When you decorate at home, you usually install cabinets. At this time, everyone will find that such a phenomenon is that when we buy cabinets or wardrobes, its cabinet doors are selected separately. This shows that the production method of the cabinet door is a bit different from the production method of the cabinet. One of the more common cabinet doors are called plastic door panels. So do you think the plastic door panel is good? Should we choose to suck the door panel? In this article, the home mixed altar will answer the plastic panel for everyone.

(1): What are the characteristics of the plastic door panel?

The suction door panel mentioned here refers to a type of our door panel. Its surface is treated by suction, which is usually called molding door panel. The origin of the sucking door panel is in Germany, and many foreign countries like to suck the door panel very much. For the suction door panel, you can understand it through the following four aspects.

① The surface layer of the plastic door panel.


For the surface layer of the suction door panel. It is a pyramid film that uses a PVC film. For example, the current commonly used plastic door panels are generally used with PVC films with a thickness of 0.15mm ~ 0.45mm. The PVC membrane of the suction door panel is generally imported, such as imported from Germany, South Korea and Japan imported. In addition, there are also domestic ones, and the price is relatively lower. Therefore, when choosing, we must distinguish the source of the PVC film of the plastic door panel.


②, the middle layer of the plastic door panel.


That is to say, the materials used in the door panel of the plastic door panel personally believe that it is mainly used in the medium density board. In other words, our plastic door panels are used as substrates used as substrates. Its manufacturing process is to use the carving machine engraved pattern. After forming, it is polished by more finely polishing, and then spray special glue. After spraying, it must be polished after the spray. Plastic membrane. Made by vacuum -sucking machines.

③ Product characteristics.

It can be said that the most pattern style of the current cabinet doors is actually the suction door panel. In addition to solid wood door panels, in fact, the plastic door panel can be used for shape, the best board. In addition, one point is that the suction plate can be divided into a whole as a whole after being suppressed by the suction film, which can be divided into a whole, so as to avoid the secondary edge. Because many problems in the later period are caused by the problem of edge sealing, the plastic door panel solves the edge of the board. Avoid a series of issues such as opening glue or tide tide. Therefore, there is another title of the plastic door panel, which is called the door panel.

④ The characteristics of use.


Many of our friends are considering later use for the choice of door panels. For example, we need to consider the cleaning problem used in normal times, and there are problems such as later maintenance. For plastic -sucking door panels, it is generally not worn, so its surface will not easily crack and deform. In addition, after the PVC film is processed by PVC film, maintenance and cleaning are very easy. This is also the most important reason for the use of plastic door panels in the cabinet door panel. You can go to the market to see that there are many cabinets that suck the door panel.

(2): What are the advantages of plasticizing door panels?


When choosing, the first thing we consider when we choose is its advantage. It is estimated that the first impression of most friends is that the first impression of most friends is that there are many styles and a lot of shapes. Unlike other boards, they are flat. Breeding door panels can be made into various shapes. There are many other advantages for the plastic door panel. The advantages of home furnishings will summarize the advantages of the suction door panel, which mainly includes the following five points.

①The is rich and diverse.

The membrane on the suction door panel also determines the color that can be achieved in the door panel, and the texture is very diverse. In addition, the suction door panel can be processed and made into various shapes. Therefore, it is a combination of rich modeling patterns and textures. Therefore, the options of the plastic door panel in the cabinet market are very large, which can almost meet any color needs and meet any style needs.

②, environmental protection performance is excellent.

Although the core material of the suction door panel uses the medium density board, its surface layer is covered with a PVC film, and the PVC film is processed as a whole during the processing process of plastic. Effective closure of the density board. Therefore, the environmental performance of the cabinet door panel using the plastic door panel is very good. It can be said that the pollutant release of the quality of the quality of the quality is close to zero. Compared with the traditional baking panel or paint -free plate, this point has great advantages.

③ The appearance is delicate and conducive to care.


The PVC film on the surface of the plastic door panel is very delicate and the feel is very good, so it is generally not easy to attach oil. Even if the oil is splattered on the surface of the crowded door panel, we can scrub it in time to wipe it very clean. In addition, there is a very prominent advantage that is the fostering door panel. It gives people a particularly delicate feeling, has a certain texture, and feels very good.

④, wear resistance, scratch resistance, long -term use.

Many friends may be worried that the membrane covered on the surface is not wear -resistant. In fact, you don’t have to worry about this. The surface of the suction door panel is very wear -resistant, you can experience it in person. It is difficult to cut the surface of the plastic door panel like ordinary items. In particular, some imported PVC films will have better effects. Because the overall film panel is used, the stability of the board is guaranteed, and its useful life is also very long.

⑤ The price is relatively affordable.

For the door panels of various boards, you can compare it. In fact, the pricing door panel is relatively affordable. Like many budgets are not particularly many families, and they want to choose some European or Chinese -style families, suction door panels are good choices. Because the sucking door panel can make shapes, the other is solid wood door panels, but the suction door panel is much cheaper than the solid wood door panel. Therefore, the bust door panel satisfies these friends who want to make styles, but they are not willing to buy solid wood door panels.


(3): What are the disadvantages of the plastic door panel?

There are many advantages of sucking the door panel. Of course, there are some shortcomings of their own. In fact, the disadvantage is also determined by its own manufacturing process. If you plan to choose a plastic door panel, you must also make it clear about its shortcomings. Because these may have a certain impact on our later use. Like the shortcomings of common plastic door panels, personal summary, mainly includes the following two points.


① Inner concave on the surface.

In fact, the problem of the PVC membrane on the surface is the problem of the inner concave. Like most of the plastic door panel, this process is a thermal pressure covering film, which may occur in this process. If the PVC membrane is not uniform after cooling, it may cause the inner concave in the direction of the PVC membrane. In fact, everyone may feel it with this point of touch. In fact, this is caused by the defects of its production process.

② Different product price differences and quality differences.

For example, the PVC membrane used in the plastic panel is imported and domestic. For imported plastic door panels, the price is very high. Some may be close to solid wood boards. So the commonly used domestic plastic door panels are common in the market. However, if we choose some domestic and quality -unattended sucking door panels, everyone will find that the template here is not heat -resistant. It may be foaming after heating. Therefore, it brings some difficulties for our choice for the choice of the plastic panel.


Regarding the absorbing door panel, it is still a good door panel as a whole. Because both texture, patterns, or shapes are very rich. Another thing is that it is also very suitable for the kitchen panel for kitchens. Therefore, if we plan to choose a plastic door panel, we must consider some characteristics of the plastic door panel. The most important point here is to consider the plastic film, which is the specific source of the PVC film. The personal point of view is that if our budget allows it, then try to choose the PVC film imported from Germany. The quality of the suction door panel of this membrane production is indeed very good. If you choose domestic -made, you must observe carefully to avoid problems in the later period.

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