Most people choose only one reason for the projector: project a hundred inches or above at home. In other words, if you can enjoy 65 -inch TVs, you can also enjoy it, and the size of the display screen is “inductive”, then you may only need to invest a little bit more. Buying a 75 -inch TV can give you a bright look at you. Observation, no need to tangled the project of the projector.

On the contrary, you are obsessed with the big picture of the top of the cinema, and you also want to create a theater in the living room in the home. The display screen starts at least 100 inches. At this stage, if you choose a TV at this stage, some are unrealistic, and it is better to turn to the projector camp. Besides, it is not so difficult to choose a projector suitable for placing in the living room.



For any display device, resolution is the core parameter. When the size of the projection screen is consistent, the higher the projector, the more pixels, the higher the total pixels, and the higher the clarity of the picture. No matter how big the picture is, the total pixels displayed by the same projector are fixed, the picture becomes larger, and the pixels will become larger. We will be easier to see a square pixels. Naturally, the picture is blurred. Essence


Because the “higher resolution, the better” is a common consensus, some projector brands have begun to try to “drill the empty” and make the concepts of confusing audiovisuals such as “maximum support resolution”, “support resolution” and “compatible maximum resolution”. For example, the native/physical resolution of this projector is only 320 × 240, but in the parameter list, it deliberately marked the “support resolution 1080P”.

Many consumers who do not know the truth may think that this is a 1080P full HD projection machine. In fact, it is not possible to play 1080P video content with a resolution of 320 × 240. With such a low resolution, even if it can project a 300 -inch picture, can I see it? This phenomenon of falsification generally appears in the micro -investment market price of hundreds of yuan, and we must be careful when buying.




Like the resolution, the brightness of the projector is crucial. In other conditions, it is recommended to spend a little more money and choose a projector with higher brightness. This is not a question of whether to turn off the lights. At present, most of the thousands of yuan of projectors are not enough to resist strong light. The use of lights is normal. It is also a full black environment. When other parameters are basically the same, the higher the projector, the higher the three -dimensional sense and contrast of the picture, but the color will even look more bright and beautiful.


When comparing the brightness of the two projectors, be careful not to look at the value, but pay attention to the unit of value, and the corresponding standards. The brightness and brightness of light sources are different. 3000 lumens, 3000 ANSI lumens, and 3000 ISO lumens are also different. Most of the time, the brightness value of ANSI and ISO is more trustworthy.

TIPS: ANSI lumens and ISO lumen (data comes from Baidu Encyclopedia)


ANSI is the standard for the lighting of the lighting of the projection instrument formulated by the National Standardization Association. It measures the degree of illumination on the nine intersections of the “field” in the screen, multiplied by the area, and then find the average value of the nine o’clock, which is the projector that is the projector. ANSI is lingering, ANSI is an abbreviation of American National Standards Institute.

The Chinese name of ISO (The International Organization for Standardization) is an international standardized organization, which stipulates various standards for projectors, including the brightness detection standards of projectors, technical terms, noise measurement, etc.

Focus and projection ratio


Ultra -short focus, short focus, conventional focal length, and telephoto refer to the shots of the projector, which determines the distance between the projector and the curtain when it is full. The shorter the focal length, the closer the distance between the projector and the curtain. The projection ratio is the ratio of the projection distance to the width of the screen. The smaller the ratio, the more width of the screen is when the projection is the same distance.

It should be noted that the projection ratio can be a range or a fixed value. When it is a fixed value, it means that this projector uses a fixed focus lens, the projection distance is fixed, and the size of the screen is fixed.

Regular manufacturers will make corresponding instructions in the basic parameters of the projector, or directly indicate the distance required for the projector to projected a certain size (such as 80 or 100 inches). This data is more valuable than the “recommended size range”.


Refresh rate

I do n’t know when it starts, the existence of the projector refresh rate is significantly enhanced, and sometimes even parallel with parameters such as resolution. After using a new generation of chips, when the screen resolution of some projectors is 4K, the maximum 60Hz refresh rate can be supported. In the 1080P mode, the refresh rate can soar to 240Hz, and the delay time can be reduced to 4.2ms.

Some projectors have begun to support the VRR variable refresh rate technology. When connecting the host, the 120Hz refresh rate is supported. When the PC is connected, the refresh rate can be increased to 240Hz (1080P mode) to make the game control smoother. Friends who like to play games can pay special attention to this type of projector that emphasizes games and gaming attributes.



If you want to classify the projector on the market, the most reasonable way is to distinguish it according to the display chip technology, we can further analyze the parameters of the light source, color gamut, and contrast of the projector, and even discuss the “native and non -native 4K 4K 4K “The topic, but from the perspective of buying a living room projector, I personally think that these parameters such as the above -mentioned resolution, brightness, focal length, and refresh rate are important.

If you think too much, it is easy to look forward to the front and back, and the dilemma is not as good as the demand. Catch a few core elements for correct judgment and reduce the selection range first. If you feel that there are too many brands and products on the e -commerce platform, you ca n’t get started. Personally, you can find a model of a projector type and model, choose a model that meets your needs and budgets, and then similar machines to other brands. The horizontal contrast can effectively improve the efficiency of purchase.