in autumn wardrobe.

初秋必备长袖衬衫 让你有备无患

09. [thin cotton denim shirt]

初秋必备长袖衬衫 让你有备无患

Simple and generous design, elegant and intellectual, gently cotton denim fabric, comfortable and handsome, with cardigan or trench coat, easily interpret autumn casual fashion style.

10. [Standing collar solid color long -sleeved shirt]

初秋必备长袖衬衫 让你有备无患

Having a shirt that belongs to your own is a child when he is a child. Multi -color shirts, neat white, pure blue, quiet pink, ingenious design, the casual release of youthful tide, interpretation of the trend of versatile and versatile. The sleeves that can be held up, with great temperament. Remove tedious, various ways to wear.